Sir Andy Murray continuing to shut down sexism in Tennis 

Andy reminding John Inverdale that women also exist x | Andy putting people in their places by defending his former coach x | Andy and Serena argue for equal prize money x | Andy: equal share of men and women on centre court at wimbledon x 

Anousheh Ansari (b. 1966) is an Iranian-American engineer, the co-founder and CEO of Telecom Technologies Inc., and Prodea Systems. She was the first self-funded woman to fly to the International Space Station, and the first Iranian in space.

She is the recipient of the first Symons Innovator Award from the National Center for Women & Information Technology. The Ansari X Prize, to which she made contributions of millions of dollars, promotes developments in space exploration and technologies.


Smut shots

Mystic Messenger

Samurai Love Ballad

  • First Night - Kirigakure Saizo x Reader 
  • Seventh Night - Kirigakure Saizo x Reader (follow up to First Night)
  • Quieted - Oda Nobunaga x Reader 
  • Flipped Switch - Sanada Yukimura x Reader (Giveaway Prize)
  • Shadow Selves - Kirigakure Hotaru x Reader (Upcoming)

After School Affairs 

Finally in Love Again

Kissed By The Baddest Bidder

Scandal in the Spotlight

Diabolik Lovers 


Welcome to my masterlist! I hope you’ll find something to your liking here! <3
Requests are always open!

One shots

Alexander Hamilton x John Laurens
Tomorrow there will be more of us

Philip Hamilton x Reader
Oops, spoilers!

Eliza Schuyler x Reader
You are the best thing

John Laurens x Reader
The prize we pay

Lin x Reader
Sniffles and chocolate


Lin x Reader
(Finished) When you can’t be tough part 1, part 2, part 3 

We had our chance part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5


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Past Fandoms Masterlist


J Cody - Chicken Nuggets


Buttercream Squad - YouTuber Roast Challenge


Profilers Series Masterlist

Spencer Reid x Reader - two sporks in love [male version]

The Flash


Barry Allen Lockscreen 4-Pack

Barry Allen Icon


SM:H!Peter Parker - pride & greed

Tom Holland x Reader - love is an open door


Bucky Barnes/Sebastian Stan Lockscreen 2-Pack

Finn Shelby x Reader - we can do wonders together


Simon Minter (Miniminter) - Clothes Exchange

Simon Minter - Learning The Language

Harry Lewis(Wroetoshaw), Callum Airey (Calfreezy), Callum McGinley (Callux) - Herbert

Isak Valtersen SPLP (Lockscreen, Icon, & Desktop Wallpaper)

Chris Schistad Lockscreen

Noora Saetre Quote Lockscreen


Cas - Sweet Like You

Winsister!Reader - Happy Sissy Day

Winchester!Reader - #31 Get your head outta your butt and focus


Sam & Dean Quote Edit

TFW Christmas Icon Pack

DHJ Lockscreen

Ackles Family Header Pack

Rafe Adler x Reader - family

A Prize, But More Series Masterlist

A Viking At Heart Series Masterlist


Ragnarsson Brothers


Vikings Cast x Reader - donkey!


Lachlan Edits (Set of 3)


YOI x Furyu Prize Acrylic Ballchains & Plushes

Original Release Date:
June 2017

Featured Characters (14 Total):
Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, Emil, Georgi, Guang Hong, JJ, Leo, Michele, Minami, Phichit, Seung Gil

The whole cast visits an onsen in the acrylics, and most seem quite content (Why so grumpy Otabek, Michele, and Seung Gil??)! Minami is so happy he’s practically ready to eat his rubber duck.

Some cute details: Yuri’s towel has his favorite print, Seung Gil’s towel is an homage to his short program, while Christophe seems to still be downing the same drink from Barcelona.

The plushes feature the main trio in their casual wear, though Yuri gets an extra cat ear headband (He looks thrilled)!

More from the Furyu series!

hey there, as you might be able to tell, i’m back! so 1. thanks for sticking around, 2. i love y’all and 3. without further ado here’s the winners ♡

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seriously ily and what youve won is under the cut ♡♡

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Pick Your Prize (Asa x reader)

Anonymous said: Hello!! I absolutely love your works and if you are still taking requests I have one! If possible could it be an Asa Butterfield one where maybe the reader is on set for one of his movies and they walk up to him thinking it’s their friend/cousin/family member there to pick them up and kisses him on the cheek? Mainly just cuteness and fluff. You can change or take as much freedom as you want! I’m not good at requesting things so sorry for lack of detail. Thank you lovely!! <3

Hey! I’m so glad you like my stuff! :) I hope you like this one, I had a bit of fun with it! 

Originally posted by asabutterfielded

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Alright, I’m finally doing it! ;3 Up for grabs is a ton of Digimon Universe: Applimonsters merch.
All you need to to do is reblog this post telling me what your favorite species of Appmon is, and why. This can be based on whether you like their character in the anime, or simply just fancy their design. Reblogs without a description will NOT be counted as an entry.

One lucky entrant will win the main prize and there will be three runner up prizes! Shipping will be covered, and I’m willing to ship internationally.

The prize draw will be on March 15th, 2017. Please tag all your entries with #MiddyGiveaway2017 so I can keep track of them! ^w^

1 x Appli Arise Hackmon Figure
1 x Mini Plush Keychain Gatchmon
1 x Plush S Musimon
1 x Appli Drive (With Gatchmon | Navimon Chips)
3 x Assorted 8 Card ‘Booster’ Vol.1 (Scorpmon | Hackmon | Tsubumon)
3 x Assorted 8 Card ‘Booster’ Vol.2 (DoGatchmon | Tripmon | Bramon)
2 x Assorted Appmon Chip Ver.2 (Timemon | Recomon)
1 x Card Game Starter Set
1 x Cyber Arena Appmon Chip Set (Tripmon | Tarotmon | Onmon | Offmon | Kosomon | Tutomon | MCmon)
2 x Vanilla Wafer Snack with Card
2 x Choco Puff Snack with Sticker Card

1 x Assorted Card ‘Booster’ Vol.1
1 x Assorted Card ‘Booster’ Vol.2
1 x Assorted Appmon Chip Ver.2
1 x Vanilla Wafer Snack with Card
1 x Choco Puff Snack with Card

Fanfiction Reccomendation

 8/14/17: I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET (I went to Starbucks)! Anyway, I move back to school tomorrow so I can guarantee that I won’t have anything up tomorrow but I am hoping to have something up on Wednesday. Until then I love you guys and enjoy! 

Last Week’s Recommendation

My Masterlist

Dean x Reader

  • Old New, New Beginning by @wonderfulworldofwinchester -  “ Can i get a dean x reader where dean and the reader are best friends who flirt and stuff but neither have confessed anything. They hang out allot and tell things to each other and share with each other where they wont anyone else. Then one night it just explodes. All their feelings come out and stuff. Can be angst to lemon please (not full on smut).”
  • Princess by @one-shots-supernatural - The reader has been sick for the past week, but when Dean has to go on a hunt and Cas takes care of the reader, Castiel reveals that the reader isn’t actually sick.

Sam x Reader

Cas x Reader

Crowley x Reader

Jensen x Reader

Jared x Reader

  • Fair Prize by @not-moose-one-shots -  Jared x if ur okay with Jared x faith Details: Jared taking his wife faith out for fun to the fair and then she gets sick and Jared founds out she’s pregnant if that’s okay
  • Tuesday by @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid - This fic was written for @for-the-love-of-dean and @faith-in-dean‘s Saint and Sinner’s July Challenge. This is my Saint fic and I was given the song Tuesday’s Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd. 

Misha x Reader

Bucky x Reader

  • The Bet by @kjs-s - Bucky loses a bet and had to accompany you to your sister’s birthday party
  • Peace by @saibh29 - “Hi I just want to say I love your writing so much! I wanted to ask for a Bucky x deaf reader as I am deaf myself. Please just something fluffy I don’t really mind what it’s about I just would love if you could wright this for me. Thank you for reading this and I understand if you don’t want to do this request.”