The X-Files' Mulder as Bigfoot? Bloody Skinner? Scully With a Desk?! New Season 11 Video Offers Key Intel
X-Philes, you might want to take a seat, because what we’re going to tell you is a really big deal: Per this exclusive X-Files Season 11 video… it looks like Scully finally has a desk o…
By Kimberly Roots

X-Philes, you might want to take a seat, because what we’re going to tell you is a really big deal: Per this exclusive X-Files Season 11 video… it looks like Scully finally has a desk of her own.

We know. We’re as flabbergasted/triumphant as you are. And the special agent’s long-awaited seating arrangement is just one piece of important intel that can be gleaned from watching the video above.

In the clip, series creator Chris Carter — as well as stars Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi — reassure viewers that any hiccups in the sci-fi drama’s 10th season have been ameliorated in its 11th, which premieres on Wednesday, Jan. 3 (Fox, 8/7c). “It feels more like quintessential X-Filesthis season,” Anderson says, teeing up Duchovny, who notes, “We’re better set up to get back to the partnership and the banter that comes with that.”

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I have a prompt for you: 'Stop it, they are going to see you!'

Mulder // Scully // smut ( gentle..) // adult // Msr // shipper // X-Files
I love a good prompt to get my naughty brain working..

By me - MrsSpookyLiz


“Stop it! They are going to see you!”

She whips her head around around to look up at him, his eyes wide and staring down at her leg. His voice is an urgent whisper in her ear and she can’t wipe the smirk from her face as she continues to pull up her skirt, teasing him while exposing her white skin near the top of her thigh…
Dana Scully is not usually like this, but this is what he does to her, he makes her feel sexier than she ever has in her entire life.
It’s only been a month, one glorious month of sleeping with each other, finally, and she already feels reborn - a ‘goddess..’ as he calls her..
“Mulderrrr..” She moans softly into his ear as she reaches the other hand to her jacket and with her fingers and starts to pull it open slowly. She has a plain open neck t-shirt on underneath, so her neck is exposed and as she moves her fingers down to the bottom of it and tugs gently, the white soft skin of her upper breasts appear..
“Scully… Jesus Christ, stop..” He begs in a hoarse whisper, uselessly, as she is not going to stop. Not at all.
“What’s wrong?” She plays, purring and nuzzling in his ear, pretending to he asking him a question, a secret question between partners, and he bends to her and leans in, playing along with the act. She sucks on his earlobe as he gets nearer which makes him close his eyes and gasp…

They are supposed to be listening.

But they are right at the back of the situation room, not listening at all. They are too pro for this shit, they aren’t going to get hurt by some raid.
They know what they are doing, they think.
Try nearly getting killed by an alien bounty hunter, or being attacked by a whole town of crazy possessed cult members intent on cutting off the top of your head!
‘Beat that, normal boring FBI agents..’ Mulder thinks, while trying not to look at the lace of her bra which is now peeking from under the green material of her top.
He fails, looking right at it and feeling a shiver of pleasure running right through his body and to his groin, where he hardens immediately.
“Ffff…” He starts to curse and closes his eyes, as she shamelessly reaches her hand out and grips his hard on, squeezing him in her fingers. He grunts, a little too loud, his eyes rolling into the back of his head and he instinctively reaches his hand out to her butt, her firm rounded cheek which he can cover whole in his hand, and squeezes her back in response.
“Ohh..” She arches her eyebrow and sighs in his ear in reply, looking at his lips as she stays close to his ear.
She can hear the monotonous voice of the lead Agent telling orders and pointing at the white broad, writing things, telling people where to go. She turns to look at the young poster boy for the FBI for a few seconds, taking a deep breath and trying to ignore the wetness between her legs. She has no chance to gather herself however, as Mulder’s hand is going walkies, right under the hem of her skirt and under the elastic of the waist of her panties, then squeezes her butt again but this time his hand is against her naked skin..
“Oh god..” She breathes, again too loudly, dangerously loudly. She whips her hand away from his boner and her heart is racing now.
She feels like this has gone too far and they are going to get caught.
But Mulder doesn’t give up and he grabs her left hip with his free hand and pulls her in front of his erection and rubs himself very carefully against her butt, his back is pressed against the wall so it is really easy for him, and he is not letting her off that easy..
“You are a disgrace to the FBI Agent Scully.” He scolds her, soft and huskily in her ear, and her lips part and she has to use all of her strength not to whimper out loud and shudder, squeezing her stomach muscles, trying to remain on her feet as she is now struggling to stand up straight, and people are moving.
The sea of FBI agents which were acting as a their protection from getting found out is now disappearing one by one, and soon they will be exposed..
“Stop..” She whispers as she turns her head towards him, but to her shock and surprise, he doesn’t, in fact he presses himself against her harder with a soft grunt.
“I know you don’t mean that..”
She closes her eyes and licks her lips, her legs now turning to jelly..
“Mulder please..”
“Say you’re sorry..” He demands, his own arousal heightening with the fear of getting found out as the room empties around them.
He grips her hips tighter and just wants to bent her over and lift up her skirt and pound into her, until she shudders with release..
“I… I’m sorry..” She pants.
“Sorry for what??”
“For.. for teasing you..” She gasps finally. “In.. a crowded room..” She clarifies, giving in.
He makes a noise from the back of his throat in approval and smiles softly, leaning to kiss the back of her neck.
She is panting, she loves it when he takes control of her, makes her a sweaty mess. He’s an asshole, but a sexy one.
A really sexy one, who she loves fiercely..
No one sees, they must be really lucky, they both think, then he finally lets her go.
He shifts his pants to hide his erection, then places his hands on his hips before straightening his jacket and starts to head for the door, leaving her furious and shaky on her feet, but also extremely aroused.
“Are you coming?” He calls over to her casually after pausing at the door, watching her with glee.
The satisfied smirk on his face makes her cheeks flare. She needs to move before people start asking questions. People are looking at them now, Mulder’s voice was too loud, on purpose, she knows.
“Asshole.” She hisses at him as she walks fast towards the door and slips past him, trying to hide her anger, but she also knows that he is going to relish in it.
“You’re so sexy when you’re mad..” He chuckles softly so only she can hear, closing the door behind them.

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Hollywood A.D. promt coming! What happened after the screen goes black and the credits roll❓ You earn bonus points if they didn't use the credit card at all.

Well this was incredibly tempting…

they used the card though but not for long..




She squeezed his hand as they walked out of the film set, still smiling widely, her heart rate getting faster just from holding his hand, and the credit card they were carrying, which held such promise of fun and naughtiness, she didn’t know where his mind would be going, but she hoped he was thinking along the same lines as her…

“Drink. We need a drink.” He said firmly as they walked out into the night, still holding hands. Scully looked up at him and grinned, she wanted a drink too.
She wanted to get drunk with Mulder and for them to have sex in her hotel room.
But she would never admit that and say it out loud..
“I want a drink too. A large one.” She agreed and led him across the street into the nearest bar, which actually looked quite nice. Mulder opened the door for her and she arched her eyebrow, impressed. “Thank you..”
“You’re welcome.”

The bar was busy, people had spilled out of the movie theatre but luckily as they looked nothing like the actors playing them, no one said anything.
“They got it sooo wrong, Scully..” He said again after she ordered their first drinks and gave the card over for the tab.
“Oh come on, you have to get over this. Let’s drown our sorrows.” She nudged his arm with her elbow and met his eyes as the bartender placed two tequila shots on the bar in front of them.
She smirked as he glanced at the shots and then back at her, she wondered what his reaction was going to be.
Mulder smiled a small smile at her and looked at her hair and how pretty she looked with it like that, and she was wearing a sparkly headband, which he liked a lot…
“I don’t drink tequila.” He muttered, looking back at her eyes.
“I don’t either, but let’s have some fun..” she played, giving him a seductive look.
He couldn’t refuse that.
He felt a shiver down his spine and smiled, picking up the glass and taking a breath, while she did the same.
“Bottoms up..”

Ten shots and an hour later, they were hammered.
May be they hadn’t really eaten that well since they got there, or may be it was the thrill of being in a different city together, where they could actually really have some fun without worrying if colleagues might see them, which made them so loose and drunk.
They staggered back to the hotel and Scully was giggling wildly, her arm linked with his and her feet tottering about in her heels. Mulder was smiling stupidly and he felt so happy to hear her laughing.
He didn’t hear it enough, it was infectious.
They made it to the elevator and Mulder was glad it was empty, as he had a huge boner already, from the way she was laughing and touching him, giving him looks.
As soon as the doors shut, she was still giggling away and talking about that fake Lazarus bowl and the hilarious zombies, she found it all very amusing, but Mulder was now deadly serious, and he stared at her with darkened eyes.
She caught his eye and stopped laughing slowly, “I..” she tried to start talking again but couldn’t, as she felt that he was going to pounce on her at any second. She looked down at the bulge in his pants and then raised her eyes back up to his face, not before checking him out one last time in that tux.
“Did I tell you that you look really good in a tux?” She asked softly, not looking away from his intense hazel eyes.
“Did I tell you you look cute with your hair like that?” He took a few steps towards her and nodded a little.
She tilted her head to the side, amused.
“Cute?” She asked reaching one hand to her headband. It was the first time he had ever called her cute.
He nodded again and placed his hands on his waist, highly aroused by the way her eyebrow arched and her cheeks flushed.
“Yeah..” He growled low and advanced on her, moving his hands to her waist and pulling her towards him. “..Really fucking cute.”
She gasped as he touched her and spoke in his low, sexy voice. She looked at his lips and they were edging towards a kiss, their lips were so close, she could feel his hot breath on her cheek, but then suddenly the elevator door opened and they pulled apart.

Scully took a breath and felt the rush of wetness between her legs, highly aroused.
She needed him. Now.
Mulder took her hand again and pulled her out of the elevator, a little roughly, clearly he was feeling very desperate for her too.
She was breathing heavily as she watched him reach into his pocket to get his hotel room key as fast as he could, he had to let go of her hand to really open the door quickly and after a fumble as his vision was swaying slightly, the door swung open and she slipped inside the room before him.
He followed her immediately, slamming the door shut behind him, but even before it was even closed she was jumping on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and throwing her arms around his neck, kissing him fiercely.
“Sc..” He started in surprise, but then he moaned in her mouth as her tongue pushed into his and laced around his own, and he was so desperate, he was rock hard, it was almost painful.
“Mmmm..” She hummed against his lips and he wrapped his arms around her, moving his hands all over her back.
“JesusChristScully..” He gasped as he finally managed to break away from her lips to breathe, and as he staggered backwards he somehow managed to lay her down on the bed, a little rougher than usual, and she bounced on the mattress and giggled, her legs opening.
He moaned as she started to hitch up her skirt then started undressing herself as he also undressed himself as well, pulling himself out of his boxers with need.
“I love you.” He said in a low voice, looking down at her amazing body, so toned and so damn flexible, so petite.
“Hurry up Mulder..” She begged.
She didn’t say it back. She hadn’t said it back yet.
He was ok with that, he could wait..
But now wasn’t the time to ask her about it either..
He had his pants round his ankles and his bow tie was open around his neck, his shirt was partly unbuttoned but he didn’t care as she had scooted her pantyhose and panties off, and she hitched up her skirt again, and this time she was naked underneath.
“Ugh god Dana.” He groaned as he looked between her legs. He wasted no time in climbing onto the bed on top of her, and he slowly guided himself inside her, nice and deep.
“Ohhh!” She moaned and grabbed his hair in her fists as he pushed inside.
“Ohh god Scully you are always so ready for me.” He mumbled into her neck as he started thrusting slowly and steadily.
“Always, always for you..” she breathed and moved one hand down to his butt and squeezed it, urging him to go faster.
Sex between them was always amazing, they had been at it for a few months now, and it never ever got boring. It was always so intense.
“I don’t know how long I’m gonna last..” He groaned and raised his head again and looked deep into her blue eyes, raising one hand to cup her cheek and then he pecked her on the lips firmly.
“Just shut up and fuck me Mulder…” She demanded, which told him.

So, he did just that.

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you say fuck you to the man who is very important person in Gillian life. So, no one can insult David, bc he is your idol and bc Gillian loves him but YOU can say those things about another person. THIS is hypocrisy. Something that wants me to leave this fucking fandom never look back. Gillian says about kindness in her book but X-Files fans on tumblr cannot stop hate everything and everyone from x files but Mulder and Scully. And that is very sad and pathetic.

Look Anon,

I’ll be forever grateful to Chris Carter for creating this show, its characters and fighting for Gillian at the beginning. 


I don’t know about you, I’ve been an X-Phile since 1994 and Chris Carter dragged us through hell and back many times. He keeps pushing his own agenda, not listening to anyone and enjoys torturing the fandom. He is ignorant and awkward.

  •  He doesn’t believe in Show Bible –> The show is full of discrepancies
  • He doesn’t believe in love –> Our OTP is the most fucked up OTP in the history of fandoms
  • He doesn’t understand emotions, human interactions–> *insert Babylon dialogue here*
  • The whole plot for Babylon is one of the worst things that has ever happened on The X-files
  • He thinks that showing important nuances in MSR is gonna ruin his show
  • He killed CSM four times, but can’t get rid of him
  • He easily got rid of the Lone Gunmen
  • The whole Diana Fowley plot - her being used for the only and sole purpose of rivalry and jealousy. As this is the only thing women do…
  • Season 10 Monica Reyes character assassination
  • He finished Season 10 on a cliffhanger without having any idea of how it will continue 
  • Scully’s been kidnapped, medically raped, abducted, nearly killed. She lost her father, her sister, her mother. She buried Emily and Mulder. She survived cancer and an alien virus.
  • Mulder is afraid of fire, colour blind and got some weird brain disease. None of these is consistent or can be explained in long term. 
  • Mulder lost his father, his Mum committed suicide, his sister was kidnapped, abused. He got injected with black oil, tortured many times and abducted by aliens. He’s been buried, brought back to life, had PTSD. 
  • Scully gave birth at the end of the world without Mulder being there.
  • Mulder and Scully had three!! - so let me say this again, THREE - days together as a family, and Mulder had to leave. The love of her life had to leave and go into hiding to save his family.
  • Scully had to live through again the fact that Mulder is getting killed by lethal injection before they came up with a plan to run away.
  • They had to leave everything behind and with all this baggage try to find the meaning of life and the love for each other. AGAIN.
  • But then in IWTB Chris Carter has to break them up again, ‘cause Scully asked Mulder to take the case. He took it, and that was the last straw. She does not need this darkness in her life so she leaves.
  • And in Season 10 they are estranged cause clearly a couple who lived all of this through and suffered so much and lost everything, they just break up.

Also, the reviews of Season 10  were very bad to all episode being written and directed by Chris Carter. Do you know what he said? 

First, people who support MSR is a small part of the fandom, that we are ignorant and it’s not his fault that the reviews are bad. It’s the fault of the critics cause they don’t understand the essence of The X-files. *obv paraphrasing but you got the idea*

So excuse me if from time to time my head explodes and I dare to say FUCK YOU CHRIS CARTER. If he would listen or improve or stick with the executive producer role, I would be fine. But being a fan doesn’t mean that I can’t criticise from time to time. I can criticise and I will ‘cause honestly, who writes dialogues like this?

O'MALLEY: Tell them about your DNA, Sveta.

SVETA: I have alien DNA. For sure.

SCULLY: Have you had a doctor confirm that?


Also who has Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny and not use their chemistry nor writes them proper dialogues, let their talents shine when given the chance?! (Season 10)


TXF | Fandom/BTS - I felt the 2016 FOX upfronts could have included a little ‘homage’ to the show and the fans, especially considering the great ratings the show gathered with season 10 and the announcement of season 11 for 2017/2018.
[by mulderswaterbed | Vimeo | YouTube ]
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