Are You Okay?

Request/Prompt: Please do a fic where the reader is young, like highschool, but is powerful and is an avenger. She is like a daughter to Tony and ya know. She meets Peter (after civil war) and they hit it off but dad tony is… being him, teehee

Note: This sounds fabulous, dear. Thank you for requesting it. This is super fucking long, hopefully that’s a good thing. Everyone loves a long fic, right? FINALLY, I posted an actual fic.

Summary: you’re just starting the next year at high school and you’re not looking forward to it - though your new friend makes it a little bit more bearable.

Characters: Reader, Tony Stark, Rhodey, Maria Hill, Peter Parker

Words: 2,851

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“Beep, beep, beep!” Your alarm blared, vibrating on your nightstand. Blindly, you drew your arms from under the sheet and felt around for the annoying clock. After second of throwing your hand about, gave up and sat up and threw the clock across the room. You opened your eyes and slid out of your bed and stumbled to the shower.

Once you were showered and dressed you scanned the room for your bag, spotting it across the room. Lazily, you flicked your wrist and the bag flew through the air before landing in your open arms. Thank God for gravity, you thought to yourself. Your power was synthesising gravity - it sounded stupid when your father first told you but after he explained how you were able to gather the force into a visible object and could manipulate it; to say pick things up or weigh things down, it made a hell of a lot more sense - it sounded cool.

You walked out of your room and into the common room at the Avengers Compound. A few of the others were awake - the others were probably asleep and you walked into the kitchen area. On your way to the kitchen, you used your powers to throw your bag onto a barstool. “Good morning,” Maria piped up from the chair she sat on. 

“Mornin’ to you too,” you replied, pouring some cereal into a bowl. You then added the milk and pulled a spoon from the draw and took a seat on the stool next to the bad - using your abilities to lower the stool’s height.

“Ready to go to school?”

“Nope,” you said, voice muffled by the cereal in your mouth, “I’m sixteen and an Avenger and I still have to go to school.” After your last spoonful, you lifted the bowl - with your mind - and it hovered over towards the dishwasher, which you had just pulled open.

“Enjoying your abilities as always, Stark?” A new voice said, shaking you from your concentration and accidentally dropping the bowl into the washer, from a height. You rushed over to check it wasn’t broken; you sighed out of relief when it was fine.

“Definitely, Rhodey.”

“Man, life would be a hell of a lot easier if I could do what you can,” he chuckled, opening the fridge for a bottle of water and gesturing to his legs.

“Well, at least you don’t have to go back to school, meeting people that I’ll forget about in a month.”

“I don’t know, maybe you’ll make some permanent friends this year,” Rhodes chimed, being the reassuring soldier and friend he always is.

“Mhmm, let’s wait and see, shall we?” You asked, wriggling your fingers, mysteriously and smiling brightly.

“How are you getting to school, sweetie?” Tony asked from behind you, you turned around and shrugged.

“Walk. Bus,” you suggest - then an idea popped into your head. “Fly?”

“No flying, I need you alive, remember that,” he insisted, gripping your shoulders. You rolled your eyes and giggled. “How about I drop you?” 

“Seriously, how old am I? Getting dropped to school by my dad, buy me a lunchbox too, oh wait a minute while I tie my hair up with some ribbon,” you deadpanned - the other two laughing.

“No, I’m serious, it’s your first day back let me drop you - and if you have a free period let’s out for food,” he declared and you narrowed your eyes suspiciously at him. You tapped his forehead.

“Who is this, Dad? Dropping me to school AND taking me out for food?” You gasped, the sarcasm dripping from your tongue.

“Ha, ha, ha,” he deadpanned. “This, guys, is what happens when you’re nice,” he pointed out - gesturing to you. The others watched in amusement.

“I’m kidding, drop me and pick me up please?” You pleaded.

“I don’t know if I wanna anymore.”

“Daaaad,” you drawled.

“Fine, let’s go,” he chirped - taking the random coffee mug off the table and taking a gulp.

“Hey, that’s mine - you’re gonna make me another when you get back,” Rhodey complained, pointing a finger at Tony, walking over to take back his mug.

“Mhmm, course,” Tony mumbled, dragging you to the front so he could get back into his car, you quickly lifted your bag from the stool and it flew to you. Since he didn’t live there he had driven over just to drop you to school. “Ya know,” he began as you both to seats in the Audi-R8. “It would be easier if you just lived with me in the Tower.”

“Well, not all of us have titanium-gold suits, some people have to train, some people is I,” you spoke, looking knowingly up at him. He sped off, making you clutch the seat, and took off for your school - Midtown High School.

“Well, you’ll always be welcome back in the tower, Dummie misses you,” he added, sympathetic.

“When did you care about Dummie?”

“What?! I have always cared for Dummie!”

“You told Dummie you would donate him to a school,” you acknowledged.

“Well, whatdiya know, we’re already at school,” he exclaimed, changing the subject.

“You suck,” you mocked, opening the car door - looking around you saw some of the jealous are of the people admiring Tony’s car, you inwardly shrank under their gazes and kept eye contact with your father.

“I love you too, sweetheart, have fun.”

“I won’t,” you sighed after his car sped off into the traffic. The bell rang, echoing outside and you walked into the school.


“No, no, no, no,” you repeated to yourself, quietly as the teacher ran through the register. Your name was coming up.

“(Y/N) Stark,” he read, looking over the class for you. A few of the class gasped - knowing the girl to be of the Stark Industries family and also looked around for whom ever the Stark was. 

“Here,” you chimed, raising your hand slightly, leaning back in your seat - trying to look relaxed, you felt as if everything was getting heavier and even your lifting your hand inches from the desk felt like a task and a half. This was what happened whenever you were angry or annoyed, your grip on your wild powers would begin to loosen and they would spiral out of control. You took a few deep  breaths and soon your emotions calmed and you were fine. It’s just whenever ‘Stark’ is mentioned, everyone suddenly has expectations of you - meaning whatever you did was heavily judged and you couldn’t stand it. Now, after living with that your entire life you decided that you weren’t going to let the expectations of others affect the way you lived your life.

Most of the others in the class turned around to face you and you rolled your eyes. Here we go, you thought, annoyed.

“(Y/N) Stark, as in Tony Stark?”

“Yes, is that a problem?” It came out harsher than expected.

“I’m sure you’ll do exceptionally well here at Midtown High,” the teacher praised, ignoring your tone. You were slouched into your chair - your chin inches form the wooden table and you looked on at the gawking class with dead eyes. “So class…” The teacher bagel - joining his hands in a single class and rising form his seat and walking over to the chalkboard. It’s gonna be a long day, you thought, again.


The next bell rang for lunch and you grabbed your bag and sped out the room - barely even touching the handle before your powers reached out for it and pulled it open. You stormed away from the classroom and you jogged to the cafeteria. You bought your food just as a waver of people filed into the room and you took a seat at a small table and began to eat. You were scrolling through your phone as more and more people entered the cafeteria. You threw your wrappers in the bin and walked out of the room and walked out the front doors of the school. You sat down on the steps and continued on your phone until the next bell rang to continue with lessons.

You walked inside and towards your locker and took out a book when someone walked over and opened the locker next to. You could feel his eyes looking over at you but he never spoke.

“Are you okay?” You asked, looking over at the person. He had brown hair and brown eyes - he was carrying a skateboard and a pair of earphones sat on his shoulders.

“Oh- er- yeah I just looked at y-your books and - do you have social science with Mrs. Heartlin?”

“Maybe I do, why?” You asked suspiciously. Man, you thought, training had really knocked the don’t trust anyone into your head.

“I have it too,” he piped, his eyes lighting up. You smiled, warmly at him.

“Well, let’s go,” you suggested, jutting your head down the corridor. He nodded and the pair of you began the walk to the class. “What’s your name?”

“P-peter,” he stuttered. 

“I’m (Y/N),” you replied, sticking your hand out for him to shake - tentatively he took your hand and shook it, lightly.


“Bye, Peter!” You called out as the pair of you walked towards the front of the school. The school day had just ended so now you were left to go home. In a single day, you had made a single friend - better than nothing. You were waiting on the steps of school for your dad to turn up and he offered to wait with you. Now the orange car had rolled up to the curb and the window wound down.

“Come on, Chick, let’s go,” Tony called out, waving you over. You looked over at Peter and his eyes were wide.

“Are you okay?”

“E-er, y-yeah I’m good, go on, go,” he insisted. You shrugged and stood up from the step and bounced down them towards the car. Beknownst to you, Peter made wild gestures towards Tony - he knew him after that whole thing at the airport - and Tony replied with the sign for ‘sh’ and the ‘slit your throat’ signs and Peter stopped immediately.

“Bye Peter!” You exclaimed, waving at him. He waved back and began the walk home. Tony began to drive away when he spoke.

“Stop talking to him, like zip - no more.”

“What? Dad, it’s one person, calm down.”

“Nope, he’s bad news - he’s creepy.”

“Dad, stop - how would you know - what’s so creepy about him?”

“You can tell he’s obsessed with spiders. And he rides a skateboard - I bet he’s annoying and doesn’t shut up, he looks like makes bad puns. His favourite colours are red and blue - everyone knows gold is the best.”

“DAD! How would you even know this stuff - yes they may be true but still, that’s creepy, he doesn’t even like spiders. And you said he was crazy.”

“Fine, but when you get webbed to a doorknob than you’ll regret it,” he gave up - pulling over to the Compound. 

“Bye Dad,” you retorted, getting out of the car - slamming the door as you got further away. He drove off and you lifted yourself off the ground and propelled yourself up to your dorm window and opened it from the outside. You climbed in and got changed for training with the other agents. 


“Hey Peter!” You called out to him, running over to where he sat alone at a table: eating and reading from a book. When he looked up, he smiled. You pulled a chair from another table and sat down next to him.

“Hey,” he replied just as you bit into your apple. It had been months since school had started and you and the brunet had become close friends - though it’s not like you don’t want more. You looked over his shoulder at his book and nodded.



“Good luck, you definitely need it, Chem is boring,” you joked, nudging him and laughing - he smiled back at you

“Ya know who else has chemistry? You,” he pointed out and your teasing smile faded in less than a second.

“Oh well, guessing it can’t do me that much harm, right?”

“Only if you’re a Stark,” he muttered and you sighed.

“Don’t,” you mumbled in reply, “don’t say that.”

“I shouldn’t have said it.”

“But you did, it’s out there now - if you want me to act like all the other Starks - then I will but none of them have much friends so I guessing that’s something I have going for me,” you shrugged, getting up from the table and walking off. He didn’t call you back, which hurt, he didn’t chase you, which hurt more, and he never apologised, which hurt most - your feet felt heavier and heavier as you walked.

You walked, not knowing where you were heading and the bell went off - you spun around and walked to Chemistry. You stood behind the lab table and waited for the lesson to behind, Peter sits right beside you - you had completely forgotten he sat there but no matter, you don’t have to talk to him.

Multiple times throughout the lesson he tried speaking to you but you acted as if you had suddenly gone deaf and couldn’t hear him. He took a break in trying to get your attention and scribbled something down. He slid a piece of paper over to you, on top of your work. It was folded up but some of the black ink from his pen was visible from the other side.

You folded the paper and it read, ‘Milkshakes, after school?’ You folded it up and placed it back in front of him. Then you turned to look at Peter and nodded. He smiled and you turned back to the front of the class.


“Look, I didn’t mean what I said, I’m sorry. I don’t know why I said it,” he said as you walked to the diner, to get milkshakes. His hands were dug into his pockets and you clutched your bag as you walked. 

“It’s fine, I don’t wanna talk about it,” you mumbled, pushing the door to the diner open and holding it for him. You walked up to the counter and ordered the drinks then walked back outside and over to the barstools that faced the pavement. You hopped up on your’s and took out your phone - sending a message to Tony to pick you up later. 

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am sure, let’s talk about something else,” you said, practically pleading. The waiter came over with your drinks and you began to slurp, heavily, on the straw.

“Well,” he began, placing his drink on the table and wringing his fingers together. “There is something I wanna say.” Your eyes lightened with curiosity and you placed your drinks down too and looked at him.

“Ooo, shoot.”

“Well, this is about the past, what, month, I should have told you before but there were a lot of possibilities.” He rambled, you rolled your eyes and placed you hands on his shoulders and leaned forward.

“Tell me.” He sighed.

“I like you. I like you a hell of a lot more than you think I do but I do - and you probably don’t feel the same way and I’m just making a fool out of myself but I really like you and….. what do you think?” He finished. You were completely stunned by this and looked at him in shock. “No?” He guessed, shaking you out of your thoughts.

“I ,er, am very, very, very shocked - like so shocked, wow, I’m shocked. I, really, like you too,” you stuttered, your hand sliding form his shoulder and to his neck. You pulled him closer - until your lips met. You moved your lips against his - he tasted like the milkshake he’d just drank and smelt like soap and sweat and something else -  a loud car horn sounded, shaking you apart. 

Confused and worried, you jumped apart and looked around. You looked to the curb and your dad’s car was lined up next to it. The window was wound down and his sunglasses was gripped in his hand. “(Y/N), car.” You narrowed your eyes at him and jumped down from your seat. You turned around and grabbed your milkshake, tipping the glass high - sending the smooth, cold liquid down your throat. You gave Peter a peck on the cheek and grabbed your back and walked off to the car. “Stay away from my daughter!” Tony called out, speeding off.

You slouched in your seat and closed your eyes, “I hate you, so so so much.”

“Telling lies is wrong.” You responded by clenching your fists - using your powers to slow the car down. He groaned in annoyance and you smirked.

“Are you okay?” You joked, knowing he was the complete opposite.

Preference - As Your Neighbor


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     Scott was the mysterious neighbor. His mom and your mom had been close for years, but you hadn’t really talked to Scott in awhile. He was always gone somewhere, or busy studying for school. One time he opened his window to ask you for help with his homework, but most of the time you really didn’t see him.


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     You’d always catch Stiles through his window doing the funniest/weirdest/cutest things, like dancing, or you’d watch his bizarre facial expressions while he was on the phone. As soon as he noticed you standing in your room, just chuckling at him, his cheeks would turn a deep red, and he’d either stand still, embarrassed, or he’d run away. Either way, he was the cutest neighbor you’d ever seen.


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     Liam was also a super cute neighbor, but there was this little line that separated Stiles cuteness from Liam cuteness. Like, Stiles was cute because he danced around his room and whatnot, but Liam was cute because he was, well, basically a lil baby. One of his fears was thunderstorms, and whenever one happened, he’d ALWAYS keep his window unlocked. Carefully (as not to get struck by lightning), you would open your window, reach over and open his, and climb into his bed. He’d hold onto you tight, which made you laugh at how scared he was. 


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     Brett was the hot and mysterious/evil-looking neighbor. When changing, you made it a point to close the blinds because of him. The two of you used to be friends when you were little but it kind of faded away. Now you only saw him at the lacrosse games against Devenford, or when, miraculously, both of your blinds were open, and you could exchange quick glances.

Author’s Note: So, do you guys like these preference thingies? Let me know… :)

The Kid’s Alright.

A/N: I’ve been thinking a lot lately about kids and whatnot. I am only 16 so I don’t plan to have kids for a very long time but, I’d like to think I’d be a pretty sweet mom. So yeah. If any of you already have kids I’d love to hear about your experiences! (P.s. This will be a two parter because I don’t like to write suuper long fics unless it’s a special occasion.)

Chapter summary: Crowley drops off a present and makes Dean and yourself begin to reevaluate your entire relationship. If there was one to begin with. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,855 

Warnings: Cursing, Fluff, nothing too bad. 

Nursery based on this picture!  (And this.)

Author: @jadangelofthelord (Aka, Me) 

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“So get this.” Three words caused you and Dean to look up from your dust covered books. Sam turned his laptop towards you both, side by side the pair of you sat up to get a closer look at the screen. “Twelve teenagers disappeared in the span of two days, except they didn’t. Witnesses say they saw them roaming graveyards at night, and one woman even claimed to see one killing her dog.”  

Deans eyes flicked over the computer to his brother. “So, what? A bunch of hormonal teens runnin’ away from home?”

“Or” You looked at him. “New vampire recruits.”

His eyebrows shot up and he rolled his lip between his teeth. Damnit Dean. “Yeah.” He shrugged and nodded. “Yeah, that’s a good standpoint I guess.” He nudged the laptop back to his brother and sat back in his chair. Rolling his shoulders “So, what you wanna go check it out?”

Sam put his elbow on the table and cupped his chin in his hand. “Maybe, it’s still really vague.” He shook his head. “Give me a bit longer and lets see what pops up before we head out.”

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Alphas and Omegas Part Seven

Tag: @shamvictoria11

Warnings: none

Word Count: 3459

Parings: Alpha Dean x Female Omega Reader

Summary: It’s the first day of school!

   (Y/N) sat at the kitchen table double checking her bag, making sure she had everything she needed for the first day of school. Her mother stood at the stove cooking breakfast, and her father sat at the other end of the table reading the newspaper.

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CURRENT TIME –  9:30pm ; LOCATION – Hotel-Gallery Hallway 

Darkness consumes the gallery with dull lit lights. The paintings and sculptures nearby seem to gawk & sneer from the distance, as if beckoning you to continue forward. Whether they want you to gaze at pure art has yet to be decided. Despite how wide the halls are, you feel as if you’re cramped & squished together with no breathing space ( how unfortunate ).

Other members seem uneased, some excited, others neutral. You’re unsure which one you fit in, and perhaps you’ll decide right when the time is right. Whispers gnaw the air in hushed tones, many anxious, trembling ( you could practically FEEL the FEAR!! ) & again others, feel as if they are going to be the hero for the day–feeling they would acquire a discovery, or be capable of fending off what was unknown in the darkness of the night that continued to grow more & more by the minute.

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Marinette Dupain-Cheng & Adrien Agreste // AHESTETIC

In the daylight, in the daylight 

When the sun is shining 

On the late night, on the late night 

When the moon is blinding 

In the plain sight, pain sight 

Like stars in hiding 

You and I burn on, on 

Put two and to-gether, forever will never change

{ @lullyandher1x1 / @ethangreyrp }

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hola chicas, necesito que me aclaren algo sobre lo de qué pasó en Wellington, y es que no entiendo si la pregunta se refiere al video en donde supuestamente louis y harry se dan un beso, o es lo del lugar en sí y las cosas que pasaron... idk help

La pregunta se refiere, supongo, al video Larry que se grabó con una papa y no sabemos si se besaron o qué :’(


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I really love this blog ok can I request a scenario where second year oikawa is affectionately comforted by his third year boyfriend like cuddles and kisses you can tell I love fluff 💪 thank you!

Second year Oikawa is something kind of different; I like it~

This turned into a train wreck; my apologies. If you would like me to rewrite it, please say so and I’ll do it. 

I suddenly realise how short it is. // shot

|| Admin Kazu

“It’s not that easy!” Oikawa shouted back as _________ circled around him, staring at him like he had gone insane.

“Yes it is, you could give up a bit more time-” The third year tried to get in before being interrupted.

“Time! Tobio-chan could be-” 

“Why do you care so much about this ‘Tobio-chan’ of your’s?” The male demanded, looking at Oikawa in the eye. Oikawa stared right back, a look of slight despair could be seen in his eyes. His feelings were on a high boil as he could only think of one thing that he had overheard earlier.

“Is he your ex boyfriend? Do you still love him? Do you want him back-”

Oikawa wiped away fast flowing tears as they continued to trail down his sides, the accusation and the news getting to the normally mentally strong setter. He was strong, he told himself. He was going to be better than that junior genius of his. The setter never thought that his coach was going to see if he could persuade the raven haired boy to come to Seijou. 

“Oikawa is going to be leaving after next year, we’ll need another setter.” He remembered those words clearly. It seemed to him that they were going to train up Kageyama, even use him in matches to give him a bit of time to ‘rest’. He didn’t want to rest though. He wanted to play. Oikawa wanted to be able to set to his team mates, see them slam down the ball he had set and score a point. He wanted to be in the game they would finally win against Shiratorizawa and go to Nationals. He wanted to be there on the court with __________ cheering him on the sidelines. His eyes watered once again as he sniffled, bringing an arm up to cover his face in shamefulness.

“Tooru.” ___________ began, seeing that the other was upset. “Please tell me what’s going on. I might not be able to relate or understand, but I will do my best to help.” He coaxed, trying to get the younger boy to say something. Hearing nothing but sounds of sniffs and silent crying, he strides over, pulling Oikawa into a hug and embracing him. 

Oikawa took a while to hug ________ back, but when he did, his grip was tight as cries wrecked his body, his head buried into his male lover’s chest. 

“I-I’m not strong-”

“Shhh. You are stronger than you believe. I can see the hard work you put into volleyball, the hours you stay behind. Iwaizumi even tells me that you have been trying to work harder on your school work so that teachers can give you leeway to go with the team to training camps.” He stroked Oikawa’s hair, releasing him to press a soft kiss onto each of his cheeks.

“No more crying, okay?” The older male gathered Oikawa up in his arms and carried him to the couch, dumping him on there. He went and pulled out blankets and pillows for them to use, arranging them around Oikawa in a comfortable way before taking a seat beside the second year and pulling him in.

“Cuddles for now, no more crying.” Oikawa looked up at his lover and gave a watery smile.

“I thought you said you didn’t like cuddles, _________-chan.”

“I don’t. You are the one exception though.”