Every single pokemon character is autistic

Every single one. Like maybe there are some nts but only like one percent.

- it is a social norm to not make eye contact unless you are going to battle
- most trainers specialize in one type aka special interests
- no small talk. It is acceptable to introduce yourself by talking about whatever the fuck is in your mind and then going straight into a battle
- speaking of which, that youngster that says shorts are “comfy and easy to wear” totally has sensory issues that make him hate jeans
- random ass npcs will infodump you on miscellaneous aspects of the game. That o-pin guy in x/y totally has o-pins as a special interest
- all the player characters are partially nonverbal, they can usually only say “yes” and “no”, and they use scripts to order their pokemon in battle (names of moves and stuff like “the foe is weak! Get ‘em (pokemon name)!” No one finds anything notable about this or anything wrong with it
- the reason battling is turn-based is because many/most people have slow processing time and it’s considered honorable to respect this and allow your opponent to time to think
- the emphasis on collecting/trading and how it’s such a common hobby in that world.
- Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of pokemon, is autistic
- I’m sure there’s other evidence I’m forgetting

But basically this is canon and no one can convince me otherwise


You rush into the diner, your heels clicking against the checkered floor as you scan across the room. Suddenly your eyes land on him, a smile of relief spreading onto your face and you walk over to the booth where he sat now. You could see him twisting his hands and twiddling his thumbs. You slide into the seat across from him, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear before looking up at Dean Winchester,

“Hi, I’m so sorry I’m late, my boss was a jerk and wouldn’t let me leave…anyways, I’m here. I hope you didn’t wait long.” You say, worried you had already scared him off.

“No, me? No, um…for a minute I thought, well…” He brings a hand behind his neck, scratching the backside of his ear, giving a nervous yet gorgeous laugh. “I thought, I was stood up. Cause, you’re well…you. And I’m me..I’m not usually like this on a date….But, gosh…I’m just rambling now aren’t I?” He moves his hand away from his neck and you smile at him, comfortingly, grasping his strong hands that surrounded the cold glass of water in front of him.

“Yeah, a little bit.” You  joke, your hands still on his, his thumb nervously rubbing circles on your knuckles. And to be honest, his nerves calmed your own. 

*not my idea

anonymous asked:

But like no one is saying anything about sehun? Chen - Baekhyun and Chanyeol - Xiumin should have switched roles to make it fair

*Sigh*. Its one song out of how many EXO title tracks where Sehun only get E-X-O and not even a line. 

How many songs did Chen slay… he even did MID in both versions … BUT no one complained about SUHO not having it AND he’s in K…. Sooooo

Xiumin even though he has small parts still has more Lines then Sehun combined 

If you take CMB and Xiumins parts and take Sehun’s parts with LMR Xiumin still has more Lines the Sehun… and Xiumin had 2 Verses in both versions of CMB …. soooooo 

Ya’ll are bitching about those to and them getting shaded in ONE MV when Suho and Sehun have been getting shaded EXO’s whole entire Career … soooo 


Chen always slays in both Version and gets his own line and full versus in EVERY COMEBACK… he doesn’t get it in one song and all hell breaks lose. 

Xiumin stays getting more lines then Sehun… and once Sehun finally gets a chance to shine in both MV’s like Xiumin did in CMB … people bitch…

IF you take time and  EXO’s LINES was pretty well distributed … too popular belief .. especially if you know EXO’s voices well…

Shots where CHEN sang in M he wasn’t always shown same for Xiumin…

BUT I DIGRESS, because its really like talking to a wall with this fandom… its always but but but ….and never just looking a facts. Which I have done for 3 years now.

Just go look at every EXO video to date in both versions and I’ll leave it at that.

Honed Blade/Awaken Set

I managed to get Honed Blade, and Awaken on the same set, yes!!!
Lets start with the armor parts shall we~

Rebellion Helm Z - - -
Rebellion Mail Z OO- Gambit Jewel 1 (2x)
Kujula Grip O- - Gambit jewel 1
Grand Divine Ire Obi OO- Gambit Jewel 1 (2x)
Rathalos Geaves X O- - Gambit Jewel 1
Creator Talisman OO- Gambit Jewel 1 ( FreeElement +5)

Active Skills
Honed Blade (Attack up L+Sharpness Plus One)
Punishing Draw

Without the Talisman, this makes a solid Honed Blade Template, it just depends on your Decorations and Charm.
Happy Hunting~