x-men: the last stand

elngools  asked:

Its a little after one I'm all alone and I NEED a headcanon for dating Bobby Drake (Iceman)

Let’s start with this~ 

  • His skin is always cold so cuddling can be a little difficult
  • He does sweet things like make you ice sculptures of flowers and give you things made of ice
  • He can make all your drinks cold
  • He freezes anyone who hits on you
  • More than once he has accidentally frozen the bed solid
  • The constant dampness from when the ice melts
  • He keeps you cool on hot days; who needs A/C when your bf can make it snow on you?
  • If the fridge breaks down he keeps everything from spoiling
  • You never get warm in the summer and winters are brutal
  • Let’s be honest, even his dick is freezing, this opens the doors to temperature play
  • It honestly feels like you’re being fucked with an ice pik
  • He is a human ice cube maker!
  • You have to wrap up in like ten blankets to stay warm
  • He’s great for when you have a fever
  • His lips are cold but soft
  • He is probably the greatest guy you could ever hope to meet
  • He does the sweetest things for you and you know he’s listening because you could mention something offhand, like a book you haven’t read in a while and he will straight up find the book for you and give it to you as a gift
  • At first you only thought of him as a friend but one kiss changed everything
  • You never have to be jealous
  • After Pyro comes back he and Bobby slowly regain their friendship and you are as supportive as can be
  • He never minds holding hands and loves PDAs
  • He loves you for you
  • He is straight up the kind of guy that Disney princes should be modeled after
  • He is a bit of a jokester
  • Always worried about you
  • Secretly has a dominant side only you get to see that makes you go “WHOA”
  • He is the kind of guy who would dress up and go to conventions
  • Total nerd but active too
  • Makes heart eyes at you in class
  • Leaves notes for you that say sweet things
  • Has no trouble talking about things with you
  • Sometimes he effs up but you know he’s trying
  • He is the kind of guy you marry, have kids with, have a nice house with, live in the suburbs, good college and debt free life kind of man
  • I don;t know how he ended up so wonderful but he did and you wouldn’t have him any other way

“I love the character. I love the series. I would never take it for granted or do it for the hell of it. I have to feel like I really have something to offer and we’re going to take Wolverine on a slightly different journey. Otherwise it’ll be time to hand over the claws to someone else, and I’m sure there will be many lining up to do it.” - Hugh Jackman