LIGHTNING TORNADO (X-Men, Konami 1992)

My second favorite mutant power. You can position yourself just by the bottom corner and the tornado mows just about anything in front of it. Ororo’s scepter also gives you incredible reach, and her jumps allow her to hover in the air for a moment to set-up her diving attack.


The most obscure character from the roster (unless you’ve seen Pryde of the X-Men, making this a rhetorical remark) has a flashy (literally) mutant power akin to D&D Fireball. Allison throws a beam on the ground that explodes in a dome of energy. The gradual delay leaves you open to attack until the canopy eats nearby enemies into its range. Watch out your back, Allison is also vulnerable to being flanked by sneaky enemies. Go for her awesome leg throw.

TELEPORTATION (X-Men, Konami 1992)

My least favorite mutant power, due to the fact that it’s so erratic. Kurt dashes randomly all around the screen (even with varying durations of the effect), but it’s not uncommon that you would only hit a fraction of the enemies. This power works best at higher difficulties when the game crowds you with HUGE mobs. Fortunately, Kurt’s acrobatic attacks (and stomping) make him very entertaining to have along.