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The minute he enters your room, Charles notices a definite change in the atmosphere. He can’t tell if it’s good or bad. “(y/n)?" 

"In here,” your voice calls from the bathroom. Charles follows your voice to see you standing at the counter, brushing your hair. He smiles at you fondly and leans in the doorway. 

That’s when he notices it. Notices what’s different. 

You aren’t blocking him from your mind today. After a year of knowing each other, (y/n) finally trusts him enough to let him in. 

“I can feel you in my mind, Charles,” you say softly but not accusingly, turning to face the man. 

His face reddens slightly. “Sorry. I won’t if-" 

"No,” you cut him off. “It’s okay. I want you to look. Well I don’t exactly want you to, but…you can.” You step forward and take his hand in yours. “I trust you." 

The corner of his mouth twitches up in a smile, and he brings his hand up to cup your cheek. "Are you sure?” At your nod, he moves his hand up instead so his fingers are on your temple. You watch as his eyes flutter shut, and you close yours too. 

He sees your childhood: You running from bullies in the school yard, and then a teenage you running away from an abusive foster home. He sees you being beat on the streets of Chicago, begging for food on the street sides and giving blankets to other homeless that you found. 

You, alone, cold, and scared, trying to learn to harness your telekinesis in the dead of winter. 

But then it’s like all of the negativity washes away. The hues from the scenes shift from dark to light when Charles finds you on the street, comforting you and talking to you in a way that immediately makes you trust him. Flash through your rehabilitation to full health at the academy, scenes of you and Charles working and walking through the grounds together. So many scenes of you and him together. 

When he opens his eyes, it’s to see your beautiful (e/c) ones staring back into his. “(y/n)-" 

You cut him off by tilting your head up and pressing your lips to his. He freezes in shock, and after a second or two of him not kissing back, you pull away abruptly. "I’m sorry, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have-" 

Now it’s his turn to cut you off by taking your hand and pulling you back into him, kissing you passionately. You sink into his warm embrace as he strokes your hair, and you wrap your arms around his shoulders. He pulls away first for air, and you open your eyes to see him smiling at you. 

"I’m glad you let me in today.”

They’re together at last….

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anyone who thinks marvel axing titles like america, gen x, and iceman isn’t related to them starring lgbtq protagonists is kidding themselves. 

like i’m seeing a lot of “it’s because they just aren’t good!!” 

no — you think they aren’t good because you’re straight, and you don’t care about narratives specifically related to being lgbtq. 

like i know all you want from lgbtq characters is marriage and our deaths, but like, maybe stop to consider that a story doesn’t have to be written for you in order to be meaningful. 

i’m also hearing that “marvel’s just axing them because they aren’t selling well!” which like: yeah, obviously. i’m not saying that, like, joe quesada is sitting at marvel hq laughing evilly and cancelling books with marginalized protagonists one by one.

of course marvel’s cancelling them because they aren’t selling. but they aren’t selling because marvel is still only catering to a market that doesn’t give a shit about marginalized characters. because marvel doesn’t care to examine how other people read comics and why and how. 

marvel may not be, like, scratching off titles like “nope! this book’s too gay to sell!” but that doesn’t mean marvel isn’t still at fault. and it doesn’t mean being lgbtq has nothing to do with these books being scrapped. 

Logan AU where everyone is alive and happy. Charles, Logan and Laura lives together. Logan is a grumpy daddy, Charles is the coolest grandpa. Nothing bad happened.

Bonus: Laura have a dog and named it Wolverine. Logan doesn’t like it. Charles can’t stop laughing everytime Laura calls it.
Bonus n2: Caliban is here too, he is the strange-but-funny uncle and cooks cookies for Laura everytime.


Just saw Deadpool 2, laughed at every single MCU reference:

-Winter Soldier arm


-Hawkeye joke

-Black black widow

-Brown Panther

-Sun’s getting real low

BONUS: Not MCU, but calling Cable “one-eyed willie” as a shout out to the Goonies also killed me.


Imagine: Charles trying to tap into your mind as you lose control of your powers, but it doesn’t work and you end up hurting him.

“Charles, just go,” you cry as you feel the emotions inside of you about to break free. You can feel yourself burn a little hotter and you know you’re about to lose control. You’re literally a human bomb waiting to explode. 

“I’m not leaving you, Y/N. I’m right here,” he says and he tries to hold your hand, but let’s go when he realises just how hot you are. 

“I don’t want to hurt you,” you say tears streaming down your face. You want this to stop, but you can’t. You’ve just received the call about your brother’s death and you can’t contain your powers. It’s only a question of when you will explode. Charles kneels down next to you and puts a finger to his temple. He raises an eyebrow as to ask if you’re okay with it, and you just nod. You’re mutant power is to absorb energy, but when you’ve absorbed too much energy, this happens. You literally cause an explosion, and you need Charles to leave before he gets hurt. 

“I want you to calm down,” Charles says inside your head. He forces you to breathe slower, but you’re still burning up. He tries to reach further into your mind, but at this point he might as well be stepping into a fire. 

“Don’t,” you gasp, “you’ll only hurt yourself.” You close your eyes trying to force the energy to stay inside you, but your emotions are a mess, and you can’t regain control. 

“Please go,” you say and he nods. He knows you’re going to survive, but he can’t say the same. He starts to run away from you, but it’s too late. The words ‘I’m sorry’ leaves your lips right before you ignite. For a moment everything turns black. When you wake up there’s a tingling sensation in your fingers. Small fires in the library surround you. You look around to see Charles lying in a corner.

“Oh God,” you whisper before running to his side. He’s still breathing, but you can barely find his pulse. 

“You can’t die, Charles. Please don’t die,” you cry. You didn’t mean to hurt him. Feeling the energy in the room you carefully direct a small amount of it towards Charles chest to heal him. He then starts to cough and you help him sit up so he can breathe properly. He’s still looking like hell, but at least he’s breathing properly now. 

“I’m so sorry,” you repeat over and over leaning your forehead against his. He places his hand on your cheek and exhales heavily. 

“I know. I know, love,” he whispers kissing you deeply. You’re desperate to feel his touch and know that he’s okay. 

“Next time I tell you to leave, please listen to me,” you laugh through the tears. You thought you’d lost him for a minute there. 

“I will.”