x-men fanart

if the thriller jacket doesn’t make it into the final movie i’m gonna be hella disappointed

anyway x-men: apocalypse nightcrawler is gonna be great, i can feel it. i watched kodi smit-mcphee in a couple things now and he’s a really good actor so i have high hopes that he will play kurt really well! (for however much screen time he actually gets….)

so here is movie-teen-kurt with his anime emo hair and a can of (possibly radioactive) 80s soda pop.

Before it all fell apart

In Avengers AOU Pietro mentions a photo he carries with him of his family before Sokovia went to hell. It’s never shown, so I drew what I thought it might’ve looked like. (featuring Dadneto because why not).

Tried to make it look like a polaroid, not sure how successful I was. I’m not happy with the coloring, so I might do it again without the special effects or whatever.