a quick doodle of myself as marrow from the x-men. she’s one of the morlocks, a group of like, ‘ugly’ mutants that can’t blend in with humans easily.

her powers are kind of horrific, she grows these bone protrusions out of herself and then snaps them off so she can use them as knives and clubs or whatever. i’ve always wanted to cosplay her but it seems like it’d be super hard

"Never Let Anyone Tell You Different": Mutant Identity and the Monster Queer.

In lieu of a proper article today, because technical difficulties, here is my undergraduate thesis.

Abstract, for those who hate links:

“Never Let Anyone Tell You Different” is an thematic and rhetorical examination of the XMCU based on the idea that the heroes represent, intentionally or unintentionally, a ‘mainstream’ sensibility that marginalizes and renders monstrous the needs and perspectives of female and non-white characters, along with abuse victims when that abuse is perpetrated by a white man in the community. 

Conversely, the villains represent a radicalism that, when divorced from the terrorist tactics of certain characters, is not nearly as monstrous as it may be made out to be. This thesis exists to define radicalism in the mutant identity and to recognize the allegorical flaws that are created when a mainstream/radical dichotomy is conflated with a good/evil one.  

By recognizing the racism and sexism perpetuated in the franchise, it becomes possible to attempt to rectify both the representation in media and the presence of racism and sexism in the real-world LGBTQ community.”

I apologize deeply for the aca-speak, and will eventually do a tl;dr for the whole thing, but I tried my best to make it as accessible as possible within the confines of the form.

Rides and Rules

Character: Logan (James) Howlett

Summary: the reader is an Avenger and is secretly dating Wolverine, when the team finds out they are less than happy (seeing as the American government isn’t his biggest fan, for obvious reasons)

Requested: by a lovely anon

Warnings: some angst?

Word length: 1014

“Faster Wolvie!” she cried gleefully, hands thrown in the air, before they were yanked back around Logan’s waist by one of his large hands.

She was probably the only person on the planet that could call him that and get away with it.

The wind roared in her ears, the perfect harmony to the low grumbling of the motorbike they were on. Her arms were wrapped around his strong torso, delicate hands curled up in his leather jacket as her face pressed into his back, inhaling the comforting scent of whisky, cigars and leather. Despite her hair flying out around her, occasionally whipping into her bright eyes, she was ecstatic. Riding had that effect on her, or maybe it was how close she was pressed to him, she didn’t know. All she knew was that at that moment her heart was thumping loudly in her chest and her entire being hummed with pent up energy, only released when her laugh chimed through the air. She felt free, so, so free. Releasing one of her hands she trailed it through the air beside her, watching as it dipped and soared through the harsh current as the cityscape whizzed by them. Her red dress that fluttered in the wind the only colour on the drab grey scene, Logan merely a black smudge with his dark hair and darker eyes.

They rounded a corner and the bike slowed, stalling and sputtering as it crept up to the curb, drawing with it a deep sigh from both passengers. Neither wanted to let go. But the large Stark building loomed above them and (y/n) knew he couldn’t get any closer, couldn’t let her team see what they were.

It was no secret the Avengers disliked Logan. He’d caused quite a bit of trouble over the years, so the only option when they’d started dating was to keep it all under lock and key. Stolen kisses, whispered words and fumbling hands in dark spots were all they could be when they were here, in New York. It’d been a long time since (y/n) had managed to catch a break from her job to escape to the countryside with him, where they could really be free. Fresh breezes carrying bright laughter under a glowing sun were all but distant memories now.

“Come on kitten, go save the world and what-not, I’ll be back at the apartment when you are,” he nudged her off the bike with his thigh, voice low and rough, casting a disdainful look towards the tower.

She deflated instantly, shoulders sagging, face falling, lips curving downwards.

“See you later Logan, don’t get up to too much trouble,” she pressed a fleeting kiss to his forehead, feeling the skin warm under her touch.

Logan, being a “feral” mutant, had impeccable senses, animal like even. But he was far too distracted by the lady in front of him, wrapped up in her soft eyes and gentle touches, to notice the sharp smell of overpriced cologne and the angry dark eyes that watched from behind them. Tony had seen it all.


The word wasn’t shouted, but it may as well have been, for all the weight it carried. It was sharp and fierce and (y/n) hadn’t seen him this shaken up since Ultron. There was no humour dancing in his eyes, no smirk on his lips and no sarcasm in his tone as Tony Stark stood in front of her, arms crossed tightly over his chest as if he were restraining himself.

Steve was poised on the edge of the couch, spine rigid and eyes hard, although he didn’t approve of Logan, he wasn’t going to get involved. It was her life, Steve had had enough of people telling him who he could and couldn’t like in his lifetime. Natasha on the other hand was draped over the kitchen counter, the soft fluttering of turning pages the only sound in the room now, although (y/n) was certain Nat wasn’t actually reading it, as her head tilted slightly as Tony spoke.

“Explain what Stark? That I have a boyfriend who treats me well and hasn’t done anything wrong the entire time we’ve been together?” she snarled.

“He’s dangerous, impulsive. Not to mention all the damage he’s done over the years, do you really think you’re safe with hi-“

“He’s a person, not an animal, I don’t see why you feel the need to treat him as such, and anyway I am extremely capable of looking after myself. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but I’m on this team too Tony. I’m trained to protect myself and others, I’m not some little girl anymore.”

He took a step forward, clenching his fists.

“He’s not a person though he’s a…” his voice trailed off, catching the distasteful looks being sent his way by Pietro and Wanda and quickly retreated backwards.

“Oh? You don’t like him because he’s a mutant? Is that it?” she growled, “Get over yourself Tony, it’s 2016, it’s time you grow up and realise we aren’t the only things out there.”

He was about to comment on how he was very well aware of this and in fact had the pleasure of encountering quite a few of the “other things out there” in the Battle of New York, but held his tongue as she stormed out the room, face like thunder.

(Y/n) watched on with a pleased smile, legs kicked up on coffee table as she watched the two men talk, civilly. It’d been months since the incident of her love life being revealed and after a lot of persuading from the two resident mutants, and a lot of grovelling on her part, Tony and Logan had agreed to “not be complete and utter dickheads to each other” as she so eloquently put it. She certainly didn’t expect them to become friends straight away, but it was a start. Logan was now able to talk to him for five full minutes without growling, and Tony could hold back the sarcastic quips for at least two of those.