MAGIK - Graduation Costume circa 1986 (Uncanny Annual #10)

i did this for Rachel & Miles Xplain the Xmen art challenge . Okay, a couple of things : first, these are always fun and a challenge . my goal was to design something in line with what the X-Men were wearing circa 1986 . costume’s weren’t as utilitarian as they are now . with that said, I wanted to give Illyana a look that would fit in with what the other team members were wearing, primarily Shadowcat: hence the tunic . second, i wish it were a better design. i heard about the challenge mid-week and wanted to squeeze it in before a new podcast came out just in case. i love Illyana and only want the best for her … i want to come up with something better . only the best for my girl … :P

(gonna try to do one for Cannonball . if you’ve read Uncanny X-Men Annual #10 you know his costume is the most tragic … poor Sam)

when i said i was the mom of the stydia fandom i didnt say i would feed yall calming milk when yall start crying over nothing

sit the fuck down there is literally no threat

y'all think a guy who is ok with old man x teenage girl, abusive prick x abused girl (and calling it endgame), mental house basement sex (and calling it romantic), 30 yo kissing manipulated 16 yo (twice) is gonna give a fuck about some peoples’ parents being together




Let the world come rush in, come down hard, come crushing
All I need is right here beside me
I’m not enough, I swear it, but take my love and wear it over your shoulders
And if you say we’ll be alright
I’m gonna trust you babe, I’m gonna look in your eyes
And if you say we’ll be alright

I’ll follow you into the light

Do you know what Delphine didn’t want to do? Break up with Cosima. Do you know what she did in the best interest of all the clones after agreeing to love them all? Break up with Cosima. Do you know what the cost was? Her own happiness. The frowning beauty worked her ass off and put herself at risk for all the clones — she went as far as making personal sacrifices — just, y’know, giving up the love of her life (no big deal).

Delphine was hard and sad all of season three. Our poor DYAD big shot was heartbroken throughout the entire season because she followed through on hard decisions born out of love for Cosima.


Thehollywoodmag (X)

I’m gonna cry, all she did was love


Scorpion Hiatus Meme:   [ 4 / 6 ]  Favourite female character(s)
   -   Hey, I’m Happy.
   And I’m dying, but you don’t see me telling everyone.

I know everyone has made a joke about Yuu and this song already, but I wanted to do my own version.

Mika: never gonna give yuu up

Mika: never gonnna let yuu down

Yuu: never gonna run around and desert you

Mika: fucking liar!

Mika: never gonna make yuu cry

Yuu: you’re a fucking liar!

Yuu: never gonna say goodbye.

Dead Akane: shut the fuck up

Mika: never gonna tell a lie and hurt yuu

Shinoa: Ohh, give yuu up

Mitsuba: god, this is so stupid

Sorry, I just feel really empty without the anime. I need the new manga chapter. I need more mikayuu. and shinoa x mitsuba.

Tales From IKEA

“I told you, Jean,” Eren said, pulling a radio out of his pocket. He cast a sly look over his shoulder before pushing down the call button with his thumb. “L&F, this is team ramrod. The emerald dragon has been tamed, do you copy?”

“What?” a voice crackled, low and annoyed. “Kirschstein if you left your walkie on the floor again—” 

“What the fuck,” Jean hissed, yanking his radio out of Eren’s hands and shoving him in the direction of the bed. “Make sure he doesn’t run away again while I handle this.”

Jean held the radio up to his mouth and glared at Eren as he spoke. “This is Kirschstein. We found the kid.” He snapped his fingers at Eren, pointing at the bed. 

Eren sighed and walked toward a pine bedroom set sitting on a raised dais, missing the hissed reply that came through the radio.   

He couldn’t believe he was stuck in this corporate wasteland for three months. Before two weeks ago, he’d never even stepped foot in an Ikea. And now here he was, crawling after some booger eating munchkin hiding under item number IZ456D in the children’s section.  

“Hey kid, I see you,” Eren said as he approached the bed.  As he got closer, he kneeled down, so that he could peek under the frame. “I’ll give you credit, you play a mean game of hide and seek, but your mom and dad are worried about you.”

A seven-year old boy with freckles and a red baseball cap gave Eren a toothy grin. “You’re it!” he giggled, grabbing onto the bottom of Eren’s jeans with his chubby fingers.

“I thought we were playing hide and seek,” Eren smiled, reaching down a hand to help the kid out from beneath the bed. 

“Hide and seek, hide and seek!” the little boy shouted and tried to run down the aisle before Eren grabbed the back of his shirt. 

“Hey, not so fast. Snack time with mom and dad first,” Eren said, trying to distract him from running away again.

It seemed to work, because the kid shot Eren another grin before grabbing onto his pants again. “Snack,” he agreed.

They made their way back to Jean, who was busy straightening his nametag and looking like a smarmy dick, reminding Eren exactly why he vowed to make his life a living hell.  When he saw Eren, he scowled. 

“If you steal my radio one more time, Jaeger, I’m going to shove it so far up your ass—”

Eren coughed, jerking his head down at the kid staring at Jean with big eyes.

“Assembly. Your assembly.” Jean finished lamely, shrugging his shoulders. “You need to bring him to Levi.”

“Why me?” Eren whined. “Isn’t this your jurisdiction? I’m supposed to be on inventory with Reiner in twenty.”

“Nope,” Jean smirked. “Erwin said he wanted you to handle it. So you know what to do for next time.”

“Next time?” Eren echoed. Just how often was he going to have to play babysitter?

“Better hurry up,” Jean said.  “Levi hates to be kept waiting.”

I was trying to avoid this post but now I’m gonna make it, cause I saw posts recently where people are trying to Redefine what it means to be PRO-BLACK and giving their own meanings to it to fit their Agenda. But A lot of you are lying to yourselves when you’re calling yourself Pro Black.

Someone asked why their Grandma told them they can’t be pro black if they dated/married a white man/outside their race. 

The Term Pro Black comes from the Teachings of Malcom X.  

The Term Pro-Black already had its own definition before people on Social Media started jumping on it. And started adding their own definitions to match what they wanted. 
Being Pro-Black means you put your race first in EVERYTHING. It’s not just “I love black skin!” “Natural hair yay! go girl!” “I’m love Black culture and support it” “I do my best to uplift the Black community”. You are not Pro Black Just because you love Black Culture. To be Pro-Black your sense of mind has to mentally be for everything Black FIRST and FOREMOST. And I’m going to get the biggest one out of the way first. Dating/Marriage. Yes.

Cause people have been changing the rules around to make it fit what they want. It’s definitely Okay to marry outside of your race, It’s absolutely Okay. There’s no problem at all with it. And there’s nothing wrong with Not being pro black. But being Pro Black , includes you continuing and building a strong Black Community, and Keeping the Black Family Strong, and required participation in that. and Dating/Marrying someone who is Black, and understanding the dire importance of Black Marriage and Keeping the Black families/communities going Strong. Being Pro Includes being Pro black women, pro black men, pro black dating. Black PRO-Creation.

Not being Pro Black doesn’t make you any Less Black. But you’re just not Pro Black if you Date/Marry out of your race, that’s just what it is.  

Was going to let that thought slide, but I just saw a post that said “It’s also okay when we build our communities to bring as many whites in as there are black because it’s fine as long as they know our struggle and understand and are taught that about their privileged and they see things as we do”, and I had to get on topic. Because it’s repetition that’s going to repeat history. Being “Pro-Black” is not about your Personal Feelings.  God some of you irritate me.

No. That’s not how Pro-Black works. Give the other races the CEO positions and employee positions equally while you’re at it too, cause some understand our struggle and taught that racism still exists and are “Woke”.

Again, you do not have to be Pro Black, but Pro black is Pro Black In Everything. Stop redefining it so it fits your agenda. It’s fine to marry outside your race, nothing wrong with it At All in Any way. But Being Pro Black is the Advancement of Blacks in All aspects, And doing your Part in those fields to keep a Black family going strong, and create Black Communities with those Families. That specific part of Creating Black communities is specific when it comes to dating/marriage. It’s just the rule of Being pro Black. You are not pro black, if you’re not planning on Making a Strong Black Family, and help build a Strong Black Community with that Family. That’s just what it is. You can be a normal Black person and support all the Black Movements, and understand there’s racism and fight for it, that’s great. But it’s something Specific to be Pro-Black, and Call yourself Pro-Black. Not in anyway putting down Interracial relationships, and if you’re a product of an interracial relationship that’s fine, does not make you any less Black. You can be Interracial yourself, and Be Pro Black. You can be Interracial yourself, and Be Pro Black. If you’re Interracial Black, you’re Black.  But without all the Fuzzy/Personal feelings that others include when they speak on this topic, you are not pro Black if you date someone who is not Black. That’s just one of the Main parts of Being Pro Black and Starting a Pro Black Families Communities. That’s a main goal of the Pro Black movement. The Black Families for the Black Communities. I’m a basketball player but I don’t dribble. Okay call it something else, but you are not Pro Black. 

Being Pro Black doesn’t Mean you’re Anti-white/Anti-other races. But it doesn’t mean you can do things that are not Pro-Black. It’s not a

“It’s not anti white, so let’s bring them into what we’re also doing!”

. 1 Part  of being Pro Black means you’re okay with whatever others do, as long as it’s not hurting your Black people. That’s the “Not being anti” part. But people took that to mean “I’m going to hire White people as much as Black people because I love the white man as much as the black man if the white man knows our struggle and understands racism!”. You can call yourself everything else, but do not call yourself Pro Black. If myself, a pro black man, tomorrow choses 

Dating outside your race doesn’t make you any Less Black. But you’re just not Pro Black if you Date/Marry out of your race, that’s just what it is.  Do not swoop in an add your own meanings to it. All that “If we love each other I lover her/I love him”, is fine, I support you 100%, and I have nothing against interracial relationships.  And dating outside your race doesn’t make you “New Black”. And you can be ALL For Blacks And support the Pro-Black movement very well. It still won’t make you Pro-Black if you’re taking actions that go against being Pro Black. You’re an activist/or activist at heart and that’s fine. But part of you being Pro Black is Choosing to be with a Black Woman/man because we need to create this Black Family and Support Black owned Businesses and keep our population strong.  Again, just because you love your Black Culture, appreciate it, appreciate the Natural hair, doesn’t mean you’re Pro-Black. You can just be a Normal Black-girl Black Boy and enjoy those things, but you don’t have to call yourself Pro-Black to do it. Call yourself something else, you do not have to be Pro-Black to do those things. You’re just not Pro Black. Pro Black is not being Anti everything else. But you’re not Pro Black. - Everybody on a normal human scale should believe racism is out there, Black people aren’t represented in good ways and they should be, there should be more black businesses things like that. It doesn’t make you Pro Black. Pro black is deeper than that and had its definition from the people who started that movement. You can kick the ball around, you’re playing soccer, and lying to yourself that you’re playing basketball, and this is how most people sound, “But why can’t I be a basketball Player :((”. Stop kicking the ball. Pro Black is Pro Black first everything. Building Strong Black Families for Black Communities is included. The same way people you’re mad white people out here chancing “Fuck-boy” around, is the same way people who actually know what “Pro-Black” means are mad that everybody is just putting it on their profile headline. You can call yourself Pro-Black, but if you’re you’re not creating a Black Family with a Black mother or Father for Black Communities yourself, you’re not Pro-Black.

AN: How do people come up with these amazing and unique requests? They are so great! Thank you so much to the anon that sent this, I really hope you like it! *The gif is not mine, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader (with a little bit of Wanda X Reader sprinkled in there as well)

Prompt: Pietro X ReI know you’re requests are closed but I had to do this before I forget. If it’s not too much, I’d would like to read a pietroXreader where the reader has the same power as him, but they’re are on opposites sides, and then they fall for each other and with that, the reader has o make the decision if she’s gonna keep on the bad side, or if she’s going to give up on everything to be with him. If it’s too much for you that’s okay! P.s.: I love your tumblr! Xoxoader

Warnings: Needles, experimentation, mentions of death (father is dead)

((A few things: FYI to the readers~ Just as background, I am making it so that the reader was experimented on as well))



Pietro Maximoff crossed his arms over his large chest and peered at his sister, Wanda Maximoff, with an bored expression. He watched the rest of the Avengers as they looked around the vacant factory, looking for any clues that they could.

“I am telling you, no one is here. It was a false lead.” Pietro sighed.

Iron Man’s suit opened up in the front, allowing for Tony Stark to walk out of it. Stark ran his fingers along the dusty factory table top. “The kid’s right, this place hasn’t been touched in years.”

You stood in the rafters high above the team, watching from afar with your head tilted to the side curiously. You had expect the Avengers to be less…well, for lack of a better word, normal.

“Now?” You heard one of the soldiers whisper through your earpiece.

“Not yet.” You answered. You still wanted to observe them a little more, and wait for the right opportunity.

You watched each Avenger closely, calculating how long it would take for you to get to each one.

The real issue was the one known as Pietro Maximoff, you couldn’t risk him stopping you. You were some sort of attempt at a recreation of him that HYRDA had made, but without Loki’s scepter, his powers were hard to make again. You had speed far above the norm, that was for sure, but you weren’t nearly as fast as Quicksilver. So, you relied heavily on your combat skills and not purely on your speed, you just hoped that would be enough.

You had to take him out first before you attacked the others.

“Now.” You hissed into the headset, and your team of HYRDA solider fell down from the ceiling and began to fight, taking the Avengers completely by surprise.

You quickly snuck around the back of the fighting where Pietro and his sister were. You would prefer to not have to fight both him and the Scarlet Witch, but you knew that you wouldn’t find a better opportunity.

You charged foreword and slammed into the large back of Quicksilver, knocking him to the ground. As fast as you could, you grabbed his arm and spun him to the side then released, which sent him flying toward the nearest wall.

You had to get rid of him fast, or else the entire plan could fall apart.

“Brother!” You heard his twin shout, and you made the critical mistake of looking over your shoulder in her direction.

Because you let your guard down for even a second, Pietro was able to slam into you, his head plowing into your stomach and his arms wrapped firmly around your waist.

Quicker than you could ever run, Pietro sprinted to the closest wall and pinned you to it. 

“Who they hell are you?” He snarled, flashing his teeth threateningly.

“None of your damned business!” You hissed back. 

Wanda jogged up behind her brother and narrowed her eyes. “You are with HYRDA, yes? How is it that you have the same powers as my brother?”

You just spit at her feet, not answering.

“Fine, then.” She said, her eyes shifting into a dark, blood red and her fingertips producing a red, swirling energy. “I guess I will just have to look myself.”

Pietro sent a quick glance over to his twin while he held you in place, and for a moment you thought you could see some pity in his eyes for you. The last thing you wanted was this man’s pity.

Wanda brushed her crimson fingers along the sweat-covered skin on your forehead, and suddenly you were no longer in the factory.


You were strapped to a metal table, unable to move as men with all sorts of needles and knifes came over to you. You saw one take your arm in his large hand, steadying it.

You felt sick to your stomach as another man came over to you with a large injection in his hand, some sort of dark liquid in it. You regretted volunteering for these expiriments, the only thing you wanted now was to get out of there.

“N-no!” You shouted as you squirmed under the scientist’s hands. “Don’t, please!”

“It will be over soon, this is the beginning of something good, Y/N.” The man said as he aligned the tip of the needle with the vein in your arm. “You are doing humanity a great service. Your father would be proud.”

My father…you thought. Your father had been a part of HYRDA long before you were born, and you were very close with him and the organization as you got older. But, when the Avengers killed him in a raid on a HYRDA base, you volunteered to be experimented on so that you could eventually get back at them.

You felt them ease the needle under your skin, and when the injected the serum, all you felt was pain. You felt the liquid run through your body and penetrate every cell, you felt the change immediately.

Screaming, you thrashed on the table. The scientists backed up and observed you with unreadable expressions.

As the hours of pain and shouting continued, you heard one say, “It isn’t going to work, we might as well pull the plug on her. She’s going to die at this rate.”

They unbuckled your legs and arms, and you bolted up right. You wanted to run as far away as you could away from those horrid people.

You bolted for the door, only to find it locked, then ran over to the corner of the room, breathing heavily. You were able to run faster than you ever had before.

They watched you in amazement, and you looked up at them with hard eyes, hissing, “I will live!”


You snapped your eyes open, you were shaking with all the fear and the pain that the memory brought to the surface.

“Stop!” You shouted, when you felt her still poking around in your mind. You didn’t want any more memories. You felt another one coming on, god no.

Please.” You pleaded quietly, your voice cracking. Tears streamed down your face as you looked at her hopelessly.

Pietro looked at his twin with a hard expression. “Wanda, that is enough.”

She severed the link with your mind and stumbled back a few steps. She looked up at you with lighter eyes, her expression suddenly shifting from hostile to something kinder.

“Y/N…” She murmured your name as she recalled your name from the vision. “So much pain…”

You shook your head furiously from side to side, “I don’t want your sympathy, or your pity! I don’t want anything from you!”

You managed to wiggle one arm free from Pietro’s grip and slapped him across the face. It wasn’t even hard enough to make him bleed, you lacked the emotion needed behind it to really hurt him. You weren’t sure why.

Pietro winced at his stinging face, but didn’t budge.

You looked around you and saw the rest of the Avengers coming towards you, your team was completely wiped out. You should have known that you stood no chance against them.

“Why are you holding on to her?” Tony said, coming straight up to Pietro. “I can finish her off if you want.”

Pietro’s eyes flashed at him and he pressed his body against you, shielding you from Stark. “No, she isn’t like the others.”

You looked at Pietro carefully, you had never had anyone protect you, at least not without orders. A strange, new emotion stirred in you, something very warm and inviting.

Still, you reminded yourself that it was this very team that killed your father, and you would rather die fighting to avenge him than live giving up.

“I don’t need your protection.” You snarled, and surprisingly Pietro let you push against his chest angrily. He looked at you like a small child, and if you didn’t know any better he looked as if he was allowing you to take your anger out on him. “I don’t want it.”

“Let go of me.” You meant to say with a stern tone, but it came out much to soft to be intimidating. Pietro obliged, releasing you from his cage.

You stumbled away from him, only to find yourself surrounded by the Avengers. There was no way that you were ever going to get out of there.

We can not get a hold of any other soldiers, what is going on out there?” You heard your HYRDA officer’s fuzzy voice through the earpiece. You ripped it off and threw it to the ground, grinding it under the heel of your shoe.

This was no longer a HYRDA mission, it was much more personal.

You zoomed over to a small gap between Thor and the Black Widow, but of course Pietro caught your arm far before you could get out of the circle.

“Dragul Meu, we won’t hurt you unless you give us a reason to.” He whispered, his accent thick with pain in seeing you this way. “So, please, don’t give us a reason to.”

You ripped your arm out of his hand and turned back at him with hostile eyes. “I wanted to kill you, and I will try again. Isn’t that reason enough?”

“Why are you so keen on getting blood on your hands?” A man known as Hawkeye said, coming up to stand next to Wanda.

“You people think that you are so pure and innocent, right?” You snapped, gesturing to the lot of them surrounding you. “For some reason, people worship the ground that you walk on. No one ever thinks about the people you have killed, or the families that you have ruined!”

“We killed her father on a raid a while back.” Wanda explained, recalling it from the memory she saw. “It was the only family she had, that is why she volunteered for the experiments.”

Pietro Maximoff took your wrist and pulled you towards him. “Listen, I know what that is like. Wanda and I were in the same position you were in a while back, but we realized that we had made some wrong choices, which is why we joined the Avengers. They are not bad people, you have to believe me.”

Pietro looked at you with those icy blue eyes, and for a moment you felt yourself give into him. His thumb ran circles over the back of your hand soothingly.


A large boom came from the other side of the room, a huge hole was blasted through the side of the factory and HYRDA soldiers poured in.

“Fight with us.” Pietro said, averting your eyes from the invasion. “Fight with us and let us show you that we are not the bad guys that you think we are.”

You looked up at him, then looked back at the HYRDA men coming at you with guns and their weapons. Are those the people you wanted to be with your entire life? You knew that to them you were just another weapon, another pawn in their game with SHIELD.

You looked over at Pietro and nodded, entwining your fingers in his.

First impressions mean jack shit in anime

Starting Black Butler

Oh cool this looks like a 19th century British bureaucracy anime, how refreshing! …

  …Nevermind, the hot butler’s a fucking demon

Starting Tokyo Ghoul…

Aww this innocent black haired boy is so adorable on his first date with his dream girl. Looks like a cute shoujo to enjoy ^_^

Oh wow, okay. Did NOT see that one coming

Starting Hunter x Hunter…

Shit this happy little guy is cute! He’s probably gonna have this awesome adventure and-…JESUS fUCKIN G CHRIST!

Starting Free!..

FINALLY something NORMAL. Just give me swimming and nakama, okay guys? Nothing else. No weird shit. No ecchi, death or magic powers. Just. Swimming. Please!

0_0….This is fine. This is good. Now just touch each other. Thank you


“I guess, I just don’t know how to be…” You put your finger to your lips and quickly struck a mock sexy pose like a magazine cover. You dropped your hands and gestured to yourself awkwardly.

Dean sighed arrogantly, and fixed his collar. “Well, then I’m your guy.” 

Your eyes widened in excitement. Who better than Dean to teach you how the sexy stuff that attracted guys.

“Yes! That’s genius! Dean, please, please, teach me everything you know!” You begged, clasping your hands together dramatically. He waved you down, putting his judge face on.

“Give me your best sexy look.” You nodded, turning away and looking back to him with your best sexy face, albeit a little self consciously.

Dean frowned, shaking his head and dropping it into his hands. “Yeah, we’re gonna need some work.”


Upside To The Downside

Pairing: Vernon x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Request: Hi ^^ Can I request a Vernon scenario where he takes his little sister to go trick and treats and they arrive at your house (his crush) and he gets very shy? Thx ♡


Tonight was Halloween. You and your family decorated the entire house in decorations, inside and out. You are dressed as a police woman, and you’re forced to do candy duty. You already know that tonight is gonna be a drag; opening and closing the door repeatedly, having to smile at children, and giving away candy you could be eating doesn’t really sound like a good time. But, it was your fault you got grounded right before a holiday. 

Your doorbell rings for millionth time and you struggle to get up from your couch, not wanting to see any more people. Your short heels click against the tiles as you walk towards the front door. Taking a deep inhale and forcing a smile upon your face, you turn the handle and pull the heavy oak door towards yourself. 

“Trick or treat!” a little girl smiles up at you. You smile back at her, completely oblivious to a silent boy next to you. You turn your head in the direction of your home and grab a handful of candy, slowly slipping it in the little girl’s bag. Your eyes catch the person’s next to her, and your smile slowly forms. 

“Oh hey Vernon!” you start. His eyes widen at the sound of his name coming from your mouth.

“Vampire? Nice.” You compliment his choice of costume. You would be lying if you said he didn’t look good.  

“H-hey ______! Uh, thank you! You look really nice too! What’s up?” he says extremely quickly with a nervous expression. You blush before letting out a long sigh and rolling your eyes.

“Tonight’s been so boring. I’m kind of grounded and I’m allowed to go anywhere, so I’ve been stuck here alone while everyone’s out having fun.” 

Vernon gives you an apologetic smile. 

“I’m sorry to hear that. But yeah, I’ve been forced to take this little one trick or treating tonight, so I guess we’re both on the same page.” He laughs while patting his little sisters head, making you smile.

“I think it’s adorable you’re taking her out. You’re such a good big brother.” You say, causing Vernon to blush madly. 

“Hey, I don’t want to take up your guys’ night anymore, but thank you for talking with me Vernon, it was nice seeing you, and it was nice to see you too!” You motion towards the little girl. 

“You didn’t at all. I really liked talking to you and I wished I could talk more, but I have to get her home.” He says sadly, but you perk up with an idea. 

“Come here.” you motion with your hand for him to come closer to you. He blushes once more as he slowly begins to inch closer to you. You place your lips close to his ear before whispering, 

“Why don’t you come back after you drop your sister off? I have badly acted horror movies and popcorn. It’ll be fun.” 

Vernon giggles a little at your suggestion and pulls away from you with a smile. He only gives a silent nod, so his little sister is still oblivious. 

“What are you guys talking about?” She asks, causing you and Vernon to turn to each other and blush.

“Nothing! But uh, we gotta go now. It’s getting late.” He places his hands on her shoulders before turning to you and mouthing, ‘I’ll be right back’

You begin to close your door before you hear his sister in the distance, 

“Isn’t that the girl you really like?” 

Your smile doesn’t go away as you shake your head and close the door completely, leaving it unlocked.

Being grounded didn’t turn out to be so bad.



anonymous asked:

prompt: unexpectedly pregnant claire (it's not a very ideal time)

IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK 98 YEARS ANd i tried to give them a more realistic reaction, because come on if you find out that you’re pregnant with the child of your boyfriend of seven months you’re gonna be a little bit panicky  not to mention the amount of post-traumatic stress these two have

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