McCree brings Reader flowers

Imagine McCree bringing you flowers that got all crushed up in his pocket, but he still proudly presents them to you. When he sees just how bad they got he feels bad, but you just smile and tell him they still look beautiful. In truth you believe it’s the thought that counts. He scoffs and says “Not as much as you, darlin’.”

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I'm in the same boat as that other person that wanted a Harry blog rec. I was a larrie, but in the last year ish or so I've just completely stopped believing it. That and since the boys went solo it's so clear to tell that most larries are only there to support Louis. 🙄. Which I don't get why because to me it's obvious that Harry is the better option. Haha but whatever. Is there any blogs that you would recommend besides that list? If not that's okay. x

Okay, I’m gonna give you some blogs I love very much that support and love Harry ❤️️

@actorharrystyles @leesh @harrysadwank @wavesthatcalm @thighstattoo @hadaharry @candydrippin @harryingrey @2toasts @habibharry @stylespastel @harrysbeauty @harryfckingstyles @savage-styles @hi-mr-styles @hughaz @nickster128 @angelharrie

and I know I’m forgetting someone else amazing and I’m sorry but I’m shit at this lol 

Never Give Up On You

@feelmyroarrrr requested this when I asked for Song Aesthetic Ideas: Omg! Dean x Donna, never gonna give you up by rick Ashley or (I would walk) 500 miles by the proclaimers and as nsfw as you like!!

When Dean and Donna met, none of them thought they would ever find love. None of the thought they would find someone to share the rest of their lives with. Not for the same reasons though.

Donna had been married before. She had been married to a man that took pleasure in her tears and the way she would fade away a little with every comment he made about her weight or appearance. Doug knew nothing better than putting Donna down, because her discomfort made him feel better about himself. When he left her, he had screwed with her mind so badly she never thought she would find love again. She saw herself as fat and ugly and unloveable.  

Dean never wanted to bring someone into his life, but he also never thought he would find a woman that would understand. Someone that could accept him for who he was, flaws and all, and not want to walk out on him. Dean Winchester didn’t think he deserved to be loved anymore than Donna did.

When Dean and Donna met everything started to change. They saw each other for who they themselves had forgotten they were. Donna saw the selfless, caring and strong man, Dean was behind all his walls. Dean showed Donna how beautiful she truly was and he convinced her anyone that had ever told her otherwise was a dick.

Dean made Donna feel safe and love. Donna was Dean’s anchor and his light and smile on even the darkest days.

When Dean put the ring on her finger, he promised her he would always be there for her and he would never stop reminding her how breathtakingly beautiful and smart he found her to be. When Donna put the ring on Dean’s finger, she promised him she would always see him for who she knew him to be. She would always call him on his crap, when he got scared she’d get hurt and she promised him she would never leave him.

They promised each other that from this day on, they were in this together and they would never give up on each other, no matter what the world decided to throw at them.     

I also don’t have a Deonna tag list so I took a wild guess - sorry if you didn’t wanna be tagged.. Maybe I should make one cause I adore this ship and would like to write them some more. Feedback is cool.

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