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Friendship headcannons with Monster Kid, Flowey (regular or Floweypot), Muffet, Grillby, Gaster… basically any of the non-regular/"main" monsters of the "Big 4", Asgore and Toriel. I'm just wondering! Bonus: if the friend was sick, how would they react? (optional)

Monster-Kid Friendship Headcanons:

- Yo, you need help with something? Well, they’re the monster for the job! It doesn’t matter that they don’t have hands, just put the box or whatever on top of their head! No, they won’t trip–maybe.

- They have a lot of role models, & try their best to emulate the aspects of every one of them. Once they decide to add you into the mix, you might catch them copying the poses you make, or the things you tend to say. It’s adorable.

- If they ever find out that you’re sick, they’ll sick by your side the whole time. Of course, they’re gonna make some jokes about how icky your germs are, but they know that they’re too tough to catch a little cold themself, so you can just sit back & let them help you out!

Flowey/pot Friendship Headcanons:

- He’s actually always got good advice for any problems you have, but it’s gonna take some reading inbetween the lines to actually get anything decent out of the malicious comments & suggestions he piles over it.

- The quickest way to calm him down is by petting his petals. It reminds him of when his parents & Chara would pet his ears back when he was Asriel, so it’s a comfort he tends to take with a grain of salt.

- When he first figures out you’re sick, he makes fun of you. God, you humans are so weak! But after seeing you try to push yourself to keep working through it, he takes it upon himself to keep you constrained to your place of rest, remarking that he’s not gonna let you do something as idiotic as letting the sickness get worse through your own pig-headed stupidity.

Muffet Friendship Headcanons:

- She’s always complimenting you in some way, even if her compliments sound more like someone pointing out things they like about a meal more than someone being nice to their friend. At least now you know that you smell pretty delicious.

- Her cupcake monster pet adores you. It’s pretty much like an oversized dog, give or take a couplea’ sets of legs & eyes. Whenever she invites you to come see it, it’s immediate reaction is to try & jump on your lap to give you big spidercake-monster kisses. You end up covered head to toe in drool & silk by the end of it.

- If she found out you were sick, she’d insist you stick close by so that she can keep an eye on your health. & by this I mean she’s going to keep you wrapped up in a snuggly little cocoon somewhere while she makes you soup & tea. She also has her spider friends come play with you to keep you company, but the sensation of tons of tiny legs crawling across your bound limbs is, uh…not the best.

Grillby Friendship Headcanons:

- Free meals all the time. Or cheaper ones, at least. How do you think Sans has gotten by without paying his tab for so long? You end up racking up a tab of your own, but you actually pay it off, which may or may not make Grillby appreciate your seat at his counter a little bit more. Just don’t tell Sans.

- He mixes in your favorite things with whatever you order. You like fried onions on your burger? You got fried onions. You like curly fries more than normal fries? You got curly fries. Of course, the only thing you still can’t order is water.

- Finding out that you were sick made him worried. He’s a quiet, reserved individual, but that doesn’t mean he frets over you any less. It’s kind of funny, because even though you’re not there to see it yourself, everyone else can see that he’s worried sick behind the counter. He insists you stay home for a few days, & has Sans deliver you a custom-cooked meal every day until you’re back on your feet.

W.D. Gaster Friendship Headcanons:

- He’ll compliment you in the form of observations. They don’t really come off as something sincere, but he means it with every molecule of his body. It’s just how he tends to speak, & after knowing him for a while, you pick up on this habit, & start to jokingly reflect it right back at him. It gets him flustered every time.

- Whatever plans he has linking to his research, he’ll come to talk with you about. Even if you have no idea what he’s talking about, he’ll just sit beside you & ramble on, because he knows you’re listening. & even if you don’t get it, it still feels good that he trusts you that much, to talk about something so private.

- His immediate reaction to your sickness is to run tests. At first you can’t believe he’s going to do research on you when you’re in such a vulnerable state, but then you figure out that he’s trying to locate all your symptoms so that he can make plans to combat them. Finally you have to just talk him down & explain that all you need is some soup & sleep. It suffices to calm his nerves for the time being, & he complies with all your requests.