A list of some of my favorite blogs to interact with

Now this is just a short list and I won’t have everyone here. This also isn’t an actual Follow Forever and contains blogs I’ve interacted on my sideblogs alongside this one.

fellbloodtactician, yxung-monarch, ahrihime, pinkhairedgardie, cynthiaandsamus, ladybuvelle, thewujubladesman, exiled-noxian, ofexaltedblood, just-an-annie, pigtailsimpossible, mezasepkmnmaster, universal-x-chaos, tacticaltometwins, pokemonhealer. kyogretamer, shining-layered-force, ekkusumoi, heartsasstrongassteel, askmakotonanaya, dualfools00, dollhouseofmuses, ahealingpolka