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So I cruised over to Tignes, a 10 hour drive through the night from Mayrhofen, quite the mission but we shared the drive so it wasn’t too bad! Road trip with some of the British guys.

My family was out to X games so it was great to have them all out for the support, my Mum came in too to look after Lara so it was fun to have that little bit of home with me during the week.

During X games I filmed some for NOS a TV station back home in Holland.

You can check that out here…


Finals went down on Friday, the weather was epic, literally blue bird all week, doesn’t get much better!

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I was happy to land a run, I had little training due to my previous injuries, bruised heel from the World champs and I finished up in the 8th spot in a pretty heavy field.

Right now I am back in Mayrhofen after flying home for 2 days, the Wangle Tangle is going on this week and I am out here with Vans team mate Charlotte Van Gils, should be a fun week in the park with the Vans crew, check back!

I’ve converted my little cousins into snowboard fans. We spent all of dinner going through all my favorite boarder’s Instagrams and then when we got to their house we watched a ton of videos.

Audrey (who is 9) is now in love with Ståle apearently. Also she has a heart attack every time someone does a trick, so basically every second. Addison (who is 10) just thinks the whole thing is cool and just likes watching it.

They were going to come over and watch the Tignes X Games with me over spring break but they’ll be out of town. I guess I’ll have to find an event I know I can watch online and babysit them so we can fangirl together.