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Imagine being the child of Victor Creed and sharing his mutation. One day you meet your uncle.

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The door to the cabin slammed open and Victor Creed entered, shaking off snow from his shoulders. The youth sitting on the ground by a wood stove glanced up from the book in their hands, but made no move to greet him. Victor walked up to the younger of the small shelter and knelt down to eye level.

“C’mon y/n. We’re leaving town.” Y/n looked up from one of the few books they owned that they were reading. It seemed that every few weeks or so they were moving. Just last week they had arrived in their new home in the Canadian woods outside a small town.

“What? But dad, we only just got here!” They usually spent longer in their temporary homes. And this town had an actual library. Victor sighed, stood up and grabbed y/n’s coat from the hook near the door.

“Y/n. Now.” With much grumbling, y/n put on a coat, packed their belongings in a backpack, and soon the two were leaving the cabin behind. Victor hoped that they left soon enough.

That hope was shattered when a gunshot rang out and a bullet entered y/n’s shoulder. The teenager let out a scream and Victor pulled the two of them behind a cluster of trees.


Victor swore loudly as bullets splintered the tree next to him. He had thought that they had left soon enough that the soldiers would find nothing left in the cabin, but somehow he and y/n were caught outside.

A small whine caught his attention, and Victor crouched next to the injured teen. The wound wouldn’t kill the kid but it would need attention, but now wasn’t the time for it and y/n couldn’t heal nearly as fast as he could yet. Blood loss would take hold faster than healing would. Victor propped y/n up against the tree and began talking.

“Hey y/n, look at me. I need to leave you here. I’m going to draw them away. You need to run as fast as you can in the other direction. I’ll find you, I promise. Understand?” And when y/n gave a nod, Victor ran out towards the gunmen, claws out and howling like a beast. Y/n waited a few moments and at a fast stumbling run, escaped in the opposite direction of their father.

They weren’t running for long when their legs finally gave out from beneath them. Y/n rolled into a small ditch. The last thing they heard was the sound of boots walking towards their direction.


Logan wasn’t expecting to go out tonight. However, it had been a long day and he felt he damn well deserved a drink.

He certainly wasn’t expecting to find some kid bleeding out near his cabin when he came back. At first he thought it was an animal, but the scent (so oddly familiar) and a closer look proved otherwise.

If he was anyone else he would have either left the kid or called an ambulance. Instead, Logan picked up the kid and carried them towards the cabin.

Goddammit, Summer’s save-everyone attitude was rubbing off on him.


When y/n woke up, they were laying on a couch with their shoulder bandaged. This wasn’t where I fell asleep.

“Who are you kid?” Y/n’s head snapped up to focus on a man with dark hair sitting in a chair across the short space.

“Who are you?” The man took a drink of the bottle he was holding (alcohol, something cheap, something dad would say is disgusting but still drink) and shook his head.

“I asked you first. I found you bleeding in my yard. You were shot. So either I call some cops to drag you off for a conversation or you can answer my question.” A moment of silence, then;

“I’m y/n.”

“Alright y/n, I’m Logan. Now what the hell are you doing in the woods at night?”


“In winter, in Canada, while bleeding? Yeah, try again.”

Y/n huffed and tried to stand. Their legs buckled and they would have hit the ground had Logan not caught them.

“Slow down kid. You were shot, in case you didn’t notice. Your probably going to need a doctor.” The youth let out a small chuckle and tried to push him away.

“Yeah, I don’t need a doctor, never have needed one. Usually my dad takes care of things like that if I need them.” Seeing the confusion on Logan’s face, y/n started removing the bandage from their shoulder. Logan began protesting until he saw the wound.

It was partially healed, fresh pick scar tissue having formed.

“You’re a mutant?” Y/n nodded and held out their hands. In moments the nails became claws, sharp and animalistic. Logan just let out a sigh. Just his luck, he goes on a vacation and finds a mutant that was probably being hunted down by the MRD or worse. Rubbing his eyes, Logan began the speech he swore he gave everytime he left the mansion.

“Listen kid, I’m not going to hurt you, or turn you in or anything. There’s a school for kids like you and-“

“No.” Logan glanced up. The teen was glaring at him with such familiar eyes (where had he seen them?)

“I’m not going to some school where I have to sit at a desk all day to learn how to be normal like everyone else. It’s bullshit. And how the hell would you make me go it’s not like-“ y/n fell silent at the sight of three (holy shit was that metal?!?!) long claws coming out of the man’s knuckles.

“It’s not like I’m a mutant? Kid I’ve been alive probably longer than your dad and his dad. Probably most of your ancestors. I’m not going to force you,” Logan put his claws away and continued “but it might be safer for you. You can leave in the morning or come to the school. Your choice.”

Logan was going to keep talking when the door went flying into the hall. Coming in from the doorway was none other than Victor Creed.

Logan stood up, claws out and ready to fight.


Victor was pissed.

Not only had the men ruined his coat, the snow was making it difficult to find y/n’s scent. How hard could it be? They were bleeding all over the place!

And what if something got them? What if they couldn’t get away?

Victor ran faster. He knew the general direction that y/n went in, but otherwise he was searching blind-

There! The scent went down into a ditch and not too far in the distance, a cabin. But there was something else, another scent that was familiar, almost like-


Well, well. His kid was with his brother. This was going to be interesting-but no. He needed to get himself and y/n away from this town as fast as possible. Logan would have to wait another day.

Marching up to the door, Victor debated knocking before simply breaking the door down.

It was a form of knocking, right?


“Y/n, over here now.” Although calm, Victor was tense, prepared for a fight. But his sudden appearance didn’t surprise Logan. What did was that y/n stood and moved behind Victor, steady if not just a little wobbly.

“I see you met your uncle.” Y/n’s eyes widened. This was their uncle Jimmy? Victor had mentioned James Howlett, but never that he was a mutant or still alive! Logan looked equally stunned.

“You had a kid? Who the hell in their right mind would have a kid with you?”

“Very funny Jimmy. We’re leaving now. Nice catching up, hope it doesn’t happen again soon.” With that, Victor grabbed y/n’s good arm and walked out the door. Y/n gave one last look at Logan before the two left, disappearing into the Canadian wilderness.

Logan really needed a drink now. And he needed to make a call to the mansion.

Why couldn’t he ever have a nice normal vacation?


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Do you guys think I should do a sequel? I kinda like it where it is but I could write a part two.

  • Peter: Im...grounded?
  • Tony: *folds arms* Yes, you're grounded!
  • Steve: You disobeyed an order.
  • Thor: *holds up a shovel* And now we're gonna bury you until you've learned your lesson!
  • Tony: Thor, that's not how grounding works.

Newest Addition To The Family

Summary: Emmett has a talk with Seth about his little imprinting act.

Pariring: Imprint! Seth x Imprint! Reader / Mother! Rosalie x daughter! Reader / father! Emmett x daughter! Reader / strangers! Pack x baby! Reader / family! Cullens x baby! Reader

Chapter 8


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Rosalie glare seemed to get worst with every given moment, Carlisle had moved the shape shifting pack to another side of the room so that nothing would happen to their young member.

(Y/n) who was still being held in her father’s, Emmetts arms was wiggling around trying to catch a peak at the shapeshifters.

Paul was glaring at Seth, Why? Because it felt like Jacob and Renessmee all over again.

“We always have to pay for someone’s mistakes.” mumbled Leah.

“Someone’s mistakes!” shouted Rosalie, “If I didn’t know any better, I would say it’s you mutts who have a problem when it comes to imprinting.

Emmett sighed, ‘Another fights going to break out soon.’ he thought.

(Y/n) red orbs stared up into her father’s flawless face before she looked around the room a but, her eyes landed on Seth and she started blabbing and waving her hands wildly to get his attention.

Seth eyes contacted with her’s and he gave her a small smile, praying Roslie didn’t see him do that. He hadn’t meant to start a problem between them all or cause all this tension in the room but it wasn’t entirely his fault either.

Sighing to himself, Seth moved away from his friends and opened up the door to the balcony to stand out there for a while. 

'Hopefully me being out of the room, will make the tension between everyone leave.’ he thought. 

Emmett walked past his family and Sam’s pack, heading towards the blacony door, opening it with one hand and holding (y/n) in his others he stepped out into the balconies deck.

"Hey kid-” Seth head looked towards Emmetts direction and he couldn’t help but smile a but, neither could Emmett. Though he would never admit out loud but he had a soft spot for Seth.

“Wanna meet your mate?” Emmett asked.

“Imprint.” Seth corrected, “But yes, I’ll love to meet her.”

Emmett stepped closer to the young shapeshifter and handed (y/n) over to Seth’s awaiting arms, “Now be careful with her, and don’t drop her.” Emmett playfully warned.

Seth chuckled and sat down on the chair that stood on the balconies deck a few meters away.(Y/n) leaned closer into Seth’s warmth, her head leaned back into his chest and she hummed in delight.

“Seems she's taken a liking towards you already kid.” chuckled Emmett, “Yeah I guess she did." 

Seth wore a sidewards smile on his face and he just enjoyed the moment. "You better not break her heart.”

Seth looked up at Emmett and said “Huh?" 

"I said you better not break her heart, when she’s older of course.” Emmett replied. 

“You know imprints don’t always have to date, we can be bestfriends, I could be like a brother to her or she can tell me to stay away. It’s her choice really.” said Seth.

But for some reason thinking about those other choices caused a pain to erupted in Seth’s heart.

“Trust me kid, I know that look-” Emmett chuckled. “You two will date, and if you break her heart.”

Emmett paused before picking up a break crushing it in his hands, “I’ll break your face, alright kid?”

“Alright.” Seth gave a nervous laugh in return.

  • me when i first heard about tom holland being the new spiderman: wait...what? that smol child? spiderman? nah too precious
  • me when i saw tom holland/peter parker in civil war: holy SHIT ALKJHFAJKGH
  • me when i saw the new spiderman homecoming trailer: thATS IT IM FUVCKING DONE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO FVK U TOM HOLLAND FOR MAKIN ME LUV U EVEN MORE

I’m not trying to say anything, but you all see what I see

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How about a hc/scenario about young!Bakugou (maybe around like 4-7 ish?) having a puppy crush on a young!Reader and the little cute things that he does to make the reader acknowledge him? Maybe add an additional hc/wordings about the aftermath a few years later till their highschool years. I'm in need in some fluffy shit sorry 💕💕 Thanks!

Cute request! I changed it just a bit so that the young!Reader moved away and they meet up again in highschool, hope you enjoy :) 

“Wow, Katsuki, you’re amazing!” 

You grinned ear-to-ear, hobbling forward on your little legs to get a closer look. The young blonde in front of you was sparking off small, contained explosions in the palm of his hands—the first signs of his Quirk manifesting.

“It’s cool, right?” he gushed, unable to contain his own smile. “I just got it a few days ago, and everyone says it’s awesome!” 

You nodded hurriedly. “Yep! It is awesome! You’re the best, Katsuki!” 

The boy was used to receiving compliments from those around him; rather, it was someone that he’d come to expect. But for some reason, whenever you were the one who got excited on his behalf, it made his chest feel hot and his cheeks would flush a bright red. Your smile was just the prettiest thing he’d ever seen, that much he was sure of.

“The teachers said that I’d be able to become an amazing hero with a Quirk like this,” he huffed, placing his hands on his hips matter-of-factly. “I’ll be even cooler than All Might one day, too!” 

Your smile never faltered, because you honestly believed his words to be true. Katsuki was still grinning cheekily, but he faltered for a moment, blushing deeper. 

“Ah, but…I’ll be the Number One hero, okay? And then you—“ he pointed towards you with a shaky finger “—You’ll be the Number Two hero. Almost as cool as me, but not exactly the same. That’s still good though, right?” 

Your puffy little cheeks flushed, blown away by what he’d just told you. Katsuki almost never acknowledged others, and the fact that he thought you could be anywhere near as strong as him was an amazing feeling. 

“Wow,” you mumbled breathlessly. “You really think I could be that good, Katsuki?” 

“O-of course you can!” he puffed out, unable to hide his fluster. “You just gotta try your best!” 

“…Oh. I’ll do my best, then!” 

Caught up in your excitement, you flung your tiny frame over Katsuki’s own. He stiffened as your arms wrapped around him and pulled him into a hug, and you heard the little stammers of embarrassment he let out. He was definitely having a hard time processing your affection, but eventually his small arms fell loosely around your back as well.

“We’ll be the best heroes,” he mumbled against your neck. “The two of us. Together.” 

You pulled away only to grin back at him. “Okay!” 

“Hey, follow me for a bit,” Katsuki prodded, latching his hand across your wrist. “I know a place near the forest that has a lot of flowers.” His eyes flickered timidly across your frame. “You like…flowers, right?” 

“Yup! I love them!” 

He smiled. “Okay, cool. Follow me, then!” 

Katsuki continued to lead you forward through the brush of the forest. At some point, he’d let go of your wrist and timidly intertwined his fingers with your own. You didn’t miss the heavy blush that lined his cheeks once he did so; it even went all the way up to the tips of his ears. You chatted along happily and without much of a care, stopping only at Katsuki’s signal. 

“Look,” he gestured, grinning back at you. “Lots of flowers here. You like ‘em?” 

You nodded boisterously. “I do! They’re all so pretty!” 

Without warning, you let go of his hand to jump into the bed of vibrantly-colored flora. It was a sort of clearing in the middle of the forest, and there were all sorts of different flowers growing in erratic patches. Katsuki crouched down beside you and smirked.

“I told ya,” he bragged. “Told ya I knew where I could find a ton of ‘em.” 

He seemed to be getting giddy of the notion of your approval, or attention. It wasn’t really something he needed to work for though, since you already thought the world of him. 

“I know,” you hummed. “I believed you, Katsuki. You’re always showing me cool things, and that’s why you’re my best friend in the entire world!” You outstretched your arms for dramatic effect, and the blonde only flushed at the gesture. 

“…Cool,” he mumbled, picking up a flower and running its petals through his fingers. “Yeah, cool. You’re also…my best friend, too.” 

You snuggled up closer to him, pressing your shoulders up against one another while you happily admired the bed of flowers. Katsuki mumbled something to himself, eventually plucking a different flower and removing most of the stem—he then leaned in to tuck the flower behind your ear. 

“That’s for you,” Katsuki blushed. “It looks pretty. And…you’re also pretty. So I thought it made sense to give it to you.” 

You were so happy that you almost didn’t have the words. Katsuki’s bright, crimson eyes were gazing back at you, so full of gentleness and adoration; that which he would almost never show to others. Your fingers absentmindedly passed by the flower tucked behind your ear, and you smiled again.

“You really think I’m pretty?” 

He stiffened. “D-duh. I wouldn’t say it unless I meant it, right?” 

“That’s true,” you mumbled, timidly curling your fingers into your lap. “Thank you, Katsuki. And I think you’re very pretty, too. Oh, wait—you’re very handsome. That’s what you say to boys that look good, right?” 

“Y-yeah. Thanks…” 

He looked a bit too flustered for words, and the two of you sat there for a while in silence. It wasn’t unpleasant, or anything. As long as you were with Katsuki, you were happy even just to sit by his side. 

Humming to yourself, you leaned forward to pluck another flower, but Katsuki’s little arms had already wrapped around your frame.

“U-umm…(Name),” he croaked, gazing timidly into your eyes. “I want to tell you something, okay? So just listen up, alright?” 

“Huh? Okay. I’m listening, Katsuki.” 

He inhaled sharply, as if preparing himself for some sort of endeavor. His puffy cheeks were stained with blotchy hues of bright crimson as he stared back at you.

“I want you to be my girlfriend!!” 

You blinked slowly, a bit confused at first, but a wide grin was soon to spread across your lips.

“Okay! I’d love to be your girlfriend, Katsuki!” 

“E-eh? Seriously…??” 

Katsuki’s arms fell off your frame so that he could press a hand up against his burning cheeks. Still, you could see how a shaky smile was steadily forming on his own lips; to the point that he could scarcely contain his excitement. 

“B-but not now!” he added hurriedly. “It has to be when we’re older—my mom says those are when the “serious” relationships happen, and I want ours to be…um, y’know…” 



You grinned happily. “That sounds good. We’ll be girlfriend and boyfriend when we’re older then, okay? And we’ll be together for a long time?” 

“You’re going to be my only girlfriend,” Katsuki declared. “And then we’re gonna get married.” 

“Wow! That sounds amazing!” 

You let out a squeal of joy and pulled him into another hug; this time, Katsuki readily squeezed you back. He inhaled sharply again and quickly pecked you on the cheek, blushing redder than ever before. 

“It’s a promise,” Katsuki mumbled. “I kissed you, so it’s a promise. So you’re not allowed to be anyone else’s girlfriend, okay?” 

You felt the warmth lingering from where his lips had connected with your cheek. You smiled.

“Okay, Katsuki.” 

That had been nearly 11 years ago. 11 whole years, and Katsuki still remembered it as clear as day. He felt like a moron for ever even thinking back to the time he’d spent with you; you’d moved away not long after, so it was pretty clear that he would never see you again. Besides, he’d just gotten into U.A—hell, it was supposed to be his very first day at the school of his dreams, and here he was, having some stupid nostalgia. Seriously, what a load of shit. 

Katsuki moved through the halls, both hands shoved into his pockets as he sought out his homeroom class. The damn place was huge, but just as well; this was where he’d leave his mark and make his way to the very top. 

His hand gripped the edge of the sliding door, and he’d managed to get it half-open before—

“Ah! Katsuki??” 

Katsuki froze. Even if it had changed, he still recognized that cheerful voice; that bubbly, careless tone. It was a stupid thing to say, and he already cursed himself for even assuming, but at the very least, he could check…right? 

To say that his eyes widened when they fell on your frame would have been an understatement. Surely, your appearance had changed, but just like with your voice, there was that familiarity there that called to him. As his eyes skimmed your frame, he recognized your (h/c) locks, and those gleaming, (e/c) orbs. And then…that smile. The same smile that always made his chest burn. The very same smile that was making him fuzzy right here and now. 

You’d been pretty as a kid, that much he could remember. But now, he could honestly say that you were fucking beautiful. No matter how cute you may have been before, Katsuki could never have prepared himself for the way you would grow up. 

He felt so stupid. So, so stupid. Because here he was, seeing you again for the first time in 11 years, and he realized he was just as in infatuated with you as he had been back then.

“Can’t believe we’re seeing each other again after all these years,” you smiled. “Kind of feels like a dream, right?” 

Katsuki honestly didn’t know what to say. He was worried that with the way he was, the second he would open his mouth you would be immediately turned off by his brash manner of speaking and never look in his direction ever again. He couldn’t even form any words to begin with.

Luckily, you spoke before he could spiral even further.

“I have to say,” you giggled, “You sure grew up to be way more attractive than I ever thought you were. Now I’m seriously considering taking you up on that offer. Do you remember what we promised back then?” You smiled again, and Katsuki honestly just wanted to melt on the spot. “C’mon, you know the one—about the two of us becoming girlfriend and boyfriend. You didn’t forget, did you?” 

Katsuki was still stunned, but he knew that he couldn’t keep up this silence for long.

God, say something, for fuck’s sake. She’s gonna think you’re mute, or an even bigger asshole than you actually are. Say something, fuck.” 

Even with all the self-confidence he’d accrued through the years, nothing could have prepared him for a meeting like this. Still, there was one thing he would never do, and that was to cower in front of a challenge. He just hoped that his flushed cheeks weren’t anywhere near as bad as they felt. 

“Yeah, I remember,” he finally managed. “So…are we gonna give that a shot?” 

A Death of A Sister

Summary: Mary tells the boys a secret that she had kept hidden for years.


Mary knew she couldn’t continue keeping secrets from the boys, she’s already hurt them enough by not telling them she was working with the British.

It was best she just spilled it all, even if it hurt them in the process.

Mary had drove one of the many cars the British hunters had at their hide out, the window was open and a box sat by her side in the passengers seat.

Inside that box was something she and her late husband John had kept locked away for a long time, maybe the boys would see that she’s trying her best if she came clean.

Without John by herself to keep her from breaking down Mary knew this would be tough. She kept this hidden for so long and now she was finally going to come clean.

Arriving at the bunker hadn’t taken long, her and some of her British hunting friends had been in Kansas for a hunt, apparently they had gotten word of Angel killing innocents so they came to take care of it before any of the other hunters could.

Taking a deep breath Mary collected the box into her hands and exited from the car, heading to the front door of the bunker Mary knocked on it a few times before taking a step back waiting.

It wasn’t long before the door flew open and two guns were pointed at her face, “Mom?” Sam says before he places his gun down, Dean just stares before he places his gun down and walks off.

Mary sighs, she knew getting Dean to listen would be the hardest. She had put him through so much pain but not only her, John had as well. “Can I come in?” Mary askes giving her youngest son a weak smile, Sam takes a few seconds to think it over before nodding returning the weak smile.

”Sure.” Sam says. As Sam let’s his mom inside of the bunker he began a walking towards the library where he knows Dean is at nursing a beer along with Cas who’s probably still doing research about the salt and burn case.

“Why are you here?” Dean questions. His eyes are hard and it makes Mary wince just from knowing it’s aimed towards her, Sam sits down and jabs Dean on his side, “Be nice.” Sam whispers to dean but dean wasn’t having any of that.

“No Sammy, I’m not gonna be nice.” Dean stands up from his seat, “Why are you here? Come to ruin our lives more? Or come to spread your lies? Ask us to take you back and that your sorry!” Dean roars out in anger.

Mary finds herself flinching at tone of voice and she could feel tears coming to her eyes, “Dean lay off her.” Sam says also now standing up in case dean did something, Mary shakes her head before sniffing back up her tears, “No, no Sammy it’s alright. Dean’s right, he has every reason to raise his voice and he angry with me.” Mary says.

”No he doesn’t.” Sam says, “Just cause you’ve done things wrong doesn’t mean he can disrespect you, your our mom.” Sam says.

Mary gives Sam a soft smile feeling a tear ecaspe her eyes, “No it’s fine.” Mary says looking at Sam before she spares a glance in Dean’s direction who’s still standing. Placing the box down on the table Mary began opening it up and taking out files and pictures.

“I know I’ve lied and hurt you Dean, not only just you Dean but Sam to; and I know you won’t be able to forgive me but I didn’t wanna hurt you. Neither of you, I was just scared. I was scared just like I am now.” Mary says.

Taking a deep breath Mary begins to speak once more, “Before you two were born I had another child with John. It was a baby girl, she had your father dark locks of hair and it was so curly when she was born, clung to her head like the way you cling to Dean, Sam.” Mary says.

”A few years after she was born me and John were trying again.” Mary could feel the tears coming on, “Me and John left her downstairs to play with her toys for a few minutes, we didn’t think nothing would happen but we were wrong.” Mary felt a tear slip down her cheek and she didn’t even bother to wipe it.

“She has some how gotten out of the house and ran outside to play, we made sure she didn’t go outside. We just wanted to protect her from the dangers of the world, that’s when we heard the crash.” Mary says.

“Me and John heard the screeching tires coming from a car and we rushed to see what had happened. The front door was open and she was missing, we rushed outside in panic and there she was. Our beautiful baby girl was in the middle of the floor bleeding out, she didn’t cry out in pain cause when we reached her she was already dead.” Mary allowed herself to full on cry now.

As the three men listened Dean and Sam felt tears swelling up in their eyes, was Mary really telling them this, and after all these years?

“We never found out who did it, but I know who did it. I know because the a few nights after you were born Sam he came and told me it was him before he killed me.” Mary whispers out.

The boys knew what she meant now, it was the demon who their father John had been so keen on killing for most of their childhoods.

Mary doesn’t say anything else just sobs before she rushes out of the bunker and makes a quick exit to her car and drives off.

Dean can’t take the news he quickly leave the room and head to his room, Sam stares off into space in shock before he quickly follows suit and makes way to his room to take everything in.

Now with only Castiel in the room he stands up from his spot at the table and takes slow steps over to the box that Mary had left.

Picking up on of the files the front was written in marker, ‘(Y/n) Winchester’. Deciding to do some research of his own Castiel flys away to heaven, he decided he would search for this (y/n) in heaven, or at least see if he could find her there.

It had been a few hours since Castiel had gone Dean had finally left his room and was busy reading the files that his mother had left, pictures of his older sister in her early childhood sat in some of the files, it showed pictures of when she was born and her playing with toys, she looked so happy, his parents looked so happy.

Dean was so deep in reading about his sister he hadn’t noticed Sam enter the room and sit across from him, “Did you know she would be in her 50s by now?” Dean askes, Sam gives his other brother a weak smile that seemed forced, “Yeah, I know. I read the files of her birthday.” Sam awkwardly says.

”Do you think mom told us this to hurt us even more?” Dean askes.

”No. Dean I don’t.” Sam says; “I think she’s trying to prove herself to us, by telling us this. It hurt her to bring it up that much I can tell, but I do think she’s trying to prove herself to us.” Sam says.

Dean gives a bigger chuckled; “A bit to late for that.” Dean mutters.

A flapping sound is heard a few ways from the two brothers and Sam and Dean looks up only to see Castiel standing hand and hand with a young child. She had dark (h/c) locks of hair and (e/c) eyes. Even though she didn’t look anything like them Dean knew she was his sister simply from the shape of her nose and lips, she had John’s nose and Mary lips.

“Cas?” Sam says in confusion, “Who’s this?” Sam askes.

Dean stands up in his seat and continues to stare into the (e/c) eyes of his sisters that staring back at him with a look of curiosity in them.

”I believe this is (Y/n) Winchester. Yours and Dean’s older sister.”

Being Negan's daughter and dating Carl would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Wooo Carl :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Carl not knowing who your father is at first until he gets to the Sanctuary and sees you there, only for your dad to explain who you are, but nonetheless he gets over it soon as he just loves you

-You usually sneaking out to go meet up with Carl to go on dates and even Alexandria as you feel more comfortable with him around

-Carl always kissing you deeply whenever you have to leave and get back to your home just to show you that he worries over

-Your dad asking you about as to where you have been, making you get quiet and just trying to avoid him, only for him to feel like he knows the answer

-You and Carl always smiling at each other whenever you would lock eyes, only for your dad to finally catch on and making a big joke about how you are into future serial killers and how cute you both kinda are

-Negan telling Rick all about it and all the times he caught you for sure and just getting in his face about being in-laws from now on, making you both embarrassed

-Your dad just finding that you both look super badass together and having you both do impressive work together that he knows you can all handle

-You knowing how to comfort Carl after your dad had picked on him over his eye, making him feel better about it and just holding onto you as you hug him

-Your dad having interrupted the both of you on accident and on purpose as well with a terrible joke whenever you were both about to get it on, making you sneak out to go to Carl’s house instead

-Carl growing more and more confident with you and not caring anymore if anyone sees you both walking hand in hand or kissing

Face the Music

Prompt: If your requests are open, could you write a oneshot were batsis,who’s between Tim and Damian’s age or is Damian’s twin sister, is constantly ignored, like they don’t mean to but she’s just kind of invisible to/overshadowed by the batfam, so she decides on staying with the superfam over summer to help at the Kent Farm (Of course Alfred knows but he doesn’t tell) and the batfam doesn’t notice till like a month in that batsis isn’t at Wayne Manor and they’re trying to find her and such.


Being the granddaughter of the Demon Head isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Being Damian’s twin sister is even worse.


“Not now, Y/N”

Your father keeps his back turned and continues to talk to Damian. “Dad, I just …”

“I said not now!”

Damian’s lip curls slightly when he glances at you, “Leave now, Y/N. Father and I are discussing the Mission, which you are not a part of”

You flinch, and quickly leave the cave. “Alfred?”

“In the study, Miss Y/N. Were you able to talk to your father?”

“No, he was busy with Dami, he didn’t have time to talk to me”

Alfred sighs quietly, “You cannot allow the men of this house to ignore you, Miss Y/N”

“I try Alfred! I try to get their attention! But I’m just not good enough! I’m not part of the Mission so I don’t warrant any attention!”

Gentle hands draw you into a brief hug, “You do not need your fathers permission, this time. I will allow you to go to the Kent farm for the summer. Who will be there?”

“Kon, Clark, and Clarks mom, Martha. I’m gonna be helping out around the farm”

“Very well. As long as you promise to write to me at least once a week.”

That forces a chuckle out of you, “This isn’t the old times, Alfie. I can just call you”

“Perhaps I enjoy receiving letters, Miss Y/N”

“Alright, alright, I’ll do both. You’ll keep me updated on the boys?”

“Of course. Now” Alfred gently nudges you toward the door, “It is time for you to pack. I received a call from Mister Kent, he will be here in three hours to pick you up”

“Thanks, Alfred!”

You and Clark land in front of the Kent farm, Kon landing behind you. “Why is this bag so heavy?!”

Rolling your eyes you turn and take the duffel bag from your friend, “Stop whining! You have super strength, and the bag isn’t that heavy! It just has cloths in it!”

“Clark? Is that you?”

“Yeah, Ma! I brought Conner and Y/N with me!”

Martha Kent quickly steps out to the front porch, “Well don’t just stand there come give your mother a hug!” Clark smiles, quickly giving Martha a hug, Kon is next, and the, surprisingly, Marth wraps her arms around you. For a split second, you panic, not having receive a hug from anyone but Alfred in a long time.  “It’s so nice to meet you, Y/N! I hope you enjoy staying with us. Come on now, I’ve made pie”

Clank stands beside Conner, “They ignore her you know, the Bats. She didn’t even tell them she was leaving. The poor kids touch-starved and she doesn’t even realize it”

Conner nods, “I know, but Grandma will fix that. The two of us will just have to make sure that she has the best summer possible”

“Yeah, we will”

“Pennyworth, who were you talking to?”

“No one, Master Damian, just a family member of mine”

Damian’s eyes narrow but decides to let the subject go, “Father would like to know if you have seen Y/N. Todd asked where she was, and Father has not seen her”

“I can’t say that I have, Master Damian. I have not seen her in quite a while”

Damian hums, “Very well, I will tell father and Todd”

Almost an hour later Jason comes up from the Cave. “Alfred, Damian says that you haven’t seen Y/N? How long has it been?”

“Quite a while, Master Jason. Come to think of it, I cannot quite remember the last time I saw Miss Y/N”

“Damn, well I’m gonna try her phone again. If you see her, will you let her know I need to talk to her?”

“Of course”

“Thanks, Alfie”

Once Jason leaves, Alfred picks up the phone and calls Y/N. After a month and a half the rest of her family has finally notice that she wasn’t in the Manor.

“I don’t know, Kon. I’ve never ridden a horse before, what if I fall off?”

Conner chuckles, gently picking you up and putting you on the back of the horse, “If you fall, I’ll catch you. You don’t have to worry about falling, Blueberry’s really smooth”

“Alright, as long as you stay with me”

A gentle hand steadies you in the saddle, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you”

Once the two of you get going, and you learn how to balance on the horse, the ride is surprisingly easy. The two of you make a loop around the farm, just taking in the open land. By the time you get back to the farm house the sun is starting to disappear behind the horizon.

“It’s so peaceful here, I wish I didn’t have to leave”

“You can come back whenever you want, you know. Grandma already said that you’re welcome whenever.”

Before you can respond, Clark steps into the barn. “Alfred called while you were on your ride. He said your father has finally noticed that you aren’t in the Manor. Jason actually noticed you missing first.”

“I’m not missing, I tried to tell Dad where I was going, but he was too busy to listen”

“Well, you might want to call him and tell him you’re fine, because he just sent out an emergency alert to all members of the Justice League.”


Clark runs a nervous hand through his hair, “Batman called a meeting, all of the original members of the Justice League are gonna be there. I think you should call him, let him know that you’re safe, and tell him to call off the search”

You’re shaking, everything seems like it’s too much as this point, “He can’t be bothered with me when I’m at the Manor. Clark I’ve been gone for a month and a half, almost two months at this point, and they are just now noticing that I’m gone. I’m so done right now. I’m not calling him, I’m not calling any of them. You can tell my father where I am when you have your meeting, but he won’t be hearing anything from me”

“You know that I have to tell him, right?”

“You really don’t, Kal” Conner throws an arm around your shoulders, drawing you close, “She’s right, they didn’t even notice that she was gone. Y/N can just live here, with me and Grandma, somewhere she’ll have people who care about her”

“Kon, you know that’s not the right thing to do …”

“IT’S NOT RIGHT HOW THEY TREAT HER!!” Conner visibly pulls back, reigning in his anger, “It’s not right how they ignore her, it’s practically child neglect.”

“I know, but now she can come here. Now she has us to look after her. She’s always welcome in either of our apartments.”

“Thank you guys. You – you don’t know how much this means to me. But, Clark’s right, he has to tell my father that I’m safe. You should probably head to your meeting now, I’m gonna enjoy the rest of today with Conner”

Clark nods, pulling you into a tight hug before he flies away.

“What if we run away together. We can find some remote island, I can fly back and forth to the main land for supplies. It could just be the two of us, and anyone else we decided to tell”

You and Conner are laying on the roof of the barn, watching the stars. You never knew how many of them there are, the Gotham smog tends to block out all starlight.

“An island, huh? I don’t really think I’d want to live on an island, too many sharks in the ocean. How about we live in the mountains.”

“That could work!”

“I’m kidding! I can’t just run away forever. Dad wouldn’t stop looking for me, and then he’d pull out the kryptonite just to he could beat the crap out of you!”

Connor pauses mid-laugh, “Clark’s on his way back. Bruce will be here in the morning, he had to take care of something in Gotham tonight”

“Of course he did. The Mission is more important than anything” Clark lands quietly beside you, still wearing the Superman suit, “So, how did your meeting go?”

“Bruce was angry. Apparently, Alfred refused to tell him anything, and at first so did I. Eventually I told him that you were somewhere safe. He managed to deduce that you were here. He said that he’ll …”

“Be here tomorrow morning, yeah, I know.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N”

“It’s not your fault, Clark. Like I said before, nothing comes before the Mission, not even his own children”

“Come down to the house, Ma made apple pie”

“Alright, it’s probably the last time I’ll ever have it. Dad will probably lock me in the Manor and then forget about me”

“We won’t let that happen, I promise”

“What are you gonna do, Conner? Break into Batman’s house, and kidnap me?”

Conner’s eyes briefly flash red, “If I have to, that’s exactly what I’ll do”

The next morning comes too soon. You know that your father is going to be angry, that he’s probably going to lock you in the Manor, and that your twin is going to be pissed that he had to look for you.

“I could hide you in the barn, you know.”

You roll your eyes, “I’m not hiding in a barn from my own father, I just wish that I could stay out here. It’s so … quiet compared to Gotham. There’s no villains, no vigilantes, no galas, nothing like that. Everything just seems simpler out here”

“I know what you mean. It’s nice to have a sanctuary. Clark has his Fortress of Solitude, and I mean I could go there too, but I like it better here.”

“I understand. Did Clark say what time Dad would be here?”

“No” Connor takes a huge bite of her cereal, pointing the now empty spoon at you, “He hasn’t tried to call you?”

“He can’t, remember, my phone slid off the roof, I haven’t exactly had time to get another one!”

“Oh yeah” He pauses, tilting his head toward the door. “Clark said that your dad is about 50 miles away, so he should be here in the next half hour”

“Yeah, I assumed he would be here early”

“There’s still enough time, we can make a break for it …”

You just roll your eyes, going into the kitchen to help Mrs. Kent clean up from breakfast. Exactly twenty-two minutes later Connor comes to get you. The jet is less than a mile away, and Clark said that it would be best if you were already waiting on the porch. The jet comes into view a minute later. Taking a deep breath, you square your shoulders an raise your chin, it’s finally time to face the music.

Jason is actually the first one out of the jet. He sprints up the porch steps and wraps you tightly in his arms.

“Don’t you ever do something like that again, you hear me?” He’s trembling, fine tremors wrack his whole body, “I thought something had happened to you. I’m gone for 3 months and you go missing, no one’s heard from you, no leads, nothing, you just aren’t there anymore”

Jason was the only one in your family, other than Alfred, who didn’t ignore you. He was constantly stealing you away from the Manor just to spend time with you, but sometimes he would go on missions that lasted between three to six months. Half the time he wouldn’t be able to contact you at all, and your father refused to tell you anything.

“I left a note for you …”

“Yeah, and all it said was that you were leaving for a while. That doesn’t help me, short stack! You scared the shit out of me!”

“Sorry, Jay. I kinda expected to be back before you came home”

“I asked B to wait in the jet until I talked to you. He’s pissed, Y/N. He flipped his shit when he realized you’d left. How long have you been gone, kid? Obviously, a while, you’re a hell of a lot tanner than when I last saw you”

“I’ve been here for almost two months as this point.”

Jason’s eyes widen, one hand running through his hair, “Two months … You’ve been gone for two goddamn months, and your own father didn’t fucking notice?!?!?”

“Um, yeah” You scratch the back of your head nervously, “I left with Conner and Clark on June 16th, and its August 3rd now”

“I’m gonna kill him”

“Don’t do that! You promised me no more killing unless absolutely necessary!”

“This is necessary!”

Mrs. Kent opens the front door, still drying her hands on a dish towel, “What’s all this ruckus out here? Clark! Where are your manors? Invite these nice people in for some snacks”

“Ma, I don’t …”

“Clark Kent, I know I raised you with manors”

“Yes, ma’am. Y/N, I’ll get Bruce and Damian from the Jet, why don’t you, Jason, and Conner head inside”

“Thanks, Clark”

Being stared down by your father and twin brother is extremely awkward, especially when they aren’t saying anything. It isn’t until after the snacks are cleared away, and everyone has once again moved out to the porch that they say something.

“Are you going to return to Gotham with us, sister? Or are you going to continue to run away and waste our time?”

“I didn’t run away, Damian!”

“tt” Damian rolls his eyes, mouth set in an almost permanent sneer, “You do not tell anyone where you are going, refuse to answer your phone, refuse to come home of your own violation … need I go on?”

“I tried to tell you and father! You two were too busy to listen to me! I told Alfred where I was going, and if anything happened I was living in the same house as two Super’s!”

Your father finally steps forward, getting in between you and your twin, “What you did was irresponsible and selfish, Y/N. What if the city needed me while I was out searching for you? People could have died because of your actions. Do you know what it’s like to have to worry about someone who …?”

Tears sting your eyes, “Go ahead! What were you going to say? Someone who can’t defend themselves? Someone who’s a disappointment? Someone who will never be the daughter you wanted? Someone who refuses to be ignored any longer?!” You take a deep shuddering breath, finally meeting your father’s eyes, “Then why did you come? Why did you come if I’m so terrible to have around?”

Bruce reaches out, tries to touch your shoulder, but you quickly evade, “Y/N …”

“No, you listen. I’ve been gone for two months! Two whole months, and you weren’t even the one to notice that I was gone! Jason noticed before you did, dad!” More tears slid down your cheeks, “Do you know what it’s like to be ignored like this? To be so easily forgotten? Dad, do you know why I was allowed to live?” Bruce shakes his head, “I was meant to die shortly after Damian and I moved in with you. Mother had orchestrated my death, it was meant to bring you closer to her, out of shared parental grief. I’m not sure why I didn’t die, but sometimes … sometimes I wish I did!!”

“Kid …”

It’s like all the fight’s drained out of you, and now you’re just tired, “It’s okay, Jason. I won’t argue anymore, I’ll go back to the Manor. I won’t leave anytime soon, it’ll be just like before”

“Y/N, don’t …”

You turn, facing Conner, “Thank you, for everything this summer. It was really nice to spend time with you, and I really hope that we can stay friends”

Conner envelopes you in a huge hug, squeezing you tightly to his chest, “Of course we can, we’ll be friends forever now.”


“I’m coming father, I won’t keep you from Gotham any longer, just let me grab my bag”

“Sister …”

“Don’t start your shit, Damian. Being your twin sister has been hell, and right now I can’t take any of your insults”

Damian looks taken aback by your hostility, “I only wanted to say that I am sorry for how I treated you in the past, and I hope you know that … I will protect you if Mother ever tries to hurt you”

You let out an exhausted sigh, “Yeah, you’ll protect me, if you even notice me. I’ll be back in a minute, I need to pack”

Once Y/N is gone Jason, Conner, and Clark turn to face Bruce and Damian.

“You see what you’ve done now, Bruce? You see what I’ve been trying to tell you for years? Do you even know that girl? She’s been with you for six years now, she’s your daughter, and you don’t even know what her favorite color is!”

Bruce straightens, “I understand that I haven’t been very present in her life …”

“I’m gonna stop you there, Mr. Wayne. I understand that you’re Batman, that you protect Gotham from the bad guys, but did you ever think of how much damage you have done to that girl upstairs. Y/N is … she’s amazing, probably one of the most kind hearted and forgiving girls that I have ever met, and you’ve hurt her. You have made her feel worthless, like she doesn’t deserve attention, and I’ve been working for two months now to fix that.” Conner straightens his shoulders, “I’ll be visiting her a lot, just to make sure that you don’t undo what I’ve accomplished. You have a really special girl, Mr. Wayne, I’d hate to see you lose her forever.” Then the teenager turns and walks into the house.

“He’s right, Bruce”

“I know he’s right, Clark! I know I’ve messed up! I don’t need everyone here to tell me that”

Clark opens his mouth, but Jason beats him to it, “Then what are you going to do about it!? You can bitch that you know how terrible of a father you are, but what are you going to do to fix it? Because don’t think for once second that I won’t take her away from you. Conner and I won’t let you neglect her anymore. What you’ve been doing is considered child neglect, you’re just lucky that she’s old enough to take care of herself or she might be dead by now from your carelessness.”

“I’ll change, Jason, Clark. I’ll change for her, I’ll pay more attention, I’ll listen to her, I’ll go to counseling with her, I’ll go to parent classes if I have to! I didn’t realize …” Bruce breaks off when his voice cracks, his hands tremble, “I’ll be a good father, I promise”

Damian places one hand on his father’s shoulder, “I believe that we both have made mistakes, Father, and that we both have quite a long way to go until we gain Y/N’s trust back”

“We’ll do everything in our power to make this up to her. I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten” Everyone outside can hear Y/N and Conner coming down the stairs, “We have a long way to go to make it up to her, to prove that we care for her.” Bruce squares his shoulders, “We have to own up to what we’ve done, it’s time to face the music.”


Exclusive Deleted Draco Malfoy Scenes 

(note: this is from a large collection of “A Very Potter Musical” not the actual movie)

“If you want to know what a man’s like,take a good look at how he treats his inferiors,not his equals”.

– Sirius Orion Black (Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire )

The Worst of Times

Peter Parker x Reader and Tony Stark x God Daughter!Reader

Summary- Tony’s goddaughter is the sole survivor of a horrible car wreck right before Christmas. Tony finds a way to wake her up from a coma. Tony takes custody of her and she moves into the tower. The team tries to lift her spirits but it doesn’t really work…..until she meets a certain friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

Message- Low key based on If I Stay. Sorry if it sucks!!!! Should I write a part two??? Maybe were Peter and the Reader start to date?? Maybe they go to Prom

Warnings- Family dies. Bad car accident. Reader in mourning

Y/M/N= Your mom’s name Y/D/N= Your dad’s name Y/B/N=Your brother’s name

Word Count- 1415

“Tony!” Pepper says as she runs into the conference room.

“Can this wait Pepper? We’re in the middle of a debrief.” Steve asks.

“I-I’m sorry, it’s an emergency!” Pepper says as she hands a tablet to Tony. As he looks at it he stands up.

“I have to go!” Tony murmurs as he dashes out of the room. “Call Rhodey!”

“There’s a helicopter on the roof waiting for you!” Pepper calls after him.

“What was that about?” Natasha asks.

“There’s been an accident.” Pepper says before leaving.

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Being Daryl's daughter and dating Carl would include :

(Wooo more prompts! Awwww Carl :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-You and Carl at first trying your best to keep the relationship a secret for fear of your dads disapproving or something

-You and Carl sneaking out in the woods together to spend some time alone, only for one day your dad and his to catch you kissing each other

-Since, all of the adults in the group just playfully tease your relationship by mentioning the fact that you both sneak out to make out

-You and Carl both being strong with different weapons and having each other’s back while on runs or outside the walls

-The others always smiling to see you wearing your father’s jacket and Carl wearing the sheriff’s hat as you both go out together

-Your dad seeing you both walking hand in hand and making a comment about how it seems like a romance novel or movie each time to make you both get shy

-Carl sneaking into your room to spend the night there and sometimes just staying up all night playing games and eating snacks

-Your father playfully threatening Carl that if he doesn’t cherish you properly, he’ll end up taking you away from him

-Rick and Daryl being happy at the thought of how the family is coming together because of you two

-You and Carl trying to sneak out to spend some time alone, only for your father to yell at you both to come back right away and you both running away even further

It's Goin' Down

Originally posted by pegginglucas

Summary: Peter Pans daughter goes to The Isle of the Lost and meets Harry Hook

A/N: I kinda combined Descendants and OUaT (thought I haven’t watched the last 2 seasons so…) 

“All it takes is one swing and I’ll humiliate him

Matter of fact, make one wrong move and I’ll debilitate him

And if he even starts to slip, I’ll eliminate him

All it takes is one long look and I’ll-“

“Oh my God, we get it chill.” You stood behind Mal leaning against the railing a bored look on your face as you rolled your eyes looking at your nails. Everyone stopped and looked at you, the VKs and Lonnie smirking while Umas crew looked at you in disbelieve, they couldn’t believe you had interrupted the boy with the fake hook. You looked up at him, challenging him to say something.

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#12 - Your Child Calls Him Daddy


You watch happily from beside Ashton as your six year old rockets through the playground, a large grin on his face. It was the first sunny day out of a week of rain and you were all for letting him blow off some energy by running around for a little while. He’d been going stir crazy cooped up inside and it seemed as though he was taking your last nerve with him. Really, the sunshine had been a blessing. It was also the first day off that Ashton had where he wasn’t busy worrying about songs, music or the band all together and you were thankful for the time you got with him.

You’d been hesitant before starting your relationship with him, worried about Jason getting far too attached to a man that wasn’t going to be sticking around long; but what you hadn’t counted on though was how attached to Ashton you got. Now it was three years later and you knew that you loved him and that he loved both you and Jason. The two of them got along like peas in a pod and you knew you had nothing to worry about.

You smile as you notice Jason at the top of the slide, waving enthusiastically back at both you and Ash just before he slides down. You watch him for another minute or so until you feel Ashton’s arm wrap around your waist, guiding you back until you’re pressed against his chest. You chuckle as his lips press gently to the side of your neck, his nose brushing along the bottom of your ear. You swat him away, playfully shaking your head.
“There’s children everywhere Irwin.”
“There won’t be later on,” He murmurs against your skin.
“Are you forgetting about the six year old that will come home with us and needs to be fed, bathed and put to bed?”
You feel him smile. “No, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some alone -”

The rest of his sentence is cut off by a loud cry, both of you breaking apart to see Jason running back towards you, his cheeks already flushed and covered in tears.
“Aw baby,” You coo, reaching out for him as he gets to the blanket you’re sitting on. “What happened?”
“F - fell over,” He sobs, holding out his hand so you can see the grazed flesh.
“Want Mummy to kiss it all better?”
He shakes his head and you are more than a little surprised when he reaches out for Ashton instead.  
“Want Daddy to.”

You bite your lip as you wonder how Ashton is going to respond to that; neither of you had ever discussed whether or not he’d be okay with Jason calling him Daddy. It made sense to you that he might someday as Ash was the only male figure Jace had in his life but that didn’t mean that he was ready for that kind of responsibility.

Your heart feels like it might come busting through your chest as Ash picks the little boy up, pouting at him sadly as he holds his injured hand. You smile though as Ashton kisses Jason’s palm, pulling him into a tight hug.
“I got you buddy,” He says softly. “Daddy will make it feel all better.”


By the time you step into the house after work you are both exhausted and irritable, annoyed over the fact that you had to stay two hours overtime to finish up something that could have been left for tomorrow. It’s now way after dinner time and you can’t help but feel a little guilty that you’d left your boyfriend with your three year old daughter for a lot longer than you’d intended to. You’d only been seeing each other around twelve months and even though you knew Luke loved Bailey you still didn’t want to leave him with responsibilities that weren’t his.

Leaving your shoes, jacket and handbag by the front door you pad into the living room, smiling softly as you see tangled paused on the tv screen, your daughter’s current favourite disney movie. She’d already made you and Luke watch it five times this week but neither of you could ever say no when she suggested it.
“Luke?” You call out, wondering where the pair of them had got too.

You don’t have to wait long to find out because seconds later the sound of little feet running down the hallway catches your attention, Bailey heading straight towards you. You catch her before she can barrel into your legs, swinging her up onto your hip so you can press a kiss to her rosy cheeks.
“Mummy!” She squeals happily, wrapping her arms around your neck. “Daddy and I had so much fun, we watched movies and then he helped wash my hair and then he braided it so I could have curly hair for tomorrow and then he was reading me a story when you got home!”
“That sounds so great baby,” You reply tightly, trying not to show the shock of her calling Luke Daddy on your face.

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