That Bedroom Though...

Okay, let’s be real here. I’m sure it’s been said already, but I wanna say it as well. There was no real reason, in this episode, for that bedroom to be shown. She didn’t have to admire that bedroom and then shower and then lay on the bed before not-Baylin broke in. We could have had Clarke’s scene cut directly in the bathroom and have her hear the clanging when she exited the shower.

The fact that they showed the bedroom–and more importantly, built the set of the bedroom–means that something’s gonna happen in that room.

And, like, I don’t wanna get too high up in the clouds or anything, but the fact that we saw Clarke in that bedroom and no one else….

I mean, I’m not saying Bellarke’s gonna bang in that fancy ass bed, but the possibility is certainly there.

(And, even if they don’t, we can write copious amounts of fanfiction where they do.)