Because everybody made it and I find it interesting, this is me =D !!

A bright smile for you all, thank you for everything ! 

If one day you see someone who looks like Snoop Dog with glasses, well it’s me x) !  

You can call me Snoopigeon :’D

 (this isn’t my final form, I’m a pigeon ball but just took my human appearance to take this photo !!) 


Remington (my OC)

anonymous asked:

Will you draw yourself how you look like when you're drawing? = 3 =

Why yes, good sir, of course. Here’s me literally all day in all my glory (note the greasy hair and my multiple chins, those really complete the image):

…yep. That’s me almost every day. Ask my boyfriend (poor pal) :) Also, 30-40% of the time I sit instead of lying (how extreme! lmao), although still in my bed so the picture isn’t any different. Gotta produce HP content for my followers! No time to eat and socialize!

Anyway. You asked for it yourself, don’t blame me for your burnt eyes! After all, what matters is the INSIDE, screw that double chin… right?.. :)

Starter for joshnekuislife

It was one of those days… A new world waited to be explored by Zexion and he would have to note every little detail. Landscape, inhabitants, enemies, heartless, possible dangers… Whether this task was a pleasant job or entirely hideous, always depended on the world and this one seemed to be a rather pleasant one. Thankfully. The weather was a bit cloudy, but the moderate breeze that stroked through the few patches of grass on the dunes wasn’t too cold. He took his boots off to feel the sand beneath his feet.

“As far as I can judge… this day won’t be a bad day”, he thought and strolled to the beach. If you are on the coast, you have to see the ocean. Who knew what treasures had stranded there. Collecting treasures was just as an important duty as exploring. And maybe he would find some interesting never seen before wildlife or heartless… That was always the best about finding new worlds. Seeing all the new things.

The beach was vast, probably because of the ebb tide. Perfect! Now he just had to find something interesting! He walked over the warm sand, which soon became more and more wet and cold. Seashells, crabs, seaweed… a dead fish and a seagull trying to eat it… Zexion sighed. This seemed to be a very normal beach, but he wouldn’t give up yet.

After a while he saw some wooden planks. They were soaked with water, nearly black and burst. He looked up to the cloudy sky. Had there been a storm or would there be one…? As he found more flotsam and more destroyed planks he was sure, that the weather of this world could be very unpleasant.

The beach made a curve around some high cliffs and after he had passed the curve, he saw even more devastation. Amid dozens of broken wooden barrels, planks and nets, an entire ship with ripped sails had stranded here. It seemed desolated… Now… this was inviting!

Just as he thought about entering the abandoned ship, he saw something move… Something like a giant fish flapped under some nets and splintered wood. “Huh?” He stood still. If it was a shark, that could be dangerous… maybe it was something worse… it had survived this violent storm after all! … He waited a little. The thing stopped moving from while to while and lay most of the time silent. It was probably hurt… but could still be dangerous! … Of course he would check what it was anyway… just very cautious… Slowly he sneaked closer…