Spoilers from Carina's chat
  • We’ll see them try to bring Jeremy back next week. Elena is obviously going to fight for him. But remember, there are consequences to that ring.
  • I think losing Jeremy will take such a toll on Elena that ALL of her relationships will be effected.
  • I don’t think we’ll get Ripper Elena. I think we’ll get depressed, dark Elena
  • I don’t think there’s another death coming
  • Klaus is trying to take Damon’s advice. He’s not very good at not being bad
  • The sire bond will only be broken if Damon or Elena takes the cure.
  • Tyler’s not just leaving for a few episodes this time. Trevino’s moved back to LA. :( Sad times.Negotiations haven’t started for next season, but I’m hearing if he did return it’d be as a guest star.
  • The spinoff has been in the works since the beginning of this season
  • “I think after 4x20 Joseph will finish out the season with TVD, but I’m not 100% sure.
  • Nina is going to DESTROY us next week.
  • Kat wears a wig on the show as Bonnie. You’ve never seen her real hair this season.
  • I think TVD is gearing up for a bit of a revamp next year as they go to college
  • I don’t know when they’re doing prom. They haven’t shot it yet. I’ll ask.
  • I’d assume we’ll get a little more time with Katherine, but she’s avoiding Klaus hardcore

I have returned in all my sadness!!! sorry if some of it is hard to read, asdfghjkl, I’m so so so so so so so so so sorry, I’m really trying to happy here, but its not working!!! help meeeeeeee!!!!!!!! ;^;
Again this story belongs to my-friend-the-frog
Its her AU Blind!Dirk
I’m trying to make this happy, its gonna get a lot worse, but I PROMISE it’ll be happy in the end,
I might just write out the story instead of making it a full comic asdfghjk

Como eu sou idiota. Eu mesmo me iludo, eu mesmo me comprometo. Antes mesmo de te dar um beijo já imaginava tendo um filho com você. Quer dizer, um não, três. Já imaginava nossa casa, nossa vida, isso tudo antes de te ver, te tocar, te beijar. Era tudo fruto da minha imaginação, criei coisas demais. Depois o tempo se passou, eu te vi, te senti, te beijei e nada do que imaginei foi em vão. Ainda quero tudo isso, ainda quero ser seu esposo, seu companheiro. Pai dos seus filhos, quero ser tudo pra você. E agora vejo que tudo antes do nosso primeiro beijo era imaginário e agora não é apenas isso, é real, eu posso ir atras disso tudo e conseguir. Tudo que era da minha cabeça, passou a ser dos nossos corações.
—  O menino Charlie.