x'd i can't breathe

derya-blog  asked:

Dude I'm dead XD we all know how Chompy is the cutest thing ever and he really has a good name.... But I'm laughing so hard I'm so sorry they translate Chompy's name in french as "pince moi" I can't breath X'D it's 11pm here and I'm waking everyone up beczuse I'm laughing so hard XD pince moi sounds so ridiculous ! I don't understand why did they no let chompy name as it is XD well that's all I had to say x) I needed to share my amusement.... :") what do you think about his french name ? X)

Pince moi? *Runs off to ask Donatello what that means*

I asked Donnie…he said it means “Pinch me” Like…dude! His name is Chompy!! CHOMPY PICASSO!!