I’m Not Mad, This Is Cool!

Request: Heyy! I have a request, a Peter Parker x reader. They are dating and hanging out in Peter’s room and reader steals Peter’s phone and find the Vlogs from the fight during Civil War (beginning of the movie) and that’s when they finds out he’s spiderman. They then find his suit, and he is trying to deny everything, but the reader isn’t mad and really chill about it. thanks I love your writing

Requested by: anonymous.

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: spoiler-y?

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“Gimme this!” You laughed, snatching Peter’s phone from his hands. Peter immediately yelled no, trying to get the device back in his hands but you easily fought him. He would never use his real strength around you, for the purpose of keeping his secret and for the fact that he could hurt you without even really meaning to. So, grabbing a hold of the phone you hopped off Peter’s bed, running to the other end of the room.

Your fingers repeatedly tapped against the screen of his phone, searching through as you giggled. “Y/N,” Peter whined, desperately. Though it sounded childish, inside his stomach turned, if you saw those videos… you could potentially find out his secret and he had worked at everything to keep that from you. “Give it back, please.”

“No can do.” You teased, shaking your finger back and forth. Your heart melted at the sight of the majority of his photos being of the two of you. You knew he liked to keep you close to him even when you weren’t around, but you didn’t know he cared for you this much. “Awe, Peter, you’re too sweet…” You trailed off, finding a video in the mix of his photo album. Biting your lip, you giggled; “ooh, what’s this? A video? A bunch actually.”

This seemed to gain Peter’s attention as he sprung up from the bed rushing over to you, but he reached you to late, peering over his phone to see the video vlogs he’d made already running. His heart fell and he went dead silent. Peter’s face grew a pale colour as the smile on your face eventually left, replaced by confusion and shock as the videos continued to play. Peter winced when he heard him screeching about how amazing the civil war battle had been, sighing.

This was it. His secret was out. But all Peter felt scared for now was your reaction, he had no doubt in his mind that you’d be mad he’d kept this kind of hug secret from you, his girlfriend. And that’s what scared him the most.

“You’re Spider-Man.” You whispered after the video ended, the small phone slipping from between your fingers. Peter didn’t even react to his phone being dropped, biting his lip as he stared fearfully at you for your reaction. Staring at nothing you nodded to yourself. “you are Spider-Man.” You repeated, making sure the words you were saying were true.

Peter raised his hands in surrender; “listen Y/N, i’m sorry. I wanted to tell you but I was scared-”

“Why are you apologizing?” You interrupted, staring at him with furrowed brows. Peter paused his ramblings, his hands falling beside him as he blinked, pressing his lips together. This was certainly not the reaction he’d expected. “I thought you’d be mad…”

“Mad?” You asked incredulously. “I’m not mad, this is cool! Coolest thing i’ve ever witnessed.”

“Cool?” Peter repeated, baffled. You smiled brightly, bouncing up to him, and grabbing ahold of him. Kissing him in the moment, you squeezed his arms in excitement. “You fight bad guys for a living, you shoot webs! Oh my gosh… this is so cool!”

Peter slowly processed your words, finding himself overjoyed at the fact that this couldn’t have gone better. It also helped that his girlfriend thought he was now like a hero. Smiling brightly at you, he laughed cockily; “I mean it is pretty cool.”

Twelve Years, (Sirius X Reader) Warning: Spoilers

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Y/n lay on her bed, with her head inclined to gaze at the wanted poster on her wall,

She still couldn’t believe it,

Sirius, Remus, James, lily, and Peter had been her best friends,

And one of them was the reason that three of them were dead,

She had always thought that there must have been some sort of explanation for it all, that It couldn’t have possibly really been him,

That there must have been some sort of crazy unbelievable explanation of how it had all been this horrible messed up thing but that he hadn’t really killed them,

But if there was, if there was even the smallest chance that it hadn’t really been him and he was innocent, Dumbledore would have made sure he was released,

But there was no explanation, Sirius hadn’t shown up at her door, telling her that it was all just a horrible mistake that the ministry had made,

She still hoped that there was some kind of reason and that he was innocent,

But had spent twelve years in Azkaban, and now he had broken out and was now after James and lily’s child,

He had supposedly been caught a few nights ago, but had escaped,

Y/n was distraught she was angry that they had let James and lily’s killer escape,

But at the same time,

She loved Sirius,

She had always loved Sirius,

He hadn’t loved her back, But she loved him and there was still a part of her that made her believe that he was innocent,

There was a knock at the door of the apartment and she sat up and walked over to the door and opened it to see an old but familiar face,

A face that she hadn’t seen in years, twelve years to be exact,

“Remus…” She breathed.

“How have you been, its been years! Oh come in come in!” She said but Remus did not move,

“Actually I’ve come to get you, we’re…” Remus paused before he continued, “we’re restarting the order…”

“Oh… is it… oh well yes of course…” She said tucking her wand into her boot as she had always done, before she walked into the hall outside of her apartment, where Remus was,

Remus gripped her hand tightly, before disaperating away,

They reappeared on an old street road, that Y/n hadn’t seen in years,

“Remus what are we doing here?” She said but Remus did not answer,

“Here read this.” Remus said handing her an old piece of parchment that read in loopy cursive write,

Number twelve Grimauld place,

“Come on.” Remus said, pulling the parchment out of her hand and setting it alight until it burned away,

Y/n looked up to she that there was now another house that stood on the block,

There two walked across the street and onto the porch of the house that had just shown up on the street,

They opened the door and walked quietly through the hall, all the way the the end, and opened the door to the small kitchen to find it cramped with people,

In the kitchen Molly Weasley, was moving swiftly around cooking, with Tonks at her side attempting to aid her, and Mad-eye Moody, sat in the corner drinking out of his personal flask, and a few other people, sat around the table, but one in particular caught her eye,

he was facing away from her speaking to Dumbledore, but his hair was unmistakable, he still had that thick, long, dark, gorgeous hair,

“Sirius?..” She said unbelievably,

At the sound of her voice Sirius turned around, and Y/n saw that face that for years she had only dreamed of being able to see again, it was much older, and tired, but yet it was uncannily the same as it had been all those years ago,

“Y/n!” Sirius said as a wide child like grin spread across he face,

Sirius made his way to where Y/n stood utterly in shock at the man that stood before her, and engulfed her in an embrace so tight it was as though he feared she might run away,

Y/n imidiately hug him back in the same way, until she snapped out of it and pulled away landing and solid hit in Sirius’ chest

“What was that for?!” He yelped rubbing the spot on his chest that Y/n hadn’t hit him,

“You owe me an explanation! You owe me an explanation for why it happened. And why you’re here right now and not in a cell in Azkaban!” She yelled almost in tears,

“I deserve to know.”

“Of course you do Y/n.” Remus said coming up from behind her placing a soft hand on her shoulder in order to get her to relax slightly,

“Maybe you she take a seat.” He said leading her to one of the old classic style chairs that were set around the table,

Y/n took a seat, and Sirius took the one beside her and began to explain everything and how it all had happened,

After Sirius had explained everything, of how Peter had been secret keeper, and had framed him, before fleeing, and how he had broken out when he had realized where Peter was, and had gone to find him, and make him pay for what he did to lily and James,

After he explained, what happened the night in the shrieking shack, and how Harry and Hermione had gone back to free him, and how he had fled on buckbeak until Dumbledore had found him and told him that he was restarting the order and brought him here,

Y/n flung herself on him hugging him as if she were hugging him for every day that she wasn’t able to see him while he was locked up in Azkaban, and Sirius quickly wrapped his arms around her in reply,

However y/n once again broke the embrace and rounded on Dumbledore, who was standing calmly as though he had expected this,

“You! This is all your fault! I told, I told you to investigate it more! I told you it had to of been wrong, and YOU said To LET IT GO!” Y/n screemed, and Remus and Sirius both rose beside her, Sirius taking her hand in his,

“Y/n…” Sirius said calmly,


“There’s nothing he could have done y/n, He tried to get the ministry to investigate further but they refused, all of the evidence pointed to Sirius, He was only try to keep us all safe, and make sure that what happened with lily and James didn’t happen again.” Remus said try to get her to calm down, and it worked, however she wasn’t any less upset,

“I regret that I did not do anything more to try and prove his innocence, I made a grave mistake, and I fear to say It was not my last,” Dumbledore said before saying that there was some important business he needed to attend to and taking his leave,

Y/n spent the rest of the night talking and catching up with all the people she hadn’t seen in years, until there was only her and Sirius left in the kitchen,

“Twelve years… you know that not a single day passed that I didn’t pray that you would show up on my doorstep telling me that it was all just a bad dream, that it hadn’t really been you, I never for a single second believed that you would betray James like that,” She told him quietly looking him in the eyes,

“I know… You always hoped for the good in people, but there was still a part of me that was terrified that would believe it when we explained it,” He told her honestly.

“If there’s anyone in this world that could get me to believe anything, it would be you.” She said, as Sirius moved a stray stand of her hair behind her ear, letting his hand linger on her neck, pulling her in ever so slightly,

“And why’s that?” He asked making sure not to brake eye contact,

“People do crazy things for love.” She said laughing lightly as her and Sirius, inched closer and closer to each other,

“That’s all I needed to hear.” He said before locking lips with Y/n, pulling her as close against him as he could,

Y/ns hands went instantly to tangle themselves in Sirius’ hair as she kissed him, her mind exploding, and her stomach feeling as though it had dropped out of the sky, this was all she had ever wanted, and she was on could nine, never wanting this moment to end, however all good things must come to and end, and eventually the two broke apart,

Sirius’ hair was a mess from y/n running her hands through it, and they were both breathing heavily as Sirius pulled y/n into yet another tight embrace,

They stayed there for a while in each other arms in comfortable silence, until Sirius spoke,

“I love you y/n.”

“You have both idea how long I’ve wanted you to say that,” She laughed slightly,

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to say that,” He laughed as well,



“I love you too.”


So, the new leaks recently revealed this little cutie who is believed to be a younger Lysandre. Well, I think it actually IS a younger Lysandre and Pokemon Sun and Moon are prequels to X & Y. Spoilers are present here, so if you’re not okay with that then don’t continue reading. But if we’re all good here, please proceed.

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Something interesting I’ve noticed about the Pokemon X and Y introductions now that I have both of them…

Xerneas, nearing the end of its thousand-year life, gave its life energy to the people, Pokemon, and environment around it.  Yveltal on the other hand, stole the lives of many near the end its thousand-year life.

The energy seen in X’s opening expels from the center, as if it’s being given away whereas the energy in Y’s opening condenses from the surroundings towards the center, as if it’s being taken.

Just thought those details were neat.