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Son Family + Bardock Home [ 孫家+牛蒡家]

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hello~ I've been meaning to know, who do you ship Goten with heterosexually? Thank you!

I have a hard time choosing between Marron x Goten 

Or Bulla (Bra) x Goten!! XD 

And the fact that goten in DBS thinks both girls are kawaii makes me go asdfasdfafsd 💖💖💖  If goten ends up with anyone one of them when he’s older I’ll be happy 😍

me: *gets someone to watch my favorite anime*

me: “I can’t wait for them to see my favorite character”

me: *remembers favorite character is an asshole*

me: …….

me: “I can’t wait to defend my favorite character”


This is a precious moment if we analyze it a little more in depth. I think it’s not arbitrary that Trunks is the one who offers Vegeta to hold Bra. When he looks back, he looks at his newborn daughter, but he also gives a meaningful glance to his eldest son Trunks, knowing that he failed him in the past. In this scene, Vegeta seems to be debating with himself: “Should I behave with Bra as I did with Trunks or should I fix my mistakes?” Luckily, he chose this last one. And in front of Trunks, showing him the kind of father he’s now.
For that, I’m happy with how they handled this scene. They chose to pass from a cliché scene in which Bulma offers Vegeta to hold Bra, to give place to a beautiful moment for Vegeta’s parental role. Bulma was only Vegeta’s moral support in the distance: “Mom says to hold her.” That was amazing. I’m impressed by this episode. We constantly complain about Dragon Ball Super’s general script but I can’t imagine this moment being otherwise. Although it lacked fluff (we didn’t have any labor moment), I think this fits better with the overall style of the series.

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What is your favorite gochi fanart ?

OOOO……that’s a tough one…To be honest I’m very picky when it comes to art. My faves tend to be ones that have good line art, form, decent anatomy, good coloring, are hot, or cutely drawn. Also when the fluff or smut is drawn good that I can feel it.

And the artists that really hit me in the heart is when they do good traditional art ! :’) 

So yeah that’s pretty much what my fav gochi fanart tends to be…. 

Would Bulma have prevented Vegeta from going to the tournament?

It is clear that Vegeta tried throughout all episode of not showing how much he cared about the birth of his daughter, but it is also easy to think that Bulma had demanded him not to go to train for be present at birth, in the same way that  she demanded that he be on her birthday (We know that She is the one who rules their marriage).

But it’s a curious fact that in Episode 77, it was Bulma who reminded to Goku that he was going to invite to Vegeta to train. Even, she didn’t look disgusted by the idea. (In adittion, she felt guilty and apologized for holding up Vegeta’s training in episode 83). And It makes me doubt that if Bulma really had prevented Vegeta from going to the tournament in the first place.

Which makes me think that like does Goku work in the farm because Chichi forces him, Vegeta uses to Bulma as an excuse to justify his “acts of charity” in front of other people, as if “she forced him to be more human”.  

Maybe, also she demand him that he gives her affection (or to spend time together), so that she make believe him to be forced to do it, when in fact he wants to do it too.

And the only person who knows the truth is Bulma and she follows him in his game because he feels more comfortable, and she is happy with that.