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lol few scenes from the trailer and i'm already shipping danny x colleen, like i know nothing else about them, but i KNOW i'm going to ship those two which means i'm also sure they won't be endgame because lol that's how bad my luck is BUT - when i searched danny x colleen on tumblr i got TWO posts (1 was yours) and i'm sure that will increase once the show comes out, even if it's not the popular pair :D

DUDE WHO ARE YOU I NEED TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU I NEED MORE DANNY/COLLEEN SHIPPERS IN MY LIFE. just omg that trailer can we just??? appreciate the chemistry already in like, the couple scenes they had together??? (”you need me” GOODBYE) 

*deep breath* but seriously like they’re just. so perfect okay. i cannot accept the fact that it may not be endgame because tbh i can’t see danny with anyone else a this point. (it wouldn’t workkk) 

i’m just. really happy about this trailer. this trailer is perfection and i have no chill so i’m going to flail about danny/colleen forever now