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I didn't realize you're blog got deleted until I tried to find the prequel story you wrote for the coat thief and couldn't find it? I was wondering if you could post it again?? thank you!

(a reupload of a prequel to the coat thief)

BB-8 is the prototype of a new version of astromech, and Designation: Engineer/Creator is still debating the advantages of a completely circular design in comparison to a more traditional wheeled model, when it’s passed off to a pilot for a test run.

Designation: Master-Poe Dameron is a stocky humanoid with a T-70 X-Wing starfighter painted in a signature black chrome, which hums pleasantly around BB-8 the first time it’s lifted into the droid socket. When they’re introduced, Master-Poe kneels down, perhaps to inspect it more closely because of its unorthodox appearance, or to judge its suitability for flight.

“Hey there, little guy.”

[Greetings, Master-Poe,] says BB-8 formally. Master-Poe pulls a face, which means that BB-8 is even less impressive than expected. It tries not to be disappointed, because after all it appears that its new master can speak binary, which is a pleasant surprise.

“I… do you have to call me that?” Master-Poe asks.

[Protocol dictates terminology for a droid’s owner,] says BB-8, because this should be obvious. Master-Poe just scratches his chin thoughtfully, and then presses a gentle hand to its round head.

“Yeah, alright,” Master-Poe says, “I’ll figure out something to fix that. But for the moment, let’s see how you fly.”

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Kylo Ren x Reader

“Finders Keepers”
dt @mackienzieroze

I ran as fast as I could through the dark forest, my X-wing Starfighter crashed landed on the God forsaken Starkiller Base. I was running as far away from the wreckage as possible. My heart was pounding and I happened to be severely underdressed for the intense weather conditions, my arms tensing more and more with every step.

I slowed down to a complete stop, I couldn’t see anything but forest in front of me and to my dismay, every thing looked the same. I spun, every angle echoed the same dark empty feeling into the air. I grabbed out my small radio and tried to pick up a signal.

“Poe Dameron. This is X-wing pilot 27, over.” I said into the mic, my breaths were heavy and crystallized in the air with every exhilaration. “Poe Dameron, I repeat, this is X-wing pilot 27. I’ve crashed landed, over.”

I waited, but nothing but a slight buzz echo from the communicator.

“Something’s messing with the communication…” I whispered under my breath, gripping the device tighter.

I suddenly heard a noise, a familiar yet frightening sound coming from behind me; I spun around and grabbed my blaster out from its holster. I squinted, trying to see what it came from but nothing was visible in the distance. I put my gun by my side, and shivered a bit, placing my other arm across my stomach to retain heat.

“You look cold, pilot.” A deep voice said and my heartbeat dropped when I heard it coming from a different direction. I turned to face the figure, as soon as my eyes laid on him I knew who it was. I quickly drew my weapon but it was forced from my hand and into the snow several feet away. I tried to run but my muscles tensed and I was unable to move my body. “Heh, not so fast, rebel scum.”

“Kylo Ren..” I muttered, barely audible. In one quick motion he drew his light saber out, the red glow illuminating the clearing surrounding it. “You’re nothing but a coward behind that ridiculous mask of yours.”

“Hmm, you sure are feisty,” he mocked bringing one hand to his head, taking the mask off. “I like feisty.”

“You don’t intimidate me.” I retorted, and his eyes burned into me with a glare that brought shivers down my spine. His stare got more intense as he walked towards me, slowly drawing his hand up, his finger tips grazing my face. Suddenly, pain shot through me, my head ached from the sudden agony that ruptured inside me.

“Y/n.. Are you frightened?” He asked, pulling his hand away, and staring deep into my eyes. “Because you should be.”

“How do you know my name?” I asked, wincing as he drew his lightsaber closer to me.

“I know a lot of things about you…” His eyes trailed down my body before quickly shooting back up to mine. “I know about how you crash-landed here, on a mission led by Poe Dameron. I know how you are so frightened and alone, your mind is just spinning with ways to get back to the Rebel base. I know about your dream of becoming a Jedi… A Jedi? Hmm..”

“Get out of my head!” I yelled, I could feel tears brimming my eye lids.

“Oh y/n, you’re so lonely… The death of your parents? I see it.” He ignored me, drawing his hand to my face, pulling a piece of hair covering my eyes, and placing it behind my ear. “All the pain… You don’t have to feel that way.”

“You don’t know what I want.” I snapped, and he sighed. Suddenly the weight holding my limbs back disappeared and I fell to the ground, gripping my head with my hands. The glow of his lightsaber dissipated as he retracted it.

“I know exactly what you want,” he remarked, crouching down to where I sat in the snow. “You remember me.”

“Yeah, I remember you.”

“You knew Luke Skywalker, just as well as I did.” He said with an eager look in his eyes, his deep voice presenting more hostile. “You know where he is now? Don’t you?”

“No, no one does.” I answered, looking at him with dismay. “And even if I did, you’d be the last person I’d tell.”

“That’s a shame.” He answered as three Snowtroopers approached us from behind him. He stood up and turned to them. “She’s no use to us. Kill her.”

“Wait, what?” I yelled out as he began walking away, the Snowtroopers all pointing their blasters towards me. I screamed, “Ben, no!”

As soon as the words left my lips he stopped, raised one hand and the blasters were down. He turned towards me, anger burning in his eyes. Almost immediately I was flown through the air, my neck was grasped in his hand, breathing becoming nearly impossible.

“What did you call me?” He asked through gritted teeth.

“Let go-” I struggled to make out any words. “P-please..”

“Leave us.” He directed to the Snowtroopers, and gripped my neck tighter. “I’ll take care of her myself.”

“Yes, sir.” One said motioning to the others, “Let’s go.”

As soon as they were gone he let go, and I fell to the ground in a panting mess, everything hurt.

“Don’t ever call me that.” I heard him say with a deep growl, I glanced up at him.

“You were a Jedi… A good one, too.” My voice trembled as I tried to rise to my feet.

“Not a Jedi, a petty Padawan learner.” He argued, as I stood to face him. “I didn’t know my own strength, until I was shown the power, of the dark side.”

“No, Ben, there’s still good in you…” I could feel my voice crack, I felt weak. I could tell he knew this, a small grin forming on his face.

“Don’t talk to me like that, like you know me.” He mocked, anger still present in his eyes, which were staring into mine.

“I do know you, and I know you can change. Come home, Ben.” I begged softly placing my hand on his arm. “Please..”

His eyes averted from my gaze, and he looked at the ground. All of a sudden his facial expression turned cold, leaving us in silence, only the buzz from his lightsaber could be heard. I panicked, I knew how unstable he can become when forced to answer questions that he doesn’t want to. I found myself placing my hand on his face, and leaned in, giving him a small peck on the lips. I looked down and took a small step back, my face was flushed red.

“I’m sorry.. I-I don’t know-”

“Come with me.” He whispered, staring at me, his eyes filled with sorrow. “I will have the Resistance troops informed of your death, you could live here, you could be happy.. Or..”

“Or?” I asked, gulping as he brought the lightsaber close to my neck.

“Or I kill you, right here,” he responded. I winced and my eyes shot away from him. My mind flooded with perturbing thoughts of leaving with him, and I believed I’d be better off dead. He wasn’t going to change, the only person who would change was me. He cut off my thoughts, “Y/n.”

“I’ll go with you.” I answered, with a small nod.

“Good. Let’s go.” He sternly demanded with a hint of relief. He put away his lightsaber and picked up his helmet. He turned towards me, and brought his hand out in front of me. I gave him a curious look before placing my hand in his.


“Kylo… Call me Kylo.” He cut me off, gripping my hand tighter. He motioned to the right of him. “This way, c'mon, I’ve already been out here too long.”


Rapier Squadron was a T-85 X-wing starfighter squadron that served as part of the New Republic’s Starfleet that was led by Commander Poe Dameron. The four-member squadron was assigned to patrol the Mirrin sector and protect its trade lanes from the Hutts, the Guavian Death Gang, and Kanjiklub.

Oscar Isaac as Commander Poe Dameron (Rapier Leader)
Tessa Thompson as Lieutenant Karé Kun (Rapier Two)
Daniel Henney as Lieutenant Iolo Arana (Rapier Three)
Rahul Kohli as Lieutenant Muran (Rapier Four)

rapier squadron

okay so i read ‘before the awakening’ and took copious notes about poe and his rapier squadron aka the squadron he commanded in the republic and took with him to the resistance as well 

so here are some new characters you can use in your fanfiction from now on!!!! (please do use them they’re amazing)

  • rapier squadron is an x-wing starfighter squadron
  • its members are:
    • commander poe dameron
      • callsign is “rapier leader”
      • he loves his #squad very much
      • extremely devoted to the resistance
      • basically a resigned dad @ karé and iolo’s antics
      • wants to make sure everything he’s been doing is worth it because his father’s greatest fear was that what he was doing was not going to be worth anything in the end
      • his mom (also a pilot) died when he was eight
    • lieutenant (later promoted to captain) karé kun
      • callsign is “rapier two”
      • she is honestly a knockout. she is gorgeous
      • a legitimate piece of information we are given is that karé’s legs are too long for the cockpit
      • always puts her hair into complicated braids
      • has no problem with being playful and cracking jokes even in dangerous situations
      • becomes a captain when they join the resistance and captains the ‘stiletto squadron’
    • lieutenant (later promoted to captain) iolo arana
      • callsign is “rapier three”
      • a pissbaby
      • no just kidding he just complains a lot about everything
      • has a tendency to ramble
      • a bit of a reluctant hero - kinda has to be dragged into stuff but when he commits he commits 100%
      • unlike karé and poe (and possibly muran), he is not human - he’s actually keshian. keshians are, for all intents and purposes, exactly like humans, except for one thing: his eyes are larger and weirdly colored and can see not only visible light but UV light and infrared radiation as well
      • becomes a captain when they join the resistance and captains the “dagger squadron”
    • lieutenant muran
      • callsign was “rapier four”
      • died in one of rapier squadron’s missions when they were still working for the republic and is the reason why the three of them went against their superior’s orders and caught the attention of leia organa
      • not a lot is known about muran but he was a bit of a stickler for rules
  • basically all just great friends!!!
  • super fangirl-y about each other (at the end of one of their missions they spend about five minutes exalting their own virtues and how good they are and how well they all work together i mean can you imagine)
  • have a lot of fun together - karé and iolo like to make fun of poe a lot and poe reprimands them but laughs along anyway bc he loves them and they are all best friends
  • here’s my favorite quote that really sums them all up:

“Rapier Two.” Lieutenant Karé Kun sounded positively bored. “Everything’s green, Commander.”

“Rapier Three, and I have to agree with Rapier Two, Commander.” This was Iolo Arana, flying to Poe’s withdrawn starboard. “This is another waste of fuel and time.”

“Rapier Four. Standing by.”

“You see,” said Poe, “you should all follow Muran’s example, there. You hear how nicely Rapier Four reported in, without editorializing or anything?”

The sound of Karé’s yawning for effect came over Poe’s speakers. He grinned, despite himself.