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“Overwhelming odds, tough target, scant chance of survival—business as usual for Rogue Squadron.”

A Netflix Original Series: Rogue Squadron

The Empire has fallen and the Rebels have won. Now someone has to clean up the mess left behind. 

In order to track down and destroy the last of the Imperial remnant, veteran rebel pilot Wedge Antilles (Brandon Routh) must put together an elite team of some of the best starfighter pilots the galaxy has to offer, including his longtime friends Wes Janson (Jay Ellis), Derek “Hobbie” Klivian (Rami Malek), and Tycho Celchu (Lucas Till), as well as new recruits and original characters Raina Darklighter (Stephanie Beatriz), Zam Tokani (Kimiko Glenn), Nakari Armande (Samira Wiley), and Lujayne Ferral (Summer Glau). 

Together, they form Rogue Squadron, a group of X-wing pilots tasked with the toughest, most dangerous missions vital to the newborn Republic. Their job: achieve the impossible. But with enemies on all sides, the bureaucratic hurdles of a fledgling government, and traitors lurking in the shadows, each day means new obstacles and dangers for Rogue Squadron. Can they overcome the odds and help bring peace to the galaxy? (insp.)


Halloween on D’Qar

I can only imagine how many times Poe has told everyone the epic tale of how he was kidnapped by the First Order and rescued by Finn. He’s particularly proud (see: repetitive) of how he sassed Kyle Ron (and everyone misquotes him on purpose).


AESTHETIC MEME: [5/10] anything else: R e b e l  P i l o t s
Evaan Verlaine was an Alderaanian who followed in the footsteps of her homeworld’s leaders and became a member of the Rebel Alliance, serving as a pilot. Shara Bey was a lieutenant of the Rebel Alliance, a highly decorated A-wing pilot and a veteran of numerous battles, including the Battle of Endor. Jessika Pava was a X-wing fighter pilot for the Resistance, who fought in the Battle of Starkiller Base.

since “poe dameron has slept with every member of the resistance” is a nasty headcanon that people can’t seem to let go, here are some better poe dameron headcanons instead:

  • he has a unique secret handshake with every member of his squadron
  • went through a hat phase as a child
  • despite being the most incredible pilot while flying, he can be a total clutz on the ground sometimes
  • when he drinks, turns into the type of intense drunk who goes up to everyone in the nearby vicinity, puts his hands on both sides of their face while bringing his face super close to theirs, and looks deep into their eyes as he says how much he values and cherishes them
  • is a constant snacker. He has secret stashes of indulgent high-calorie treats in his bunk, and his cockpit is constantly littered with snack wrappers
  • makes a point to learn the name of every single worker on the resistance base, down to the janitors and line cooks, and addresses them by their first name and a friendly hello every time. 
  • is just a terrible liar. Especially when it comes to General Organa
  • resident Meme King of the resistance base
  • despite learning military habits from a young age, has never been able to hold a regular sleep schedule. He rarely gets enough sleep, but when he does, he is NOT a morning person. After completing missions, will crash into a deep sleep in his bunk and once slept for a full uninterrupted 48 hours
  • is the only person who can make leia laugh when she’s in a bad mood
  • has inherited the age-old strike fighter bias against bomber ships (probably from his mother tbh) and can rant for hours about how u-wings are clunky and inferior to x-wings
  • has memorized the name, call sign, planet of origin, and a brief bio for every x-wing pilot who flew in the rebellion against the empire
  • Buzzfeed: "58 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Star Wars"
  • Me: *in my rebel alliance shirt, hair in Leia buns, brandishing my lightsaber, wearing my x-wing pilot pin, sipping from my BB-8 mug* Try me.

“This is Foxy one, I’m beginning my attack run!”

“Did he just call himself foxy one?”

“…he did.”

Hi guys!

It’s May 4th so, may the fourth be with you today! ;) This is kind of a celebration drawing, as I recently just became a certified pilot. It is also something that I have wanted to do for a while now. Also this may or may not be the one year anniversary of me stumbling onto zootopia and wildehopps.

Personally I think Nick could make for a good pilot. Though after seeing Rogue One (I find it’s a nice plot hole filler, because the death star blew up way too easily imo, and lore filler) I wanted to draw him as a pilot of something from star wars. And what better than my favourite physics defying starfighter; the X-wing! :P

I might upload a star wars X Zootopia headcanon in a few days… big maybe tho.

Have a good day everyone! :)

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I might be adding more details to it on a later date.

And I invite @kulkum to make a blurb about this one. :3