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When they made this particular hero, they didn’t give him a gun, they gave him a screwdriver to fix things. They didn’t give him a tank or a warship or an x-wing fighter, they gave him a box from which you can call for help. And they didn’t give him a superpower or pointy ears or a heat-ray, they gave him an extra heart. They gave him two hearts. And that’s an extraordinary thing.

THE LAST JEDI - What we know so far *SPOILERS*

These posts are a breakdown of sorts of what know and have seen from the Last Jedi, through means of trailers, behind the scenes, promotional photos, toys, and leaks. While they showcase a lot, they probably will not and  don’t have everything in them - there’s just so much out there. The posts are also not really meant to meticulously piece the timeline together as a whole, they show things in a general sense, time wise, especially within each part, but not always. There is a lot we don’t know, so it would be impossible to anyway. Some of this stuff is a given, but some of it is speculation based on what we’ve been given.  

PART 1 - The Battle/Evacuation of D’Qar.

Above is D’Qar as seen during TFA. D’Qar was home of the Resistance Base during TFA and still is at the beginning of TLJ. This happens presumably during the beginning of the movie.

The Resistance is fleeing D’Qar and the First Order. General Leia is taking up command aboard the Heavy Resistance Cruiser known as the Raddus. Named after Admiral Raddus, the Mon Calamari Admiral who lead the Profundity durning the Battle of Scarif in Rogue One.

 The First Order attacking the Raddus and the Resistance.

  • Originally, some were thinking, that the Leia shot wasn’t during the battle because everyone seemed to be too calm, and that it was spliced together for the Official Trailer. But examining it further, shows that it is during the battle, as a First Order TIE Fighter can be seen going past the Raddus’ window.
  • Probably the Strategy Center/War Room of the Raddus
  • Possible Admiral Akbar appearance in the back, behind Leia.
  • Poe Dameron is seen with General Leia, in his X-Wing jumpsuit without the flight vest. Is this before or after he flies in the battle? 

An attack happens in a Resistance Hangar Bay, with Tallie in her A-Wing and Poe in front of his X-Wing, who are not yet in battle .

  • Both of them survive, and head off into battle - I say this, because in my mind it with what we know it doesn’t make sense for them to have been in battle, come back to the hangar bay and then got out again, but can’t with their ships being destroyed.
  • Not known if any bad damage occurs to their ships - we know they are still able to fly.
  • *Small chance the explosion isn’t apart of the Battle of D’Qar, and is perhaps before Crait*

Resistance Forces heading towards the First Order forces

“After Poe Dameron’s squadrons destroyed Starkiller Base, the First Order sought out the Resistance headquarters on the planet of D’Qar to enact their revenge. A-wings flew guard around the Resistance fleet and the transports fleeing the base. When three First Order warships emerged from hyperspace to attack, a squadron of A-wings, commanded by Tallie Lintra, assisted Poe Dameron and the Resistance’s assault bombers in taking on an enemy dreadnought.” - IncrediBuilds: Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi: A-wing Deluxe Book and Model Set

  • New Resistance Bomber and A-wings seen for the fist time 
  • A-Wings being lead by Tallie Lintra
  • Paige Tico could possible in the guns of one of the bombers, and is definitely leading in one. The children’s book pictured above says “ ..the Resistance bomber squadron, headed by ace pilot Paige.”

FO forces clashing with Resistance Forces

  • The two of the three First Order warships mentioned above are seen.
  • The newResistance Bombers seen getting up close and personal with the FO new toys

Poe Dameron is seen in battle above D’Qar, along with trusted buddy BB-8 helping him. 

  • Looks to be one of the first Resistance ships out there, to me the FO head on.
  • Is most likely attacking the First Order Dreadnaught (and therefore it’s very large and deadly Orbital Bombardment Cannons on its underside). 
  • New Booster seen attached to the back of Poe’s X-Wing

Kylo Ren has been dispatched into battle.

  • Kylo’s first appearance piloting, and it’s flying his personalized TIE, the TIE Silencer.
  • Seen with what appears to be a batca patch or bandage of some type on top of his still healing scar. 
  • Appears to be targeting his mother’s ship…Does he kill his mother? Nope  - She is seen later of Crait.
  • Seen flying into a Resistance ship (probably the Raddus) and is possibly responsible for the Hangar Bay attack mentioned above.

The third First Order warship is seen, and it appears to be none other than Snoke’s own ginormous Star Destroyer.

  • “Snoke, the shadowy leader of the First Order, finally emerges from the shadows to lead the First Order to victory after the destruction of Starkiller Base” - From an Official Japanese Star Wars website.

The battle seems to me like it might end with the Resistance fleeing and a sorta win for the First Order. But how everything goes down exactly is anyone’s guess.   


When they made this particular hero, they didn’t give him a gun, they gave him a screwdriver to fix things. They didn’t give him a tank or a warship or an x-wing fighter, they gave him a box from which you can call for help. And they didn’t give him a superpower or pointy ears or a heat-ray, they gave him an extra heart. They gave him two hearts. And that’s an extraordinary thing.

randomthingsthatilike123  asked:

Just curious-what do you think would have happened in Star Ears if Padme had survived?

I think Yoda would still want to hide and separate the children. I think Padme would refuse, and I hope Obi Wan would help–

Because wouldn’t that be fun? Padme, who ruled a planet, who challenged a senate, who married a horror, who can pick her own locks while handcuffed in the middle of a gladiatorial arena– now on the run with her two infants and only a heartbroken Obi Wan to back her up. 

(And R2D2, of course.) 

Padme’s always been the practical sort, even when royal, so she knows how to change a diaper and feed a child. She also knows how to fly the stolen ships Obi Wan and R2D2 hack into, how to bargain in thirteen intergalactic languages,  how to spot a bounty hunter in a crowd, and how to shoot a blaster with deadly intent. 

Padme was in love with someone who maybe never even existed– maybe once, there had been a boy who wanted to help people, who risked his life and his pod racer for someone else’s story, who made a young girl laugh in a sand-worn mechanic’s shop. 

She had been chasing him for years, that once good heart, but now with these bruises purpling and fading around her neck, she stops waiting. She starts running. Every time Obi Wan force-moves something over the next few weeks, she has to bury a flinch. 

But Leia is growing in fits and spurts, eating greedily and crying loudly. She stays in a sling on Padme’s chest when they move, Luke held snug in a sling around Obi Wan’s. Luke gets a whole head of thick brown hair while Leia’s is still patchy and bald, but he never matches his sister’s powerful lungs. 

When Padme had been sitting in her high senatorial apartment on Corsucant, holding Anakin’s sweaty hand, she had never imagined she’d be murmuring desperately soothing noises to her fussy daughter while she shot around a corner at stormtroopers, while R2D2 meddles with a ship’s blast doors behind her. 

Luke starts teething on a hot jungle planet where they hunker down for three weeks, sleeping in an abandoned old temple and catching the local wildlife for dinner. Leia takes her first steps in the belly of a Corellian freighter they’ve stowed away on. She wobbles between Padme’s outstretched hands and Obi Wan’s knees and boxes of smuggled luxuries. When she falls down, Obi Wan surges forward, heart in his throat, but Leia laughs. 

Padme lost a husband, but Obi Wan lost a brother and his whole order– his world, his people, his family. 

(One day, Leia’s whole home planet will vaporize and die under Vader’s–Anakin’s–command, and Obi Wan will find himself in the wreckage of it, the place Alderaan used to be, and he will recognize the sorrow shrieking into the Force.) 

But for now– Padme watches Obi Wan win them funds in gambling halls, grin into the teeth of a good flyer chase, sleep with Leia strewn over his chest, and Padme wonders if he isn’t more heartbroken here over Anakin than she is. 

Luke learns to walk a whole few months after Leia, but he falls less. He moves around the rim on mechanic’s shops, freighter cargo holds, makeshift camps on green planets, holding onto stable things and frowning seriously. Leia tries to leap from walking to running with no lead up time at all. She is not without scraped knees and scabby heels of her palms for years. 

They manage to spend a whole eight months on a little Outer Rim planet in a sleepy agrarian settlement. Padme and Obi Wan repair farming droids while R2D2 plays nursemaid (both Leia and Luke will be fluent in droid by the time they’re six). Luke and Leia play rough-housing games in the dry dirt– this is the first time they’ve stayed anywhere long enough to learn other children’s names. On day two hundred and thirty six they hear reports of stormtroopers so they pack up and hop on a transport at the nearest spaceport, not even bothering to check where it’s going. 

When they fly their own ships, they strap Luke and Leia into the same passenger’s seat and Padme and Obi Wan narrate. “Here you’ve got to always turn off the compressor before you activate the initiator…” “See the flashy blue light? Gotta have all the blue lights flashing…”

They hear reports of the empire growing. They see it– stormtroopers in more and more distant outposts, imperial ships passing them in the skies. Obi Wan lost the Jedi cloak years ago. They plate R2D2 in matte grey paint. Padme cuts her hair short and dresses in many-varied-layers like any refugee– because that’s what she is now, she and her little family.

Obi Wan has two lightsabers. He thinks Padme doesn’t know– he has the one he fights with, holding back stormtroopers and reflecting bounty hunters’ blaster shots, but he also has another one, tucked into the bottom of his pack. 

“It’s Anakin’s, isn’t it?” Padme asks one late night, tucked in a stony sheltered hollow on a planet that storms warm rain thirty-eight hours out of the day’s forty-two. Obi Wan gives a soft laugh and puts his hand over his eyes as Padme goes on, “The saber you’re hiding from me.” 

He nods, slowly, lets his hand fall. “I took it from him, when I left him for dead.”

“Not dead enough,” says Padme. “You’re keeping it in case yours gets lost?”

“Yes,” he says slowly. “Or in case… we might need another light saber, some day.”

Luke is bouncing a X-wing fighter toy along the wet pebbles. Leia is beeping something at R2D2, giggling over the rainfall. 

“Hm,” says Padme. “We might need another two.”