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I never thought I’d reach 500 followers wow so I wanted to do a follow forever because I’ve never actually done one and I don’t know what else to do lol. So here’s a mix of my mutuals and just really great blogs that I love and y’all should check out too <3

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The Eyes That Never Lie

Originally posted by matt-smith-fans

Pairing: Eleventh Doctor x Reader

Content/Warnings: fluff; slight angst

Words: 1059

A/N: For your Eleventh Doctor fix, I wrote a soulmate AU request for him. This was from anon for 29. You can see every color except the color of your soulmate’s eyes until you meet them.

You were certain there was something wrong with you. After all, you had to have extraordinarily bad luck to have lost a soulmate not once, not twice, but three times. The first color you weren’t able to see was brown. It wasn’t an exceptionally uncommon color to not be able to see - in fact, it was remarkably common - but you yearned to know what color brown was. You didn’t wish to find out by losing your first soulmate, though. But one day you woke up, and brown was there. You recognized the foreign color immediately, and you cried, because it meant your first soulmate was gone. Blue had been snatched away in its place, and after a while you began to forget what blue even looked like.

You got blue back, though, and brown was gone again. You got to see brown for the shortest amount of time, it was gone in only a little over a year. You cried this time too, since by some sort of sick cosmic joke you had lost your second soulmate, too. You didn’t tell anyone you had lost a soulmate, again. Not even your parents. People would begin to think something was wrong with you. Several years after losing brown, it came back. You lost green this time, and wondered how long you would have this soulmate before they were gone, too.

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100 Ways, 18/100

There are many ways to say ‘I love you.’ The Devil and the Detective are just a little slow on the uptake.

Lucifer discovers another side effect of his vulnerability around Chloe.

Rating: T
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Chloe Decker/Lucifer Morningstar
Words: 1905

Lucifer followed the Detective into her home, listening with half an ear to her speculation on their latest break in the case. She vanished almost immediately into her room to change and he found himself at loose ends.

Spotting dinner preparations out on the counter - Mexican, by the look of things - he didn’t hesitate to take a large sample.

He swallowed before he noticed that instead of the mildly spiced taste of Chloe’s cooking, there was something off about his mouthful. Perhaps it was all the extra spice.

He coughed, once, delicately, perturbed. He was accustomed to stealing bites of the Detective’s cooking, which was serviceable if unimaginative. This was the opposite: far too imaginative and frankly awful. He swallowed again, uneasily, searching for the nearest alcohol to wash the taste from his mouth.

“Detective, are you actually intending to feed this to your offspring?” he called, taking a swig of the first thing he found (which unfortunately was Maze’s vodka). Clearing his throat at the harshness of the taste (he would never understand why Maze preferred this to scotch), he eyed the spread dubiously. “I find I can’t recommend it.”

“What are you talking about, Lucifer?” Chloe asked, coming out of her bedroom. Her eyes fell on the counter.

“Oh no. Lucifer, did you eat any of this?” At Lucifer’s shrug, a look of horror crossed her face. “I didn’t make this. Maze!” she called, and Maze sauntered out of her room, looking annoyed.


“What have I told you about leaving food out?” Chloe said. “I appreciate the fact that you’re practicing but please, clean up after yourself.”

As Maze rolled her eyes and went to do as she said, Chloe turned to Lucifer, her face a mask of concern. “How much did you eat? We’ve been teaching Maze about Taco Tuesday.”

Maze made a noise of frustration.

“You’re improving!” Chloe said encouragingly, and Maze looked mollified. “At least nothing caught fire this time,” she said under her breath.

“Things take too long,” Maze complained. “Double the heat and you halve the time it takes.”

“That’s not how it works, Maze.” Chloe gave a long-suffering sigh. “But the results still aren’t fit for human consumption.”

“Or Devil consumption, apparently,” Maze commented, not looking apologetic in the slightest for Lucifer’s current distress.

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Panic! at Dressrosa

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