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Barely six months ago I sat down and wrote a post about Jay’s life and passing. As with so many things, I never imagined we would find ourselves here again so soon. Grief on the tips of our tongues, as those we support and love live through one of the hardest of times there can be; the loss of a parent. Then as now, I feel there is little we can say with any true knowledge, save our experiences from the fandom side. A few words are all I can offer, framed by my own experience of loss.

Robin Twist. A charming man with a delightful name, always ready with a large smile and a quick joke, not least at Harry’s expense. I remember him from the earliest days of The X Factor, at Harry’s side with the rest of his family cheering him on, and speaking of the new family Harry had found in the boys. Always supportive, always ready with a warm hug, always so proud of the boy who had left home to audition at sixteen, and who never came back home.

It’s a measure of the man he was that he had Harry be best man at his wedding to Anne, and that Harry was so supportive of their relationship. As a child of two families where both parents remarried, I know how hard it can be to make all those new relationships work, and it’s credit to all involved that they made it seem so seamless and effortless, and that love seemed to be the centre of it all. I’m also lucky enough to have step parents that just became parents; a safe place and a warm hug whenever they are needed. I know that’s not always the case with everyone when melding families, and I’m so glad for them all (from all we were privileged to see), that Harry and Gemma seemed to have that kind of relationship with Robin. A Dad, in all the ways that mattered.

Robin always struck me as someone it would be fun to meet for a quiet pint which would then turn into a raucous session, underlined with his quick wit and warm heart. A presence like a heartbeat, life circulating around him. These are things I’ll never know to be true, but I like to hope that they were.

I can truly say that Robin is woven like a bright thread into the history of the 1D fandom family, there from the get go, always so supportive and proud, even as recently as a few weeks ago, clad in Harry’s bright silver boots and his hat at his London gig, there with a joke and a laugh with fans. There are so many memories he’ll be part of, a hug and a smile, and a bit of banter. He had a sparkle in his eyes and it always caught the light.

Robin, I’m so, so glad you got to see Harry perform his new songs live (duck noise and all). I will never, ever hear Woman without thinking of you. You made me and so many others laugh so very much, with your ability to keep Harry’s feet on the ground in the funniest of ways. And that is a glorious thing.

To Anne, Amy, Mike, Gemma and Harry, and all his family and friends now living with the loss of such a warm and vibrant presence, I can only say hold close to those memories and to that laughter, to help you through the days when you can no longer find a smile. The days will seem endless, and they will not be easy. But there will, I hope for you, come a time when there are more smiles than tears. When those very stories will make you laugh instead of cry. I hope you reach those days when you are ready, and can hold steady to one another until they come to pass. I hope that you all get the quiet and space you need in these coming days and weeks, and that some day far from now you find one another again, in those places you’ve never been.



Jace smiling/laughing because of Maia in 2x13 + Maia smiling because of Jace:

Does anyone else ever think of your first fandom as your first love in a way?

Like you weren’t introduced to the fandom, you found it on your own, no one told you about it, no one told you why you should watch/read it, no one told you that it was good, you just kinda went in watched/read it and fell in love? Maybe not even your first fandom, just the first that you found on your own. You took a chance and that changed your life. You became the friend that would obsess about this thing that know one else knew of, and you became the one who would tell people of why they should watch/read it.

Is this just me?

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Can I have some HC of Amy as a captain and Jake being v supportive of course. Please and thank you!

references to maya and benji are with kind permission from their wonderous creator @phil-the-stone ,@ the anon who requested parenting hcs they are coming!! anyhoops here are some of my thoughts on my lady doing #that and being a captain i tried to think of as many as i could:

  • being a captain is Binder Heaven; there are So many things to be organised and co-ordinated! this is the first time in Amy’s entire career that she’s had an office to herself and she Loves to brag about it to anyone who will listen “no one cares, ames” says gina, but not very convincingly
    • amy’s desk boasts many a framed photo of her and Jake on their wedding day/when they defeated the vulture/her babies/the og 99 squad
  • sometimes it’s Too Much to organise and co-ordinate everything and Amy gets super duper stressed out, so it’s extremely lucky that she married one of the chillest people she’s ever known. jake takes great pride in that title and the minute he hears her stressy voice he’s on hand running her a bath/ massaging her feet as they watch tv/ planning a date night to an art gallery to take her mind off things
  • it’s routine that jake picks up the kiddos from school/nursery which only makes the occasions where mommy joins him in her captain’s uniform more exciting
    • benji is def a mama’s boy and will shout “MOMMY!” when he sees her at the doorway and run into her arms. she’ll hoist him on to her hip and laugh when he buries his face in her neck and refuses to move from this position until they get to the car
  • late at night when jake’s absentmindedly running his fingers through her hair while she’s cuddled up to his boxer clad self - because being a captain hasn’t changed the fact that she’s literally always cold - amy will admit her feelings of guilt vis a vis dividing her attention between work and her family. jake listens to her worries intently but then proceeds to remind her that, as the youngest captain of the nypd with young bebes, she has inaugurated her very own superhero category of wonder woman/mom/captain/wife/genius
    • he also tells her that he frequently regales maya and benji stories of how mommy’s a superhero and spares her no detail in how their eyes light up in awe every time
    • he slips benji’s very artistic drawing of “Mommy saving New York City from the Bad Guys” into her handbag one day before work for her to discover and maybe cry about late
  • rosa is amy’s sergeant and running their precinct is just the first step in eventually taking over the world together, honestly name a more iconic duo
  • as much as jake loves to watch his wife get undressed, he can’t think of anything sexier than watching her put on her captain’s uniform from their bed in the morning
    • well apart from maybe amy straddling his lap and making out with him on the couch in her captain’s uniform after she comes home from work
    • and what happens after that when they take it to the bedroom
  • amy “fun but not too fun” santiago of course allows Shannanigans of the jimmy jab variety to occasionally happen at her precinct; the extent of her competitiveness never fails to amaze her squad
  • jake seizes the opportunity to get to know kevin better because “kev, both our spouses are captains now, we have so much in common we’re practically the same person!” “are we really”
  • gina gifts amy the extensive Classified Intel that she’s compiled over the years from her various networks in how to improve the efficiency of a precinct/the flaws and leadership methods of other nypd captains/ the best cookie recipe to give her a headstart in Succeeding at this captaining business
  • basically under captain amy santiago the 99 is the most efficient, well run, successful precinct in brooklyn, nay the city, and jake’s so proud of her and also i am so proud of her goodbye
  • <p> <b></b> *Rose is sneaking up behind the Doctor, planning to scare him*<p/><b>Doctor:</b> Don't even think about it.<p/><b>Rose:</b> How'd you know it was me?<p/><b>Doctor:</b> I'm a Timelord, I know everything. Now where have you been?<p/><b>Rose:</b> I thought you knew everything?<p/></p>
Who you are- Jeffmads- Chapter two- High school fic

Chapter one

James frowned as he walked into the school with John and Alex at his sides. See, the thing about high school movies, is they make it seem as if it’s always one bully that’s leading the crowd to hate the protagonist. But in real life, sometimes everyone just hates you. Sometimes it’s because of a mess up, sometimes it’s just who you are. But as long as you got that one friend who will support you, you usually end up okay. James had thought he had that with Thomas. But maybe not. Maybe he was just meant to die a slow and lonely death.

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The title of this week’s Doctor Who, World Enough and Time, is taken from the poem To His Coy Mistress by Marvell, which opens with the lines

Had we but world enough, and time,
This coyness, Lady, were no crime

It’s very much a “gather ye rosebuds while ye may” poem, where the speaker uses beautiful language to convince his “mistress” to love him now, before their time runs out. In the original poem, he’s pretty clearly talking about her sleeping with him (along the lines of Billy Joel’s “Only The Good Die Young”), but that’s an interpretation that doesn’t carry over well into Doctor Who, which is, after all, a childrens’ show, so we’ll take the much more loose idea of ‘love.’

The obvious allusion is to Missy and the Doctor. The poem is address to a “Mistress,” and the idea is that their time is running out. The original poem is about mortality, and given that the season finale is titled The Doctor Falls, I think we all know whose mortality we’re looking at here. The Doctor is hurrying towards his end, and it’s imperative that Missy decide whether or not she’s going to love him before then.

Given the arc we’ve seen for Missy this season, the choice facing her is whether or not she is going to be truly good, whether or not she is going to save people for the sake of saving them, or whether this all has been part of some wicked scheme. And if they had world enough and time, she could take the rest of her thousand years to sort that out, maybe longer. However, the Doctor is rapidly running out of time, and so Missy’s choice must be made quickly. All this leads me to believe that Missy will be placed in some situation where the Doctor is unable to save people, and she has to choose between her past (as personified by Simm) and her possible future (the ideals embodied in the Doctor). It will likely be a choice between action and inaction- whether she chooses to oppose Simm!Master and the Cybermen or simply lets them carry on with their destructive schemes, as she knows the Doctor is out of the picture and can’t stop them.