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(Pt2) Todos los días en la mñn piensa en lo rica q eres, si bien quizás no les vas a gustar a todos, mientras tú te sientas linda -recalco- sin importar si le vas a gustar a alguien O no, te vas a dar cuenta que poco a poco vas a empezar a quererte a ti misma, y un día, no muy lejano, todo t va a salir bien, t vas a agarrar al mino q t gusta.. y quizas q otra cosa quieras, pero eso. Quiérete wn, xq la belleza es subjetiva y si buscas agradarle al resto vai x mal camino, encuentra tu motivación

Graaaaaaacias por el consejo💓

Me: Honestly, Diego Luna is so pure.

Diego Luna: *literally is in a movie where all he does is fuck, drink and do drugs*

Me: So smol, so innocent.

Diego Luna: Talks about his Jabba kink.

Me: Ugh he’s so adorable.


[FULL Fancam] 161127 MONSTA X - “Me Gustas Tu” + “Dumb Dumb” + “Cheer Up” @ 1st Asia Fanmeeting in MANILA


Youmacon Photo Dump #3

More awesome cosplays I saw!

If any of these are you let me know and I’ll add a link to your page.

Flora Cosplayer- http://yoopergirl.tumblr.com/

Bloom Cosplayer- http://thebluewater7.tumblr.com/

Kuzco Cosplayer- http://distractinglysimple.tumblr.com/

Pacha Cosplayer- http://katesaidwhat.tumblr.com/

Bell Cosplayer- http://sweetstarfruit.tumblr.com/

Blair Cosplayer- http://rebellemaki.tumblr.com/

Death the Kid Cosplayer- http://margarettearthurkirkland.tumblr.com/

Neferpitou Cosplayer- http://nagareboshikirari.tumblr.com/

Hisoka Cosplayer- http://hydrahellion.tumblr.com/

Alluka Cosplayer- http://ask-reverse-gideon-pines.tumblr.com/


** - Smut.


Bucky Barnes

(Short Series)

No More Sex! | xxx  |  x ** | COMPLETED

Cine dracu esti tu? x | DISCONTINUED

I Told You So xx | x | COMPLETED

I Hate You, You And Your Beautiful Face.xx | DISCONTINUED

I’m Just Not Her.x | x | x | x | COMPLETED

Bucky x Reader x OlderBrother!Steve

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?xxxx | x | COMPLETED

(Prompts/Requests/Everything Else)

Put Your Pretty Little Lips Where They Should Be ** x |

Me Before You | x |

“I Love You Okay?? Happy Now?” | x |

I’ll Never Leave You | x |

Can You Guys Just Fuck Already?xx |

Think About What You’re Doing Before You Do Something Stupid!x |

I’m Never Sending You Nudes Againx |

Grind On Me Like You Grinded That Pillowx |

Baby You’re All Redx |

Pumpkin Fun | x |

I Wanna Fuck You Like An Animal.x |

Lance Tucker

Does Dating Me Really Embarrass You That Much? | x |

Pietro Maximoff

You Think I’m Sexy When I’m Jealous, Printsessa? | x |

Come Show Me How Much You Missed Me… | x |

Bleach fans (about the ending): Kubo sensei why did you do this to us?!
Kubo: because We do knot always love you.