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The Intuitive Bias

If you are…

ENTJ: You are an amazing lightning-calculator of optimal allocations of capital and labor resources in grand global corporate or military undertakings. Your only weakness is that you are just so amazing and competent at everything that you often lose track of your ~feelings~

ESTJ: You can be middle-management of an assembly line or a construction foreman or something.

INTJ: You are a strategic mastermind, quietly manipulating the course of external events from the shadows, smirking as your enemies trap themselves in your cleverly-laid invisible snares. Your mind is a labyrinthine complex of contingency plans and flexible strategies that allow you to overcome any challenges or obstacles.

ISTJ: You like to follow rules and you can organize calendars or whatever.

ENFJ: You are a giver, a wonderful friend, a diplomat using his intuitive understanding of interpersonal relations to manipulate the feelings of individuals and crowds for the greater good.

ESFJ: You’re good at organizing office birthday parties and book clubs.

INFJ: You have the righteous introspection of Jesus, the charisma and principles of Gandhi, and you are amazing at internalizing the pain of others and empathizing with their true struggles. The only dark side is that you might be so good at this that you become HITLER because you’re so devilishly smart and amazing.

ISFJ: You can bake cookies and take care of gardens.

ENTP: You are a clever, quick-witted inventor, endlessly creative with loopholes in systems of logic and always fast with a joking retort during a debate. You’re a whiz-bang lawyer or a famous entrepreneur, following your amazing vision.

ESTP: You can do x-treme sports and be a club promoter.

INTP: You can be an Einstein, a Darwin, a Dawkins, an amazing thinker, producing a formidable corpus of thought and theory that will influence science and philosophy for generations to come.

ISTP: You can fix cars.

ENFP: You are an inspirer, extremely perceptive of others’ thoughts and feelings, a revolutionary champion of the downtrodden, able to bring the best out of everyone, able to get people to open up like no other.

ESFP: You can party and dance.

INFP: Your richly developed inner values can blossom forth in an explosion of extraverted intuition to create new worlds and universes of indescribable beauty, and reveal an understanding of the workings of human feelings and ethics that is unrivaled. You are a beautiful soul that few can understand.

ISFP: You’re really sensitive and you can paint pictures :)

Originally from here, by /u/acornzyall on Reddit.

I think it does a good job of pointing out the flaws of how most MBTI descriptions are written, and I personally found it really funny. Of course, as you brilliant Sensors can attest, none of it is true. :)

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