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Sometimes I really want to meet idols, not to get an autograph or to shake their hand or let them know of my existence, but to make sure that someone has told them how important and special they are and make sure they feel appreciated for all their hard work. 

Watching the SM family grow over the years is just so rewarding and beautiful

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[ENG SUB] Luna’s Alphabet  EP. 17 Spectrum Behind the Scenes 


Click and Drag - SM High edition

  • Artists featured in this are BoA, DBSK, EXO, f(x), Girls’ Generation, Kangta, Red Velvet, SHINee, and Super Junior.
  • Teachers (which are the top four gifs) are Kangta, BoA, DBSK, Super Junior, and Girls’ Generation. it feels weird to make those artists (who are currently in their mid twenties to thirties) students
  • Students (the other six gifs) are SHINee, f(x), EXO, and Red Velvet
  • Former and subgroup members are included in this (so Zhoumi, Henry, JYJ, Han Geng, Jessica, etc.)

but did y'all see him?

my husband dj johnny was really out tonight y'all and im so emotional rn

and then key was really feeling himself and he was getting it like yes boy you better do a damn thing

and then amber and luna being the beautiful human beings that they are just snatched my soul

and jungmo was looking all types of good and slayed me boi


Spectrum Dance Music Festival - Dream Station Crew

It wasn’t normal

She became a fan.

Spanking to Luna.

And again… it was hot, right?

More spankings (nearly).

I don’t think they were drunk.

No, more than that (Don’t use drugs).

It is bad for healt.

You don’t know? Luna have the best fucking style of the world . Johnny approves it.

Friendly reminder to Hawaiian Kpop fans

Yes with most of Smtown being in Hawaii it is so exciting!!! But please remember they are on vacation! DO not follow them or stalk them let them rest and relax. If you happen to cross paths, sure say hi ask for a picture of whatever, but then let them be. Make this vaction an enjoyable one for them and try not to go too crazy!