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sm workshops get fuckin lit man


[NEWS] 'SM Station 2’ to release ‘Dear My Family’ featuring the entire SMTOWN, including Jonghyun

SM Station 2’s final song of 2017 will be a song with all the SM TOWN members.
The song “Dear My Family” will feature various SM Entertainment artists, and the MV will feature the entire SMTOWN family including Kangta, BoA, TRAX, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet, and NCT. It will also include the late Jonghyun, as the MV will show footage from ’SMTOWN LIVE TOUR V in Japan’ back in August.

The song will be released on the 29th at 6PM KST.

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SMTOWN - Dear My Family


171229 SMTOWN - ‘Dear My Family’ (Live Concert Version) MV


i kinda want to get to 1k followers this year so um, hi. i’m atar and i’m a kpop trash. my ult group is super junior. other faves are pentagon, wjsn, seventeen, monsta x, mamamoo, sistar, hyuna, jjcc (rip), trax (even more rip), the boyz… was produce 101 trash and i love rainz, wanna one, jbj, jung sewoon… currently watching the unit and crying over pretty much everyone there. will be watching idol producer for my ult produce guy jung jung ;^;
i love underrated groups (especially snuper, voisper, romeo, imfact, matilda, stellar… there are more but i can’t think of them. Edit: VAV!!! I can’t believe i forgot about them!!!) and always happy to know more so if you wanna recommend me some that would be welcome!
even though most of my fandoms are boygroups, girl groups are the best thing in the world and i love and protect all girl idols even if i don’t know them.
other than kpop i love youtubers (mainly dan and phil but many others as well), harry potter, generally reading and watching shows and movies etc.

i don’t always follow back BUT if you want me to just send me a message or an ask and i probably will (as long as you post about groups that i love ^^;)

idk i doubt anyone would actually follow me after this post but i’ll try anyways??

List of Foreign Kpop Stars

Okay, so I had yet to find a good list of Kpop stars that were born in other countries. This is a list that I managed to make with a whole lot of research. This is only for where they were born, and nothing after that. If you have anyone else to add/any corrections to make then please add them!!

Foreign kpop stars

Jessica (Former SNSD)
Krystal (Fx)
Tiffany (SNSD)
Amber (Fx)
Eric Nam
Kevin Woo (UKISS)
Eli Kim (UKISS)
Eric Mun (Shinhwa)
Yoon Mirae
Jessi H.O
Roy Kim
Danny Ahn
Brian Joo
Chae Dahee
Jay Kim (TRAX)
Nicole Jung (Former KARA)
Lee Changmin (2am)
Ok Nickhun (2pm)
Jay Park
Alex (RaNia)
Tina (Blady)
Coco (Blady)
Tia (Chocolat)
Aron (Nu'est)
Peniel (BtoB)
Cheska (Fiestar)
Cory (24K)
Moonchul (Royal Pirates)
James (Royal Pirates)
Sooyoon (Royal Pirates)
Mark (Got7)
Alex (High4)
Jay Kim (BTL)
Kasper (Play The Siren)
Joshua (Seventeen)
Vernon (Seventeen)

Henry Lau (Super Junior)
Kris (Former Exo-M)

Jang Hanbyul (Former Led Apple/LedT)
Rome (C-Clown)

Ayumi Itu (Sugar)
Kangnam (M.I.B)
Takuya (Cross Gene)
Hana (Skarf)
Rise (Ladies Code)
Momo (Twice)
Sana (Twice)
Mina (Twice)

Bambam (Got7)
Mint (Tiny G)

Jia (Miss A)
Fei (Miss A)
Tao (Former Exo-M)
Lay (Exo-M)
Luhan (Former Exo-M)
Casper (Cross Gene)
J.G (Cross gene)
Cao Lu (Fiestar)
Hui (24K)
Jackson (Got7)
Yixuan (UNIQ)
Wenhan (UNIQ)
Yibo (UNIQ)
Jun (Seventeen)
The8 (Seventeen)
Han Geng (Former Super Junior)

Alexander Lee Eusebio (Former Ukiss)

Isak (Isak n Jiyeon)

Tasha (Skarf)
Ferlyn (Skarf)

Tzuyu (Twice)

Spectrum Dance Music Festival - Dream Station Crew

It wasn’t normal

She became a fan.

Spanking to Luna.

And again… it was hot, right?

More spankings (nearly).

I don’t think they were drunk.

No, more than that (Don’t use drugs).

It is bad for healt.

You don’t know? Luna have the best fucking style of the world . Johnny approves it.

but did y'all see him?

my husband dj johnny was really out tonight y'all and im so emotional rn

and then key was really feeling himself and he was getting it like yes boy you better do a damn thing

and then amber and luna being the beautiful human beings that they are just snatched my soul

and jungmo was looking all types of good and slayed me boi