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Seventeen Vocal Unit’s Reaction to Seeing Their Trans Boyfriend In His Binder (for the first time)

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He would be a little shy at first, quietly admiring you from wherever he was seated when you walked in. After a while, he would out right tell you how handsome you looked like this - later on boasting about you to the other members, bragging about how beautiful his boyfriend is. 

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When he saw that you were wearing a proper binder and not using anything dangerous to bind, he would be all smiles. He was curious about your method of binding beforehand, but now all his worries were put to rest knowing that you were doing it safely. 

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Trust is something big in your relationship, so he would be ecstatic that you were showing this more vunerable side of yourself to him. This would be a big milestone for the both of you and he would most likely cancel any plans for the rest of the day just to be with you.

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He would honestly be so happy and smiley, pulling you into a warm hug and resting his chin on top of your head. “Ahh, you look so handsome baby!” He may even get a bit emotional but he wouldn’t show it, just incase you thought he was crying for another reason. 

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If he could see that you were nervous showing him, he would try and lift the mood with a little bit of humour. “God, do they only come in that nude colour? I think we need to get you a rainbow one. We definitely need to get you a rainbow one.” He would immediately take your hand and start dancing around the room, singing about how much he loves you and how good you look.

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Shownu is randomly sleeping on the floor and this is what Wonho does to him

(1) Hyunwoo who is contemplating about what birthday gift to give Kihyun
(2) No wait should I give him a straw wrapper~?
(3) No wait let’s give him high quality toothpaste
(4) Oh then let’s actually just give him a toothbrush
(5) No, no in the winter, it should be sunscreen
(6) Actually as expected, shoehorns are it (feat. stylist)

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MONSTA X Family Tree according to the members

Grandmother: Wonho
Mom: Kihyun
Dad: Shownu
1st Son: Minhyuk
2nd Son: Hyungwon
3rd Son: Changkyun
Youngest Daughter: Jooheon

Grandmother: Minhyuk
Mom: Kihyun
Dad: Shownu
1st Son: Wonho
2nd Son: Hyungwon
3rd Son: Jooheon
Youngest Daughter: I.M

Grandmother: I.M
Mom: Kihyun
Dad: Shownu
1st Son: Hyungwon
2nd Son: Jooheon
3rd Son: Minhyuk
Youngest Daughter: Wonho

Grandmother: Shownu
Mom: Me (Kihyun)
Dad: Hyungwon
1st Son: Jooheon
2nd Son: I.M!
3rd Son: Wonho
Youngest Daughter: Minhyuk

Grandmother: Kihyun
Mom: Kihyun
Dad: Shownu
1st Son: Hyungwon
2nd Son: Minhyuk
3rd Son: Jooheon Changkyun (twins)
Youngest Daughter: Wonho

Grandmother: Hyungwon
Mom: Kihyun
Dad: Shownu
1st Son: Wonho
2nd Son: Jooheon
3rd Son: Minhyuk
Youngest Daughter: I.M

Grandmother: Minhyuk
Mom: Shownu
Dad: Kihyun
1st Son: Hyungwon
2nd Son: Jooheon
3rd Son: me (I.M)
Youngest Daughter: Hoseok

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[TRANS] Luna’s Instagram Live

I’m currently playing Soojung’s song on infinite repeat, so everyone put it on infinite repeat with me! It’s our Soojungie’s first solo in a long time, so please give lots of love! She’s our maknae~

Our members always contact each other, and Amber unnie is in LA now, she’s having a good time with her family.

We’ll comeback soon, please support us, and if you mention f(x) lots, our company will probably let us comeback sooner.

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watching yuri!!! on ice
  • me : mm mhm MHHHHM wait what, you're telling me this is a sports anime?
  • me : lolwut m8 they are g-a-y
  • me : wait do straight people do that
  • me : wait do straight people do THAT
  • me : ohmygod this is super frickin gay
  • me : victor, please stop eye-fucking yuri and thank you
  • me : victor! stop touching him so much and get your hand off his chin RIGHT NOW
  • me : *chanting* kiss,kiss,kiss! just tip a bit over and kiss him!
  • me : my sweet summer children, you have now fueled my descent into hell
  • me :
  • me :
  • me : thank you for ruining my life i guess
Which MONSTA X member will suit the following colours?

OP said this is related to a psychology test. These are what the colours represent.

Red - The person who would help me no matter what
Orange - The person that I like
Purple - Rival
White - My other half

Red: Jooheon
Orange: I.M
Purple: Wonho
White: Hyungwon

Red: Jooheon
Orange: Hyungwon
Purple: Shownu
White: Wonho

Red: Jooheon
Orange: Changkyunie, Kihyunie
Purple: Changkyunie
White: Me, Wonho

Red: Jooheonie
Orange: Minhyukie
Purple: Wonho hyung
White: Kihyun ❤

Red: Wonho, Shownu
Orange: Jooheon
Purple: Kihyun
White: I.M, Minhyuk

Red: Jooheon
Orange: Kihyun
Purple: Hyungwon
White: Wonho

Red: Jooheon
Orange: Kihyun
Purple: I.M
White: I.M

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Jack loved nothing more than the way Bitty could perch on his hips.  He was small enough to fit perfectly there, like he belonged nowhere else.  Jack loved nothing more than being able to rest his hands at the curve of Bitty’s waist as his boyfriend chattered about his day, his classes, who said what and, “bless her heart but she has no idea who she’s dealing with.”

Jack couldn’t get enough of the cute way Bitty would put a hand to his chest, shake his head back and forth, dark eyes wide, sun from the window glinting off his freckles.

There were few things in his life that had ever truly made Jack happy.  Not just content, not just fulfilled, but happy.  The warm, soft feeling in the centre of his chest that was more than just belonging.  He could count two hands, really, how many times he’d felt it.

The first time his dad had called him son without hesitation–with certainty and pride in his tone.

Leaving his first history class at Samwell and knowing that for all he missed hockey, there was something else he was allowed to love as well.

Walking across the stage at Graduation knowing he’d earnt all of that on his own–not on his dad’s name, not on his reputation.  Something that was just his.

Kissing Bittle in his old room, and knowing he still had a chance.  He hadn’t missed out.

Scoring his first NHL goal, holding that puck in his hand after the game and knowing that while he might be in the NHL because of his father, he would show he could earn his right to be there as he was.

And then there was this.  Then there were the quiet, lazy afternoons between games on his sofa, with Bitty in his lap exactly where he belonged.  There was the faint scent of pie–baked earlier and cooling on the counter.  The afternoon sun was warm through the blue curtains Bitty picked out when they were decorating.  Everything in this place had Bitty’s touch, and Jack didn’t think it felt like home until one day he opened up his dresser drawer and saw a stack of Bitty’s shorts there.  And in the bathroom, where a second toothbrush sat next to his.  And a small pair of trainers by the door–not as worn as his own, but used.  Used on Providence pavement, with the promise they would be used again.

Yes.  This is what he lived for.  The rest were just…details.

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Fan Heart Attack Idol TV with MONSTA X (Unseen Cut)

ENG TRANS (UNSEEN CUT from 0:54 - 3:50)

Minhyuk: We will be beginning the game,  starting now.

Minhyuk: Ya, shownu-ya! ya..

Shownu: if you’re going to start the game, tap me like this so i know, otherwise I won’t know

Minhyuk: Hahahaha okay, okay shownu-ya.

Minhyuk: answer me right now, do you like me?

Shownu to kihyun: answer me right now, do you like me?

Minhyuk: oooohh

Shownu: answer me right now, do you like me?

Kihyun to jooheon: immediately Give me/feed me black bean noodles, do you like me?

Minhyuk: ah, this must makes sense.

Jooheon to I.M: immediately Give me/feed me black bean noodles, do you like me?

I.M to Hyungwon: chicken fight/fighting, do you like me?

Hyungwon to Wonho: chicken fight/fighting, do you, do you like me?

Wonho: from the beginning i liked you

Minhyuk: the answer is - paper reads answer me right now do you like me?


Kihyun: look (at my lips), does it look like (I’m saying ) black bean noodles?