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Post-Reveal hand holding leading to Sunshine Child making little observations about his cute little Love Bug<3

Never make fun of the smols, they’re feisty<3

«also inspired by a convo with my girlfriend❤️ she hates it when I mention how smol she is lol»

So I’ve preordered these two and according to Hot Toys at Sideshow Collectibles (whos attention to accuracy and detail are in-fucking-credible) these are their canon heights at 1/6″ the scale. At full scale, Kylo would stand at about 6′5″ (with the boots), Rey at 5′6″, 5′7″. So in TLJ, if they stand next to eachother, she would look so tiny compared to him. And I’m fuckin living for it UGH <3

Smol x Tol Prompts

Request from Anon, I hope you like them!!

- Smol tries to pick up Tol the way Tol picks up Smol

- Smol is the stronger one out of the two

- Tol is the one who scares easily while Smol is ready to fight everyone and everything

- Tol lowers themselves to Smol’s height and they are astonished at how short the Smol one actually is

- Smol is the one who takes no shit while Tol is the one who gets walked over by everyone so Smol teaches Tol how to stand up for themselves

- Smol wears Tol’s T shirt as a dress one day and Tol think Smol is absolutely adorable

- Smol dyes their hair crazy colours so Tol can find them in a sea of people

- Smol hops on Tol’s back everytime to greet them

- Smol is ready to fight someone who is bigger than Tol and Tol has to intervene and pick Smol up fireman style and carry them out of the vicinity

- Tol always goes to high five Smol but Tol’s reach is too far up, so Tol adjusts their high five reach and goes lower, and since this happens so often it becomes a natural reflex for Tol to give ‘low fives’ even with people who are the height as Tol

- Smol sits on Tol’s lap and Smol is the perfect size and when people realize this, they always take pictures of them together

- Smol and Tol have children and all the children are Tol and the Smol parent always gets over shadowed in the pictures, it happens so much that it becomes a running joke

- Smol gets a ridiculously tall hat, put it on and tells Tol, that they are now taller than them

- Smol loves to be the small spoon because they love Tols arms wrapping around them

- Smol and Tol take the cutest pictures of Tol holding Smol up off the ground


“Oh no, he’s hot.” - Ruby Rose

Thanks to @miraculouscorazone for pitching this idea to me.