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The Night Before (SMUT WARNING) - Jai Courtney

This part is set the night before the first chapter, ‘The Morning After’. I wasn’t originally going to do this but I had a feeling that someone would ask me to do it and someone messaged me mentioning that they would like to see what happened the night before :) so here it is!

Word Count: 2159
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Jai’s feet were resting on the coffee table when you got home. He greeted you with a smile and muted the television show he was watching. “Hey, baby. How was work?”

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Tony: What exactly am I in this future of yours?

The Winter Soldier: You’re James Barnes’ spouse and second-in-command.

Tony: [Shaking his head, not pleased to hear that] No, I…

[looks at Bucky]

Bucky: What?

Tony: [to Bucky] You’re a mess.

Bucky: Hey, you’re not exactly my type, either.

a fake deep guys guide to cinema

i’m trying to put together a list for a very specific purpose, a purpose that concerns movies that a certain type of guy is overtly infatuated with. the kind of guys perhaps best described as “try hard” or “fake deep”.
note that inclusion on this list does not mean that the movie is bad, but I cannot be the only one who has noticed a certain kind of guy and an obsession with these movies.
please feel free to add movies that you think fit the profile, or argue why one should be excluded.

Fight Club
The Fountain
Everything Tarantino
Gone Girl
The Dark Knight
American History X
American Beauty
American Psycho
Blade Runner
V for Vendetta
Léon: The Professional


She’s different.

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Tony finding out Brock is slowly dying


*takes deep breath*

Well. Okay then.

Tony doesn’t–

He should call Pepper. He really needs to call Pepper. And. Apologise. Yeah. Apologise sounds about right. For all that. All that shit he’s put her through. He really, really hasn’t given her enough credit, has he? He should–

Breathe. He should probably breathe first.

“You alright, boss?” FRIDAY asks with a concerned lilt.

But Tony can’t really focus on that. He’s too busy staring at his trembling hands, willing them to stop their stupid shaking. Willing his mind to shut the fuck up for once.

Of course it doesn’t listen. Whispers numbers and statistics he doesn’t want to hear back instead. Estimated chances of success that are too low to be worth the price, likelihoods of recovery that make Tony want to throw up.

He does.

Tony is running on two strawberries and half a cup of coffee, so it’s actually more of a dry-heaving that’s so painful it makes his body convulse and brings tears to his eyes. It doesn’t stop the numbers from running behind his closed eyelids.

His throat aches and his lips feel like sandpaper. He splashes his face with water. It doesn’t help.

“Boss? There someone I can call for ya?” FRIDAY asks. There’s definite worry in her voice now.

Tony doesn’t answer.

Runs the numbers again instead. Facts he’s pulled from book, websites, doctors. He hasn’t slept in over a day. The numbers won’t let him. And Tony knows, on some level, that this, this is why Brock–Rumlow, it’s Rumlow–hasn’t told him.

But he doesn’t care. Doesn’t care about proving Bro–Rumlow wrong. Not when–

Not when.

There’s no one to fight, is the thing. No enemy safe for the very body that keeps him alive in the first place. For now.

Tony turns around. Reaches for the whiskey.

“Boss, I d–”



Some eight hours later Tony throws back two aspirin and a big glass of water. Ignores the seven unanswered calls from Br–Rumlow. Pulls up a new hologram.


Because he’s Tony Stark and he built himself a heart out of scraps of metal in a damn cave. When he doesn’t like the numbers he’s given, he fucking makes himself new ones.

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Hey, I'm pretty new to xmen, but Kurt is 1000% my fave. I was wondering which comics I should read to get more of his story! I love your blog too great stuff

Okay, first of all: there are too many books he appears in, so I just tried to list some important ones (and this not even close to listing everything!) And if you want to simply read books he is in, you really need to go through many team books.

The easy part, Nightcrawler series:

- Nightcrawler (1985-1986) - 4 issue
- Nightcrawler Vol 2 (2002-2002)- 4 issue
- Nightcrawler Vol 3 (2004-2006) - 12 issue
- Nightcrawler Vol 4 (2014-2015) - 12 issue

- X-Men: Manifest Destiny Nightcrawler #1 (May, 2009)
- X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler #1 (May, 2010)


Some important appearance/story from the beginning until now:

- Uncanny X-Men: start with his first appearance in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975) but I’d say read UXM of 80’s.
(AND/OR read Classic X-Men, which is a reprint of uncanny issues, but with new panels/stories!
-Classic X-Men #1-45,
-X-Men Classic #46-110)

- Excalibur (1988-1998) - a must

(After Excalibur he’s in Uncanny X-Men again - from 1998, so you can continue here )

- in 2003 he gets an origin story ‘Draco’ in Uncanny X-Men by Chuck Austen (but you need to know, it’s one of the most hated X-Men stories. For reasons.)
Chuck Austen’s run on UXM: #410-441, and Draco: #428-434 (2003)
(And before Chuck Austen, the priest story happend.)

- Uncanny X-Men by Chris Claremont from #444 (2004) (better story, good art)

- X-Men: Second Coming related books (2010) - (he dies here)

- Amazing X-Men (2014) 19 issues (resurrected) - a must
( the last solo series begins in 2014 too)

- Extraordinary X-Men (2015) -  (it’s not the best Nightcrawler story again…)

- X-Men Gold - current X-book  - (it’s ok so far)


Significant Issues: (by marvel universe wiki)

Killed foster brother (X-Men Annual #4, 1980);
first joined X-Men (Giant-Size X-Men #1, 1975);
first used image inducer (Classic X-Men #4, 1986);
first blended with shadows (X-Men #102, 1976);
first encountered Mystique (X-Men #141, 1981);
injured by Marauders (Uncanny X-Men #211, 1986);
co-founded Excalibur (Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn, 1988);
regained full powers (Excalibur #37, 1991);
formed N-Men (Excalibur #45, 1991);
learned Mystique is mother (X-Men Unlimited #4, 1994);
rejoined X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #360/X-Men #80, 1998);
first seen studying for priesthood (X-Men #100, 2000);
first encountered Supreme Pontiff (Uncanny X-Men #400, 2001);
quit priesthood (Uncanny X-Men #419, 2003);
learned Azazel is father (Uncanny X-Men #432, 2003);
died (X-Force #26, 2010)


A few issues I can think of and recommend:

(there’s definitely much more!)

- Amazing Spider-man 161 & 162  (1976)
- Guardians Team-Up #6 (2015)
- Deadpool/Spider-Man  #14 (2016)
- Deadpool (2012) #27 (wedding)
- Nation X #1 (2009) - (road trip)
- Wolverine (2003) #6 - (I don’t need to say anything here :D)
- Axis revolution #2
- Classic X-Men #4 - The Big Dare!
- Male Bonding (Marvel Comics Presents, #101 - 108) (with Wolverine)
- Wolverine weapon X #16 (2009)
- Death of Wolverine: Life after Logan (2014)
- Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #17 (2017)
- Exiles #28-30 (2001) - (meets his daughter from another universe)
- Bizarre adventue  #27 (1981) (mentioned in his first solo series)
- What If? Vol 2 #98 (if Mystique had raised Kurt)
- Uncanny X-Men #204


A comic made exclusively for the movie: X-Men 2 (2003):

X-Men 2: Nightcrawler - Official Movie Prequel


Alternate univers Kurt

(this is not in order)

- Kurt Darkholme / Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler (Killer version of Nightcrawler):
Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 ,
X-Termination 1 & 2,
Age of Apocalypse Vol 1,
Astonishing X-Men Vol 3

- Kurt Waggoner (Kid version of Nightcrawler):
X-Treme X-Men Vol 2
Astonishhing X-Men Vol 3


And lastly here’s another longer list of important issues about Kurt that are worth a read:



I hope it helps. If anyone wants to add something to the list, please do!
I might’ve made mistakes; in that case let me know.


Sins of the Father

Hancock, Ada, and Cass discover the Robobrain facility and confront the Mechanist.

Accompanying Music: MGSV - Sins of the Father - Donna Burke



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