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With a loud noise, the door is thrown opened so violently, Bruce is surprised it doesn’t fly off entirely. Then again, he probably mesured the power of his kick to perfection.


Face going from surprised to pure joy in record time, Jon runs and throws himself at his father, his small arms instantly snaking around Clark’s neck, holding on as tight as he can.

Behind them, Lois releases a sigh of relief, smiling a tired but true smile as Diana comes to join her.

“I knew you’d come save us,” the little boy mumbles happily in his neck. Bruce can hear Clark breathing him in as he holds his son close, hand protectively cupping the back of his head, his tensed shoulders finally relaxing.

“I’m sorry I took so long, Champ,” he whispers, landing a kiss in Jon’s hair. His eyes open, then, immediately focusing on Lois. She looks back at him with a grin.

“Hi, honey. Guess what happen to us?,” she jokes, winning her an amused look from both the Bat and the Amazon.

“Are you - ”

“I’m fine,” she quickly reassures him, walking from the other end of the basement and towards them.

She meets him halfway and grips his wrist, closing the distance between them and gently soothing his worried brow with her fingers. “We’re both fine, I promise.”

One hand moving to Jon’s back, she smirks. “Now let’s go: I can hear Arthur losing his temper with those assholes in the other room.”

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I apologize for the humungo post, I wanted all the images together in a master post instead of separate installments.

Remember the Jedi Knight Japanese Dictionary I posted about, with the artists Chifuyu Sasaki and Naoko Kawano? Well, @ciette on tumblr actually purchased the book (so lucky!) and was so kind in letting me see the inside by scanning all the A/P images. I haven’t gotten the book myself yet (I will someday, hopefully) but getting these scans was a major relief as I’m not all over the place wondering what I was missing out on. To top it off, it was right near my birthday; such a great gift! I wanted to post these one the 16th but circumstances made it too difficult. I’m just happy all over. I did my best; ran them through lots of filters, and with some personal touches, I think I just about re-created the look as they are in the book.

For more inside, check out ciette’s post as she also shares images from the Padawan Learners Dictionary. :D

Lots of Love.  { Yet More Scans From The Dictionary ;) } 

You know what I need for Sansa Stark in the future? Direwolves. She can never marry again and I will even learn how to live without her being queen in the north. But give the lady some direwolves to fill the whole in her heart Lady left. Three cute direwolves named Steel, Ivory and Porcelain that follow her everywhere and growl at everyone who raises their voices to her. Give the woman some direwolves to make her feel safe and loved again

Clark Kent - “I just couldn't be alone tonight”

A/N: Just a little something that came to me in the middle of the night whilst half asleep. What could happen when Clark’s significant other finds out he’s Superman.

You’d been dating Clark Kent for about 6 months now after meeting at the Daily Planet where you wrote an entertainment column. Clark loved your writing, but most of all loved the fact that it didn’t take you to any of the dangerous places he and the other journalists would sometimes get sent.

While you’d been taking the relationship slowly, things were starting to feel serious. You’d never spent a night together, but you knew Clark would do anything for you. In fact you’d become the ‘it’ couple at the paper.

The fact that you’d never spent the tonight together made it all the more worrying when Clark appeared on your doorstep at 11 at night, frantically hoping he wasn’t going to wake you.

“Clark?” you asked sleepily, opening your door.

“I’m so sorry, yn, I just couldn’t be alone tonight.”

You stepped aside and let him wander into your apartment. He was so exhausted, not at all how he normally seemed. Around you, he was always upbeat, his whole face radiating life and joy. At work he was serious, yet confident and sure. Now he looked defeated.

“Tea?” you asked heading to the kitchen, not sure what else to do with your boyfriend at this point.

“Yeah, thanks,” he responded, trailing after you and slouching against the worktop.

“Clark, what’s wrong?”

He looked up at you, brows pulled seriously together.

“You ever have a moment, where you’re trying to do the right thing, and so sure you’re doing everything you can to help but the whole world seems to be pushing back? You’re doing everything in your power to be good and righteous and everyone tells you you’re wrong. That you’ll never be good. Like yourself isn’t enough?” he cocked his head to the side, eyes still on you waiting for a response.

“I get the world not seeming to work in your favour, but how could anyone not see the good in you? You’re so sweet and kind.”

Clark opened and closed his mouth, clearly debating with himself what he should tell you, before deciding on, “if I tell you my greatest secret, do you promise you won’t treat me any differently?”

“Clark, you’re scaring me,” you said, ignoring the hissing of the boiled kettle behind you. “Of course I won’t treat you differently, as long as you don’t me.”

He bowed his head and removed his glasses, pinching the bridge of his nose before slowly looking back up at you.

“I’m Superman,” he said, not quite making eye contact.

You stepped closer to him. Reaching out a hand you tilted his head up until his eyes met yours. They were tinged with worry and sadness.

“Oh Clark,” you sighed out, before pulling him in to rest his head on your shoulder. “Whatever else you may be, you’re still my boyfriend and a good man. I’ve never once heard of Superman doing anything but the right thing, and saving lives. Anyone who says otherwise is a prejudiced fear monger.”

“You still like me?” he asked moving away slightly.

“Of course I do. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve noticed the similarities between you and Superman before. I mean, you’re my boyfriend, and our paper prints plenty of pictures of the other guy. Part of me didn’t believe you could be, the other part of me knew if it was true you’d tell me in time.”

“But, all this power, you’re not scared?”

“In what world would I ever be scared of you? Just because you’ve now told me, it doesn’t somehow make you a different person. You’re still Clark Kent, and I still love you,” you gently placed your hands either side of his face. “You’d never hurt me,” you whispered, lightly brushing your lips over his.

He lifted his hands to your back, holding you close and briefly deepened the kiss.

“So, do think I could stay the night?” he half smiled, the exhaustion on his face now tinged with relief.

“Of course,” you smiled back, taking his hand and forgetting all about the half made tea.

The Next Step

Prompt: The readers apartment complex was bought out by a different company and rent is being raised too high for them to afford - Clark invites them to move in with him, fluff ensues!

Prompt Request # 25: Requested by my babe @floral-and-fine - “Move in with me?”

Pairing: Clark Kent X Reader

Warnings: Nothing - Absolutely the purest fluff I’ve ever written

Originally posted by supescavilll

“That’s awful mean of them.” Clark grumbled, the worried burrow on his brow took over his normally sweet expression. “Surely can’t be legal either.. I could probably do some snooping, post a little piece with the paper and make sure they don’t gouge your purse.”

A smile crept onto your lips as the man spoke, he had such a kind heart. You were currently in a bit of a predicament. Your current land-lord sold the apartment complex you lived in to a cooperation. They were going to be doing some major renovations and rent was going to make an incredibly high jump. A jump you most certainly weren’t comfortable making.

In the mindset of making a bad night better, you had called up your loving boyfriend and told him you were coming over. So not only were you greeted at his front door by that gorgeous smile and curly locks of hair but also by the smell of freshly baked cookies. It was hard to figure out which one was sweeter, the cookies or Clark? Clark.. definitely Clark.

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