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djsaxby16  asked:

Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask, what did you think of the Midvale episode? I feel like I’m alone on this, but I didn’t care for it that much. I just really wanted the episode to be about Kara consoling Alex, and we got maybe three minutes of that. Idk, what do you think?

Nine minutes actually. And oh, what a glorious nine minutes they were. (I actually edited out all the flashback bits for a few other people, but here’s a link to that file for anyone else who wants it)

But I AM gonna disagree with you on the episode as a whole, because I loved it.

Don’t get me wrong, it was really shitty writing, and it’s telling which characters this show chooses to kill off, but I really liked the character-building it did for young Kalex, and what it means for present-Kalex.

From a writer’s perspective, it’s given me a literal shit-ton of new bits and pieces to pull a hundred new story ideas from.

And from a fan’s perspective, I’m actually really glad the episode wasn’t just Alex being heartbroken over Maggie for forty minutes, and instead used that time to show us that their connection and their love for one another was something they wanted, something they chose.

Their relationship wasn’t built from the circumstances of their living arrangements.

Alex wasn’t just following her mother’s orders to love Kara.

And Kara didn’t find a home in Alex just because she was scared of being alone, and Alex was a convenient option.

I liked this episode because it reaffirms that Alex and Kara chose to be what they are. No body forced them, and it wasn’t reactionary.

They wanted this. They wanted them.

I just don’t think anything could’ve been more beautiful than that.

Plus it gave us this wonderful little exchange:

16-year-old Kara: “Normal for humans. I’m literally bulletproof.”

Eliza: “And you literally need to be educated.”

Final Fantasy In A Nutshell
  • Final Fantasy I - Four Heroes Break A Time Loop
  • Final Fantasy II - Star Wars Where The Emperor Dies And Then Comes Back As The Devil And Then Dies Again And Then Comes Back As God And Then Gets Killed By Obi-wan
  • Final Fantasy III - Four Orphans Fight A Man Who Threw A Hissy Fit Over His Inheritance
  • Final Fantasy IV - Star Wars But The Emperor Is  A Space Ghost On The Moon
  • Final Fantasy V - Evil Giving Tree And His Gay Lover Fight A Confused Harem Protagonist And His Princesses
  • Final Fantasy VI - Star Wars But The Emperor Is Killed And Replaced By The Joker Halfway Through, Racism is Bad
  • Final Fantasy VII - Eco-terrorists Recruit Man With Padded Resume, Discover Corporate Greed Has Caused Giant Meteor To Be Elected, Hold Recount
  • Final Fantasy VIII - A Group of Cadets Find Out They All Lived At The Same Orphanage: Amnesia To Blame, Lead May Be Dead
  • Final Fantasy IX - Star Wars But The Main Characters Are Either Clones Or Princesses
  • Final Fantasy X - Daddy Issues, the Real Sports Story, With Special Guest Christian Guilt Complex
  • Final Fantasy XI - Giraffe And Friends Stop The Writer From Erasing This Game
  • Final Fantasy XII - Star Wars But Half The Bad Guys Aren’t Actually That Bad.  Except Judge Bergan, That Guy Is A Dick
  • Final Fantasy XIII - Being The Chosen One Will Kill Your Dating Life
  • Final Fantasy XIV - Heroes Saved The World From Bad Gameplay, Bugs
  • Final Fantasy XV - A Bachelor Party Goes Very Badly

when you start shipping something out of nowhere

It’s Chloé’s fault

She and Adrien are friends

She doesn’t get along with Marinette

Chloé’s friendship with Adrien causes Nino and Adrien to become friends 

That her treatment of Marinette causes Marinette and Alya become friends

That a misunderstanding happens between Adrien and Marinette 

Which causes Nino to give advice to his new friend 

and Marinette to become Ladybug to save her new friend 

Which overall results in Marinette and Adrien falling in love with each other 


I decided I wanted to draw my own reveal. Naturally after this point, Marinette acts totally awkward around Chat now that she knows his secret identity.

Cloud Strife:
“Here I met a Flower Girl.
She’s a girl with impressive eyes.
She’s around my age, or elder by one or two years.
But the innocent radiance in her eyes simply makes her suddenly look younger.
Aerith Gainsborough: ”Excuse me, what happened?”
She asked me the question, and then I bought a flower from her, which is rare in Midgar.
Maybe she’s pleased that the flower was sold, because the worried look on her face had vanished.
If this smile costs only one gil, it is a good purchase.”
~Final Fantasy VII Dismantled; Square Enix