x s1 two


I’m going to feel so sad after the last episode of Skam airs. After that, Skam is done, no more waiting for chats, or clips, or YouTube videos or an Instagram post.. 😭😭

I’ve been a Skam fan for about a year now and I know it seems short but I’m going to feel so lost and empty, I know I sound quite dramatic right now but ever since I’ve been a fan, my world has revolved around Skam, I wake up and always go through the (sometimes shitty)day and be patient because I know, at the end of a day, there will always be a clip (unless u know, it’s the end of the season or a hiatus), either a short or a long one and I will always be satisfied. I will miss feeling of angst and the main character’s heartbreak during the middle of the season. I will also miss waking up around 4 am just to watch the Friday episode on YouTube. (Damn you time zone)

I’m surely going to miss the Evak fluffiness, Sana’s badass-ness, Noora’s red lipstick, Vilde’s accidental obnoxious-ness, Magnus’ bluntness, Jonas’ friendship with Isak, Chris Berg’s spoon thingy but let’s faces it, we’re all going to miss everything about skam 💔😭😪

🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 💔💔 😭😭


Philippe & Henriette → 1x08 (Versailles 2015)

- You can still say no.

 - I want to go.

 -But why? 

- Because he asked me to…