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Hah, I didn’t even remember that Gajevy week was going on until now! But I guess this works for that too lol

commission for @lanaya-lavellan for sick!levy

rating: k+ for swearing 

paring: gajevy

characters: gajeel, levy, mention of lucy and unnamed nurse

prompt:  Person A is a doctor and Person B is their patient for one reason or another. Person B really really likes Person A, but Person A is oblivious to this. Person A does a physical examination, and they worriedly inform Person B that their heart rate/breathing rate is unusually high. Person B tries to think up of some lame excuse for that

tags: @spikerr, @fuckyeahgajevy

Levy pounded on her chest as she sat in the doctor’s office, letting out a cough that put her whole body in pain. She had been like this for a week, and hoped that it would let up soon. Levy was determined to tough it out because she hated going to the doctor, and she wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for her best friend’s coaxing to go. Levy blew her nose and placed the used tissue in the pile next to her and began to flip through a magazine.

After what felt like an hour later, the nurse called. “Levy McGarden?”

Levy stood, wiping her runny nose and coughing into her elbow. “Hi,” she said, walking over to the nurse. The woman nodded with a smile and led her to the height and weight room. Levy was the same weight and height she was last time, and that meant another while of being teased for her height. With a sigh, she was once again led to another room where the nurse asked her what felt like a million questions.

“Are you sexually active?” the nurse questioned, and Levy had to wonder if this had anything to do with a cold.

“N-No!” she practically shouted, which sent her into another fit of coughing, followed by a sigh when she finished.

“Alright,” the nurse said, typing a few things into her chart. Then she rose. “Doctor Redfox will see you in a moment.”

As she left, Levy giggled at the last name. Redfox. It must be some old guy with a long beard or an Irish guy. Finally her giggles died down when she had to blow her nose again, and Levy sat for a few moments before popping open a magazine. She read about her zodiac for the month before hearing a door open.

“Levy?” a deep voice asked, and Levy lowered her magazine to just about drop it.

She had surely never seen a doctor with piercings before.

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