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Gavin never lived in the US. He did plenty of jobs for Roosterteeth, the Fake AH crew and all the others, but his skill at hacking and coding meant that he never had to leave the UK.

Gavin had to work once with Jack and Geoff before the FAHC was formed and he really liked them and kinda started acting like their cyber stalker/friend. No one knows how he does the things he does. He even had the number to Griffons new burner phone, just a few minutes after she bought it. Still, hes harmless and useful and they can tell from the start he would stay on his side of the pond.

Gavin just messages Geoff sometimes at first, asking “would you rather” or “you get a million dollars but….” questions. Then he starts helping on jobs, disabling security and telling them where the police are. Geoff hired him on for a little less than he’s worth but Gavin didn’t even hesitate to accept. As soon as the crew takes over Achievement City, he bumps up his pay.

Gavin follows Jack as well. Gavin always connects to whatever car Jack is driving and tells bad jokes or plays the songs Jack has been humming all day. Jack rarely gets a red light, and cops always get called away on alarm calls before the crew hits an area. Gavin leaves little notes on Jack’s devices to say how awesome the driver is.

Geoff gets Microsoft paint doodles of dicks set as his background sometimes. To Geoff that’s just as nice as the compliment notes.

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Dig those X-Ray Bat-Glasses. 

It’s like some alternate universe where Bruce Wayne was the heir to The Wayne Novelty Company and equipped himself with all the stuff in their comic book mail-order ads to aid in his fight against crime. 

Ten bucks says there’s sneezing powder, pepper gum, and exploding cigarette loads in that utility belt.

Carl Burgos & Carl Hubbell, September 1966

These x-ray glasses are so cool!

Tina Nguyen
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Vintage photo of a woman posed beside the Mirror of San Sebastián, which, instead of reflecting back her youthful beauty, reveals the hideous skull beneath the skin.

Its origin unknown, the first written reference to the mirror places it in the possession of the Hermitage of El Rocío in 1486, where it was locked away to keep it from distressing visitors.

Though falling more into the category of “accursed object” than “practical medical imaging tool,” the Mirror of San Sebastián (also known as Satan’s Looking Glass) was employed by the Hospital de la Santa Creu in Barcelona, Spain from 1601 to 1773 to the benefit of tens of thousands of patients with skull injuries.

Purchased at auction in 1983, Baby Gruenwald keeps the mirror in the bathroom off his baroque dining room to totally mess with people.


How do you read a scroll that was buried and burnt by volcanic ash?

X-ray reading glasses.

In 1750, about 1,800 scrolls were unearthed from the ruins of the library of Herculaneum. Hercalaneum, like Pompeii, was destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupted, so the scrolls were a bit crispy. Try to unroll them, and they’ll just crumble.

BUT using super sensitive X-rays generated by a particle accelerator in France, scientists can detect changes in thickness where ink had been used to write letters. Now they hope to use a computer program to decode the letters - and republish texts that have been lost to the world.

Image: Salvatore Laporta/AP

Plain radiograph of a tibia in a patient who is skeletally mature, demonstrating expansion of the metaphysis and diaphysis, endosteal scalloping, and a ground-glass appearance of the matrix, this lesion is characterized by woven ossified tissue and extensive marrow fibrosis, mechanical quality of bones is decreased, as a consequence of this bone fragility, patients have an increased risk of fracture

Fake AH Crew: X-Ray’s Origins

A continuation of my Fake AH Crew AU: Orphan Brigade

It took them almost a week to notice that Ray couldn’t actually see anything. Without his memory, Ray had no idea what the world looked like when it was in focus, he simply assumed that everyone saw the same way that he did. They hadn’t realised that the boy was practically blind until Ryan had bought their new x-box and Ray had to input his name to make his profile.

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