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Gavin never lived in the US. He did plenty of jobs for Roosterteeth, the Fake AH crew and all the others, but his skill at hacking and coding meant that he never had to leave the UK.

Gavin had to work once with Jack and Geoff before the FAHC was formed and he really liked them and kinda started acting like their cyber stalker/friend. No one knows how he does the things he does. He even had the number to Griffons new burner phone, just a few minutes after she bought it. Still, hes harmless and useful and they can tell from the start he would stay on his side of the pond.

Gavin just messages Geoff sometimes at first, asking “would you rather” or “you get a million dollars but….” questions. Then he starts helping on jobs, disabling security and telling them where the police are. Geoff hired him on for a little less than he’s worth but Gavin didn’t even hesitate to accept. As soon as the crew takes over Achievement City, he bumps up his pay.

Gavin follows Jack as well. Gavin always connects to whatever car Jack is driving and tells bad jokes or plays the songs Jack has been humming all day. Jack rarely gets a red light, and cops always get called away on alarm calls before the crew hits an area. Gavin leaves little notes on Jack’s devices to say how awesome the driver is.

Geoff gets Microsoft paint doodles of dicks set as his background sometimes. To Geoff that’s just as nice as the compliment notes.

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These x-ray glasses are so cool!

Tina Nguyen
800-222-3539 (FLEX)

Kill Bill AU The Fanmix
Speak softly and carry a big sword. Contains Danger Mouse, The Black Keys, and Fever Ray.

Sixteen songs for when your fiancee gets possessed by the inter-dimensional demon you used to work for, tries to kill you at your wedding, and you wake up from a coma four years later hell bent on exacting some bloody revenge. Rick Sanchez is going to Kill Bill and this is the soundtrack he’s gonna do it to.

So y’all are mostly children and won’t remember this but this fucker right here was my shit when I was a dwarf. I loved the weekly world news when I was a kid and I read that shit every time we went to the grocery store, which is probably how I learned to speed read cause mom wasn’t buying me shit.

This shit was so dope. Hillary Clinton had an alien baby, Bat Boy led the troops to Bin Laden’s cave, people were kept as cryptid sex slaves … it was all the good stuff and they had those weird ass ads for x-ray glasses and shit that was an obvious scam like I remember one was like “$4 gets you a severed human hand! 100% authentic!” and I had a full-out meltdown cause I didn’t get $4.

Just  … you guys. Shout out to the Weekly World News for making what I am today.


How do you read a scroll that was buried and burnt by volcanic ash?

X-ray reading glasses.

In 1750, about 1,800 scrolls were unearthed from the ruins of the library of Herculaneum. Hercalaneum, like Pompeii, was destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupted, so the scrolls were a bit crispy. Try to unroll them, and they’ll just crumble.

BUT using super sensitive X-rays generated by a particle accelerator in France, scientists can detect changes in thickness where ink had been used to write letters. Now they hope to use a computer program to decode the letters - and republish texts that have been lost to the world.

Image: Salvatore Laporta/AP

Fake AH Crew: X-Ray’s Origins

A continuation of my Fake AH Crew AU: Orphan Brigade

It took them almost a week to notice that Ray couldn’t actually see anything. Without his memory, Ray had no idea what the world looked like when it was in focus, he simply assumed that everyone saw the same way that he did. They hadn’t realised that the boy was practically blind until Ryan had bought their new x-box and Ray had to input his name to make his profile.

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a post Tennessee Teacakes drabble in which Santa and his little elves get food poisoning and Mum thinks it’s all her fault


december 24, 2024

It’s a record breaking blizzard this Christmas Eve. With airports closed from Boston to Charlotte, thousands of travelers are stranded for the holiday. The question on every child’s mind? Can Santa’s sleigh brave the snow? Meteorologists say it’ll be a Christmas miracle! I’m Cesar Ramirez with 7 News. Claudia, back to you.

Grace sighs and looks away from her computer and back to her mixer, the brown sugar and butter creaming together nicely. She tries not to let the winter storm hitting the east coast get her down, but all the closings and delays meant her family wouldn’t be making their annual Christmas trek across the pond. With Anne and Robin in Wales with Gemma’s boyfriend’s family, this holiday is shaping up to be a quiet one in the Styles house.

(As quiet as it could be with three little boys running around.)

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Above: Have you ever had one of those dreams that you turn up to school and your lead suit turns to transparent glass? 

 The Chronological Superman 1959:
Although there are a few important landmarks in the comics, such as Supergirl’s debut (In Action Comics vol.1 No.252, May 1959), it’s the real world where the changes that most affect Superman’s course are taking place.

George Reeves, TV’s Superman and the walking, talking, breathing and smirking Man of Steel to an entire generation of kids, takes his own life on June 16, 1959. The impact this has on an entire generation and their parents cannot be overstated. Keep in mind that the parents of many of the kids who were addicted to the Superman TV show had, themselves, grown up listening to the adventures of Superman on radio or reading his comic book adventures.  Attempting to resolve, both intellectually and emotionally, the sad death of an invulnerable superhero may have had much to do with the increasingly lurid and complicated conspiracy theories which surrounded his passing, as it tends to do with any towering figure in the public consciousness who has died well before their time.

Meanwhile, Jerry Siegel very quietly returns to the offices at National Periodical. Obviously, his name wasn’t returned to the masthead – creators still weren’t credited at DC Comics in 1959 – and it would have been additionally unthinkable for Jack Liebowitz to give an inch to the man with whom he’d so often and so bitterly quarreled.

Siegel’s return to DC tends to be portrayed as a humbling event, with Jerry returning, tail between his legs, whipped into submission. Siegel’s simmering anger expressed in many late Seventies’ interviews reinforce the idea, but the fact was that Siegel had – from the start – a contentious and complicated relationship with Liebowitz (who was, at this time, more involved with the acquisition of distribution networks than the day-to-day running of the comic books). More than likely, Siegel was stung but no unhappier with this arrangement than he was with the original arrangement, and he was back doing what he was meant to do. Besides, resentful or not, he was going to leave his mark once again on the character he co-created.

Meanwhile, on the printed page…

Supergirl does indeed debut in May (stealing the thunder of Metallo’s non-comic strip debut in the same issue), and promptly settles into a recurring series in the back pages of Action Comics. Previous stabs at giving the Man of Steel a youthful sidekick were always handled tentatively, but the Girl of Steel is more-or-less locked in from the start (Even if the editorial team left themselves a way out by having Superman deposit his cousin at a rural, out-of-the-way orphanage. Had she failed to catch on, she would’ve probably been left there without any further explanation).

Making the rounds, Supergirl meets Krypto in Action Comics vol.1 No.258 (Nov 1959), Jimmy in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen vol.1 No.40 (Oct 1959) and picks up her own snooping love interest, Dick Wilson, in Action Comics vol.1 No.256 (Sep 1959). Meanwhile, Superboy meets Oliver Queen in Adventure Comics vol 1No.258 (Mar 1959), Lois Lane again in Adventure Comics vol 1 No.261 (Jun 1959), and has a bittersweet run-in with the Legion of Super-Heroes when they make their second-ever appearance in Adventure Comics vol 1 No.267 (Dec 1959).

This year seems to start the trend of explaining away every little question about how Superman’s powers and accoutrements work. Readers learn the secret of his X-ray-impervious glasses in Superboy vol.1 No 70 (Jan 1959), are introduced to the complexities of having un-cuttable hair in Superboy vol.1 No 76 (Oct 1959). These kinds of stories will become a big part of the Silver Age.

Luthor appears fairly frequently, including as “Kryptonite Man” in Action Comics vol.1 No.249 (Feb 1959). He also shows up in Action Comics vol.1 No.257 (Oct 1959), Action Comics vol.1 No.259 (Dec  1959), and World’s Finest Comics vol.1 No.100 (Mar 1959), in which Brainiac also makes an appearance by way of a flashback. Luthor also appears in World’s Finest Comics vol.1 No.104 (Sept 1959)

Bizarro crosses over to Superman’s world in Action Comics vol.1 No.254 (Jul 1959), and Bizarro-Lois in the followup issue, Action Comics vol.1 No.255 (Aug 1959). Along those lines, Superman and Lois meet another bizarre, backwards and misshapen duplicate of the Man of Steel – a personal favorite among the thousands of characters introduced in assorted Superman titles over the years, The Ugly Superman (Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane vol.1 No.8, Apr 1959).

Let’s talk about love: Lori Lemaris, Superman’s mermaid sweetheart, debuts in Superman vol.1 No.129 (May 1959), Lois’ sister and Jimmy’s on-again off-again girlfriend Lucy Lane appears for the first time in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen vol.1 No.36 (May 1959), and Pat Boone threatens to get in the middle of the Clark/Lois/Superman triangle during a guest-appearance in Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane vol.1 No.9 (May 1959).

And now let’s talk about primates: Beppo the Super-Monkey debuts in Superboy vol.1 No 76 (Oct 1959), and Titano the Super-Ape – complete with kryptonite vision – in Superman vol.1 No.127 (Feb 1959).

Mxyztplk is dead, long live MxyzPTlk! In Superman vol.1 No.131 (Sep 1959), the fifth-dimensional imp receives a name-change and a sort-of “clip show” detailing his many antics for the audiences who may’ve missed his last prior appearance in 1956.

Two last, notable events: Jimmy once again dons the stretchable garb of Elastic Lad in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen vol.1 No.37 (Jun 1959), while Red Kryptonite is now defined as causing “weird unpredictable effects”  in Action Comics vol.1 No.259 (Dec  1959) wherein Superman battles Superboy for the lives of Lana and Lois (it’s only a hallucination, it turns out)…

So You're Ready for Pregnancy... what now?

If you want to be as healthy as possible for pregnancy the first thing to consider is to get your weight steady. Fad diets that make you lose a bunch of weight fast will statistically speaking, not only can make you stop ovulating, but they can also make you gain weight again just as fast. Yo-yo weight loss and gain isn’t good for anyone. Instead, do little things to make you healthier. Visit my guide to healthy living for more tips. If you have a doctor who constantly talks to you about losing weight, you should probably consider losing them.

It’s a good idea to avoid foods that may be unsafe during pregnancy, especially if you haven’t done much research or don’t know what can be harmful during pregnancy. Here are some things that can be dangerous:

  • fish that could contain mercury
  • raw fish
  • undercooked meat
  • poultry
  • seafood
  • hotdogs
  • deli meats
  • refrigerated pates
  • soft-scrambled eggs
  • foods with raw eggs
  • unpasteurized milk
  • unpasteurized juice
  • raw vegetable sprouts
  • herbal supplements and teas
  • any foods that your family tends to have allergies to

There are some vitamin supplements that are good to take during pregnancy and while trying to conceive. The most important is folic acid. Folic acid when taken before pregnancy reduces the chances of many illnesses and birthing problems. It’s a good idea to get your hemoglobin checked to see if you need to take iron. If you feel overly tired during pregnancy, get checked out as that is a sign of iron deficiency. Calcium is also important when pregnant. It can inhibit iron absorption however, so be sure not to take iron and calcium supplements at the same time. For more information on nutrition and pregnancy visit this post.

It’s a good idea to get your water checked for toxins or drink filtered water. Also avoid cigarettes/second hand smoke, alcohol, drugs, and caffeine. 

Stress can disrupt ovulation, so try to relax and use relaxation techniques to keep stress down as much as possible. If anxiety and stress are a big part of your life you may want to talk to a counselor. Something that may help your stress is that you need to avoid certain household chores. Avoid the litter as it can have certain bacteria that’s dangerous. Avoid working with paints, solvents, or pesticides. Avoid high temperatures like working out outside in summer or getting in a hot tub. Try to cut toxins out of your life like toxic hair dye while you’re pregnant. There may be hazards at the workplace you need to avoid like paints, lacquers, gases, industrial or household solvents, wood-finishing products, darkroom chemicals, leaded glass, x-rays, anesthetics,or nuclear medicine. Also avoid high noise levels, high heat, and strenuous physical activity. If you’re not sure if something is safe ask to see the Material Safety Data Sheets for your workplace.

When you see your doctor about beginning to try to conceive they should answer any questions you have, evaluate lifestyle habits and recommend changes that may boost your odds, review the list of medications and herbal supplements you’re taking, do a rubella test to see if you’re immune to the disease (if you’re not you need to get vaccinated before you try to start making a baby), screen for hepatitis B, ask whether you’ve had chicken pox and if you haven’t talk to you about vaccination, talk about if you should get the next flu shot, give you a breast exam, pelvic exam, and pap smear, a general health exam, talk about family health history and gynecological history, talk about if any complications that occurred with a previous pregnancy are likely to happen again, ask if your mother took diethylstilbestrol when she was pregnant with you (this can cause abnormalities of the cervix, vagina, and uterus), do a blood test to see if you’re anemic or are positive for any STIs, talk about if you should have genetic counseling, warn you about any problems you may have at work, and answer any questions you have about any chronic conditions you have.

If you have any chronic conditions here are some questions to ask:

  • Will I need to change or go off certain medications?
  • How long should I wait after doing so to try to conceive?
  • How will this change affect me?
  • How will pregnancy affect my condition?
  • How will my condition affect pregnancy?
  • Am I at an increased risk for any problems?
  • Will my life be affected in major ways?
  • Will I be able to continue working? Will I need to go on bed rest?
  • Will my pregnancy be “high risk”? What does “high risk” mean?
  • Will I need any additional testing? If so what tests do I need to take and why?

For more information on pregnancy health see

Nutritional Support During Pregnancy

Being Healthy During Pregnancy

The post So You Want to get Pregnant… Just Not Now has information on increasing fertility.