x ray film

X-ray image of a rose, below, that was created by Dain Tasker in 1936. Tasker was the chief radiologist at Wilshire Hospital in Los Angeles, California, in the early days of radiology. He used fine-focus X-ray tubes to create ghostly black-and-white prints of flowers on X-ray film. The images were a hit in photography circles in the late 1930s and were published in high-profile art magazines, although his work fell into obscurity and was only rediscovered relatively recently.

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Dr Styles Part Two

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“ Good, I want notes on what happened in the surgery and what could have changed the outcome in Mrs O’hare’s file in an hour” he curtly spoke before exiting the room, the sudden realisation that Dr Harry Styles had the inability to make or break your career, and despite your major crush and the sweetness you had just encountered, it had dawned on you that ,this precise moment could give him reason to end your career.

Seeing Harry around the hospital the week after the surgery was awkward, you had to work with him for the full week after, he gave you the worst cases to do almost as punishment. You’d done rectal exams, cleaned up vomit, stitched up wounds and hadn’t seen the inside of an operating room since. You were exhausted by weeks end, it was like he was trying to run you down, everyone else was getting the best cases, your friend Jess had helped remove a bullet from the muscle around the heart and another friend George had got to cut a tumour out of a lung. Today was your last day on his service, and despite still loving him more than you would like to after what he’s put you through, you were thankful to move on to another doctor. Your day had turned for the worse when Dr Styles had you work with him on a child, Maisey with heart failure, among with inoperable tumours in her lungs he had given her a week to live 9 days ago, and as a surgical intern you knew she wouldn’t make it to the end of your shift. You knew why he put you onto the cause with him, you hated him for it, he wanted to test you just like he said he would, your day consisted of making the young girl comfortable and making sure she had no pain.

“ Dr Y/L/N, I trust yeh will be capable to see this case through to the end, we cant have a repeat of our previous case” Harry spoke as the two of you stood in an X-ray room looking over films of Maisey’s heart and lungs.
“ Of course Dr Styles, last time was a mistake, a shock to the system it wont happen again” you wanted to be a bitch and say something snarky, but that would help his case if he were to decide you were incompetent.
“ Im sorry if yeh think I’ve been cruel, it’s my job to asses yeh and make yeh into an excellent surgeon, that means I have to make sure yeh can handle every situation” he spoke and you rolled your eyes.
“So you had me do rectal examinations? Im a 3rd year intern I should be in surgeries and not in the ER doing 1st year interns jobs, I haven’t seen the inside of an operating room for a week unlike everyone else and you know I should be in there” you spoke your voice dripping with sarcasm and annoyance.
“ Yeh’re smart Y/N and yeh know it, yeh’ve been allowed run rings around yehr classmates at other hospitals because of it, because everyone knew yeh were smart and in doing so yeh’ve become distracted and sloppy because yeh’re not the smartest in the room here, so I put yeh in scut and first years job to remind yeh, yeh’re a surgeon. Be a surgeon not some brat who whinges about not being in the operating room, or havin to do her job of looking after patients or cries when a patient dies. Get yourself together and be a surgeon”

You stayed quiet for the next few hours, you didn’t need to piss him off even more and you guess you deserved it, he’s your superior and you should have shut your mouth.The way he spat the words at you with such venom and anger is what really shocked you more than the words themselves, you hated that he was right and you hated even more that he used it to belittle you.   You sat in the cafeteria eating while you listened to everyones stories about cool surgical cases they got to see while you were waiting for a child to die. You hated that this was going to happen, that there was nothing left to do for her which made you feel helpless especially when her small body just laid in a bed all day unable to go outside without the chances of cardiac arrest. You had studied this case when you first moved to this hospital, she had lived longer than anyone had expected thanks to Dr Styles and he had done everything in his power to help her but unfortunately there was nothing else to be done.

You were sitting outside her room at around 9pm, watching and monitoring, she sat looking out the window it was snowing, very lightly but enough to have her captivated. Dr Styles had just finished talking to her parents to let them know they should prepare themselves, that the next few hours would be it, they didn’t cry much to your disbelief, they’d been doing this long enough they were immune to the pain. You tried to distract yourself from the family in front of you by updating all of Harry’s patient charts doing anything but looking at him or them not wanting to break down again, which you knew would be happening when you were home.
“ When was the last time she had morphine?” Harrys voice broke through the silence of the hospital.
“ With her dinner, it was enough to make her comfortable for when it happens” you replied turning to look at him, he had a frown on his face it caused little creases between his eyebrows. You realised how hard this must be for him, he’d been with this Maisey for a year and he’d now done everything in his powers and it still wasn’t enough.
“ Go get a wheelchair and portable oxygen” he spoke standing up and grabbing the hospital brand jackets that sat behind the nurses station.
“ What for? Where is she going?” You asked as he handed you a jacket before walking towards her room.
“ No time, move it”

“ Harry what the hell are we doing?” You whisper yelled at him as you held an oxygen tank while he pushed the wheelchair down the hall towards the elevator while the Maisey’s parents followed behind.
“ She hasn’t seen the anything but these hospital walls in months, I’m not lettin her die without seeing the snow” His words shocked you as you all descended to the ground floor to the hospital. Part of you wanted to be mad about how he had spoken to you today, but all you could think of was his kindness and what he was doing for this little girl.There was a patch of grass just outside the lobby doors, the hospital sat on a hill overlooking the city and from where Harry had placed the wheelchair she had a view of the entire city and the snow that was leaving a light dusting over everything. The two of you sat on the bench behind the family allowing them to savour every moment in private, neither of you spoke a word, you didn’t know what to say so you sat in silence.

An hour later Harry called time of death after Maisey died in her sleep with her parents in the snow, not in a hospital bed hooked up to all the machines. You were the one who had to confirm the words to her parents, on the first day on medical school your taught that even if the family knows their loved one was dead you had to say the words to leave no room for questions, you spoke to the parents and held their hands as they cried while Harry personally accompanied the child’s body to the morgue, something surgeons, especially of Harrys rank didn’t do often.

Your shift had finished a few hours ago so you made your way towards an on call room to give yourself a breather before you left for the night. You opened the door and immediately stopped in your tracks when you saw Dr Styles sitting on one of the beds head in hands his palms digging into his eyes as he swore.
“ Im sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in here” you backed away from the door ready to leave.
“ Its fine, stay” he spoke quietly looking up at where you stood, his eyes were puffy and tired from the countless hours he had been at the hospital.
“ What you did for Maisey and her family was beautiful” you whispered before walking into the room a little more before closing the door.
“ It’s the least I could do, I spent the last year cutting into her and filling her body with drugs” he spoke the words with pain and you saw him brush away a tear.
“ She would’ve been dead months ago if you hadn’t done those things” you moved closer now and sat next to him, you were pushing the boundaries, this is what got you in trouble last time, but you were so in love with this man you couldn’t help it.
“ She was a child” his voice broke and you could see the tears streaming down his face freely now, your heart broke as you reached for his hand a placed it between two of yours. He started letting out small little sobs as he continued to try and swat away tears and his chest heaved with sobs.
“ She was a fuckin kid” he swore before you pulled him into you allowing his face to rest between your neck as you rubbed his neck shushing him he wrapped his arms around your body pulling you down onto the bed until you were laying underneath him as his sobs slowed.

You didn’t know how long you laid like that Harrys head on your chest while you drew patterns in his back trying hard not to drift in and out of sleep. He lifted his head up and looked at you, his eyes even prettier than usual after crying
“ Im tough on yeh because yeh’re gonna be a great surgeon” he spoke his lips puffy and pink you nodded in reply running your hand through his hair thats often covered by scrub caps.
“ This whole week I’ve avoided yeh after seeing yeh in that OR I haven’t been able to get yeh outta my head” he spoke and you looked at him in surprise.
“ I’ve been angry at you at all week, thought you put me on this case to test me, to see if you could break me” you spoke wearily meeting your eyes with his.
“ I put yeh on this case because I needed yeh to be here for me like I was for yeh” you nodded back at him before gently moving forward to press your lips together, your heartbeats became quicker before pulling away a grin on your face. Harry leaned in this time and deepened the kiss pushing you back onto the bed and hovering above you, your hands made their way into his hair pulling his body forcibly against yours as his hands made their way underneath your scrubs. The two of you were breathless his shirt was off and yours followed soon after, you flipped over and were straddling him placing kisses along his chest the two of you giggling like children.  
“ Dr Styles!” the two of you pulled apart in shock at the sudden interruption, both of your eyes moving to the source, you let out a gasp before pulling your scrubs to cover your chest. Dr Webber the chief of Surgery, yours and Harry’s boss stood at the door arms folded with a scowl on his face.
“ My office both of you, now!”

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“Has Anyone Told You You’re Pretty?”

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Pairing: Andreil
Summary: Neil has never been to the dentist, so when he get’s a toothache and needs a root canal, he loses all control over his mouth under the influence of the laughing gas.

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Hep ‘kurallara uy biz de tv izlemene izin verelim.’ diyorsunuz. Ama kurallara uyarsam bu ne anlama gelir? Sizin bana kural koyma hakkınız olduğunu kabul ettiğim anlamına gelir. Ama yok. Bana kural koymaya hakkınız yok. Yani ben asla kurallarınızı kabul etmeyeceğim. Asla.

Işın Kampı / Camp X-Ray

Not the End of the World - Jackson Whittemore Imagine

Requested by @hannahriley12 : Can I have a Jackson imagine where reader and him are dating and he gets badly injured in a lacrosse game and reader comforts him about not being able to play for awhile, thanks😊

Word Count: 814

Warnings: None, other than a few curse words.

Author’s Note: It’s a little short, but it’s cute. So I hope that makes up for it.

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Jackson lay back on the hospital bed, his left arm was stiff and pressed against his stomach as his free hand was locked with Y/N’s. With his eyes closed, he silently prayed the doctor wouldn’t come in with bad news. Y/N’s eyes scanned every inch of Jackson’s worried face. Hard lines formed on his forehead as his eyebrows furrowed together. The bottom of his long eyelashes touched the top of his high cheekbones, and his lips were pressed together. Her free hand was massaging his hair, enjoying his soft hair between her fingers. Although he was upset, possibly even furious, she couldn’t help but love how adorable he looked.

“Alright,” Melissa walked in with a few x-ray films. Jackson winced and hissed as he quickly sat up. He placed his hand on his other arm and to his chest. Y/N stood next to Jackson and placed her hand on his knee, squeezing it a little to reassure him everything would be okay.

“It’s not good,” Melissa placed the x-ray films up and flipped the x-ray machine light switch on. She pointed at the bone that had been snapped in two. “You broke your arm. We’re going to have to put a cast on and you’ll be out for about 3 months.”

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