x ray film


 "When I was a kid, I went to the zoo with my dad. It was just outside where we lived and, uh… It’s really small, one of those zoos where they keep the animals locked up in these… these tiny, little cages, these tiny, little, like, concrete boxes with tires in them or something. I was really excited about going. I really wanted to see something outside my town. I wanted to be… I wanted to be so close to something so wild and…It just wasn’t okay. I didn’t I didn't like it. And my dad kept trying to fucking tell me that it was okay, that… that this lion could never go back home because… because he wouldn't be able to survive in the wild, having been locked up for so long.” “Okay, you are trying to tell me that the zoo people they’re not guilty, they have no choice.” “No, I thought they had a choice, they had the choice. They should have given it to him. They should have let the lion choose.

BuckyNat in the 1950s (Playlist)

Dear @king-queen-and-ace this gift #1 (of 4) dedicated to you. 

I know there are a ton of playlists out there for BuckyNat, but I noticed that none seemed to incorporate music from the Red Room era. So here’s gift #1. It’s my first attempt at making a playlist (and it took the whole day to research… which leads me to conclude that I am, in fact, a human sloth).

I hope you like it! 

Bucky and Natasha met in the Red Room circa. late 1950s. During that period Soviet Russia was at its communist height and music with any sort of Western influence was, for obvious reasons, banned. There was an underground Jazz scene, however, and resourceful people would convert old x-ray film into records

I like to think that when Natasha and Bucky used to meet up secretly in their hotel rooms, they’d spend a little time listening to bootleg x-ray records of music from the USA in between all their torrid love-making.

“In the Mood” (1940) - Glenn Miller Orchestra

One of the most iconic pieces of the 1940s, Bucky used to hear this all the time in the US. As the Winter Soldier he can’t quite put his finger on the reason why he’s so drawn to it, but it gives him a great excuse to swing dance with Natasha and that’s a good enough reason for him to love it.

“Johnny B. Goode” (1958) - Chuck Berry 

Having missed the years where the Rock and Roll craze began to take over from Swing and Big Bands, Natasha is totally the one to introduce the Winter Solider to the young, energetic sounds of Chuck Berry. 

“Night Time (Is the Right Time)” (1958) - Ray Charles

No surprises: Ray Charles sings about sexy times and it’s awesome. Natasha and the Winter Solider totally take his advice, like, a lot…

“Let’s Face the Music and Dance” (1956) - Anita O’Day

I figure this encapsulates the BuckyNat relationship in the Red Room. They don’t know how long it can last, they do know that danger lurks around every corner, and they boldly go for it anyway. 

“Fever” (1958) - Peggy Lee

It’s a suave, smoldering song about passionate and forbidden love. If that’s not BuckyNat in the 1950s, I don’t know what is…

“Today I Sing the Blues” (1948) - Helen Humes

Bluesy, easy to listen to and slightly melancholic, it’s a great reminder for the couple of how quickly their love affair could be terminated T_T

 “Blue in Green” (1959) - Miles Davis

Can’t you just see them slow dancing to this… holding each other close, swaying to the music, content and enveloped in the fantasy of being together for those few moments?