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Why do you still believe? I can't deal with all the crap we are being fed. So I'm taking my life jacket (before they all go) and jumping off the lido deck, with my drink of course. Hopefully one day the games will stop, honesty will prevail and I'll be able to step back on the cruise. Take care you are truly a funny person x

It’s a combination of things, really. One, there’s a fine line between confidence and delusion, and I ride that shit like a bear on a unicycle. Two, I have years of practice picking apart celebrity gossip from fact. Four, I trust my eyeballs over my ears. Five, having a general understanding of how this shit works helps immensely when it comes to not falling for the fake tennis ball throw every time. Six, I’m not a gambler but I like my odds here because 95% of what I see points toward SC as the couple, and I’m not one to throw away my hand on a 5% chance. Seven, I fucked up the numbering and am too lazy to change it, which is a pretty good metaphor for how my mind works when it has already laid the groundwork for something and doesn’t feel compelled in any way to change it. 

Pep rallies

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Cheryl x reader

Request: Hiii I absolutely love your Cheryl fics! I would love to request one please, maybe something like the reader (fem) surprising Cheryl at one of her prep rallying thingys

Your girlfriend Cheryl knew pep rallies weren’t exactly your favorite place to be.

Usually she didn’t mind but the Vixens were performing a new routine for the first time at the upcoming rally and she was nervous about how it would go over.

Even though she wouldn’t say it, you knew she wanted you to be there to help her relax so you decided you would surprise her by going to the rally.

You were sitting at the end of the bleachers so you were in a spot you could easily leave after the performance but still be in Cheryl’s line of sight.

The beginning of the rally was just as boring as you thought it would be but it was finally time for the Vixens to perform.

As they were getting ready to start Cheryl noticed you in the bleachers and you could see the nerves wash off her face as you smiled and waved at her.

As expected the routine was great and afterwards you snuck away to go see Cheryl.

You caught up to her in the empty hallway as the rest of the Vixens were filing back into the locker room.

You pulled her into a hug, “you were so great babe.”

“Y/N, I can’t believe you came to the rally.”

You pulled back from her embrace, “of course I did, I knew you were nervous about the new routine and I just wanted to be here to cheer you on.”

She put her arms around your neck guiding you back against the wall and started kissing you.

You reluctantly pulled away when you ran out of air, “wow, maybe I should start coming rallies more often,” you grinned.

She laughed and kissed you one more time.

“Thank you Y/N, it really does mean a lot to me that you came today,” she said starting to blush.

“Of course Cheryl, anything for you.”

You still weren’t a fan of pep rallies but if you going made Cheryl this happy maybe they weren’t so bad after all.

you know what I’m just going to come out and say it - emmerdale have fucked up big time. I’m pissed off…not only with the full shit show that’s happening now but with the moments leading up to now.

i cannot deny that the prison scenes were heartbreakingly raw and tough to watch because Danny acted the hell out of them but y'know what got to me the most: was the fact that it didn’t get the chance to have the impact it was meant to.

however I believe that emmerdale could have opened up a lot of doors in a lot of way if they had left Robert fill that position instead. We all know of his fear of prison, his bisexuality to come out within the prison…him dealing with it inside with his support system watching him suffer. Not only would it have given Robert his OWN FUCKING STORYLINE (NOT INVOLVING A BLONDE AND A BABY) but also a huge opportunity for Ryan to show the unbelievable talents we all know he possesses, a brilliant tackle of bisexuality and biphobia which isn’t spoken about or approached in many shows.

I’m bitter enough that the prison storyline has been dropped with nothing more to be said, because although disgustingly heartbreaking - it was played so beautifully and I would have loved to see it reach full circle. However now I’m just unsatisfied.

And I’m sorry but the prospect of Robert being locked up and the dingle/sugdens collaboratively grouping behind him, him being bowled over by the fact that these people are coming to see him and make sure he’s okay even if he isn’t, seeing them try to cope without Robert around…idk it’s just something I would love to see.

that fact we have regressed or will regress to everyone hating robert again…when we could have been shown him properly receive that familial support he has needed for so long in his life

im just bitter


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2016 Critical Role Gifset Roundup

Turns out I made some stuff that wasn’t fic this year!

  • Episode 9
    • [x] The twins bicker over armor.
  • Episode 11
    • [x] Deep conversations with a giant.
    • [x] Heroic speeches.
  • Episode 14
    • [x] Ashley and Taliesin have a silent conversation about the Briarwoods.
  • Episode 17
    • [x] Grog’s no-good-very-bad day.
    • [x] Separating the twins just always goes well.
  • Episode 22
    • [x] Emotional reunions.
  • Episode 24
    • [x] Grog and Vax’s prank war escalates.
    • [x] Vax and Keyleth tie ribbons and braid flowers into Trinket’s fur.
    • [x] Vox Machina rallies behind Percy.
    • [x] Vax is caught in the Briarwoods’ chamber.
  • Episode 25
    • [x] Laura’s dice superstition gets a little uncanny.
  • Episode 27
    • [x] The twins bicker over tying knots.
  • Episode 32
    • [x] Scanlan tries to steal Vax’s dagger.
  • Episode 33
    • [x] Scanlan casually explains the events at the mansion.
  • Episode 34
    • [x] The twins bicker just before shit gets real.
  • Episode 35
    • [x] Percy wants Scanlan to replace his gun.
    • [x] The twins bicker over loot.
    • [x] Interrupting the heroic end-of-arc speech.
  • Episode 36
    • [x] A quiet moment between the twins.
    • [x] Laura and Travis goof off in the background.
    • [x] Don’t be sad bear, be happy bear!
  • Episode 37
    • [x] Everyone teases Matt for his awkward arm position.
  • Episode 39
    • [x] Four fucking dragons?
  • Episode 40
    • [x] Vax brings Keyleth up to speed. Sort of.
    • [x] A sneaky exchange between Liam and Matt during a tense moment.
  • Episode 42
    • [x] Vox Machina abandons their Keep.
    • [x] Whitestone is an ideal tourist destination.
  • Episode 43
    • [x] Zahra and Kash don’t quite trust the twins.
  • Episode 44
    • [x] Kashaw talks life and death.
    • [x] Vex sees through reality.
    • [x] It’s probably fine.
  • Episode 48
    • [x] A quiet moment between the twins.
  • Episode 49
    • [x] Highlights from the episode.
  • Episode 52
    • [x] Ashley and Travis are suspicious of Matt’s motives.
    • [x] Matt slowly loses it over the course of the episode.
    • [x] Matt realizes what’s about to happen.
  • Episode 53
    • [x] Pike the dragonslayer!
    • [x] Matt fakes the party out.
    • [x] Worst babysitters ever.
  • Episode 55
    • [x] Vax is okay at stealth.
    • [x] It’s old magic. Old. Magic.
    • [x] Wait, which one’s Vax and which one’s Vex?
  • Episode 56
    • [x] Percy is convinced to join the cannonball contest.
    • [x] Vox Machina walks away.
    • [x] The show in a nutshell.
    • [x] Parallels about happiness.
  • Episode 57
    • [x] Matt plays (at least) ten different recurring characters in one episode.
    • [x] The show goes offline (and the gang wins D&D).
    • [x] Matt slips up for the first time.
    • [x] The twins are totally, absolutely, 100% fine.
    • [x] Cast reactions to the end of the episode.
  • Episode 58
    • [x] Sibling rivalry in action.
  • Episode 58.5
    • [x] How meta can this one-shot get?
  • Episode 59
    • [x] When did this show turn into Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead?
  • Episode 63
    • [x] Keyleth and Percy reassure Vex after Saundor.
  • Episode 66
    • [x] The gang has a perfectly normal day in Ank’harel.
    • [x] Sibling snark over battlefield placement.
  • Episode 67
    • [x] Vex and Percy exchange reassurances.
    • [x] Discovering the bug on Percy’s gun.
  • Episode 68
    • [x] The Onyx Dog makes an appearance.
  • Episode 69
    • [x] The most tragic blanket-fort.
  • Episode 70
    • [x] Reaction to the Sun Tree.
  • Episode 71
    • [x] Wait, wait, wait. Larkin is who?
  • Episode 76
    • [x] Matt rolls two Nat 20s in a row against Vax.
    • [x] The twins react to the entire Pit Fiend fight.
    • [x] Travis teases Liam for having a dour character playlist.
  • Multi-Episode 
    • [x] Scanlan persuading other members of the group using magic.
    • [x] Matt bringing in character backstory.
    • [x] The twins falling offscreen laughing.
    • [x] Gilmore and Vax reunions
    • [x] Vax braids his sister’s hair.
    • [x] Never trust the last half-hour of a Critical Role episode…
    • [x] Scanlan to the rescue!
    • [x] Matt’s DM powers are fearsome.
    • [x] Vex keeps up appearances.
    • [x] Twins reacting similarly to near-death situations.
    • [x] Vox Machina brushing shoulders with the gods.
    • [x] The return of Kynan Leore. 
    • [x] A hole in Raishan’s story.
    • [x] The names on Ripley’s List.