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Along the river by Jonathan


Dawn Stillness by Jonathan

January 2017

A headcanon nobody asked for

-As a media personality, you bet that Hizashi has his own IG account.

-The number of followers he has is just a couple of thousands shy of the number of All Might’s followers.

-Gratuitous usage of emojis in his tags and captions

-If it can be filtered, it will be filtered.

- His favorite go-to filters to use are the Claredon, X-Pro-II, and Valencia filters because he likes the contrasts they make with bright lighting

-Hizashi is the go-to for really aesthetic candids of your favorite heroes. 

-His top three most-liked candids of the U.A teachers are of: All Might (who just happened to be deep in thought over interpreting a student’s test answers),  Midnight (when she was daydreaming instead of compiling her gradebook), and Principal Nedzu (while he was enjoying a cup of tea by himself after a hard day’s work)

-Will post the selfies he takes of himself and Aizawa. It doesn’t matter if they’re in a bar or the staff room at school, selfie opportunities are rare with his best caterpillar bud, so he makes the most of it.

-Thoughtful captions and hashtags ranging between #chillingwithmybestlistener  🎤🎧😮👌😘🍻 or #mrstealyogurl 👄💋💎😍😂

-Because of his day job as a teacher, the 5 - 6 hours he has from Monday to Thursday night after school are spent on patrol and doing his hero duties. On slower nights, he likes to take in the cityscape and post a few (aesthetic) photos of the nightlife

-Likes to take countdown selfies in the studio of his radio show before his shift starts (every Friday from 1AM to 5AM)

-Promotes his radio show on his IG, usually through selfies with popular artists and celebrities he meets in his line of work, though this is not a common occurrence

-A chronic IG addict.

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「川崎・工場夜景 1」 ~ Factory night view of Kawasaki

Nikon D5200
SIGMA C 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM
TOKINA AT-X 116 PRO DX II 11-16mm F2.8
TAMRON SP 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di USD (Model A005)


Star Walk by Jonathan

February 2017


Go ahead, break the internet with your beautiful skin.

We all follow social media stars whose lives we secretly want to live vicariously through—whether it’s their exotic vacations, fancy dinners, or selfies that get more likes than there are people living in Rhode Island. We’ve taken some notes from some of our favorite beauty It Girls to see how they talk skincare on their accounts. Why? So, we can start gathering a following all our own—as well as up our skincare game in the meantime. Here, The Sephora Glossy rounds up the best practices to turn into a social media skincare star. JESSICA VELEZ


It’s long been a taboo to take a peep into your friend’s medicine cabinet and steal her beauty secrets. But now, she’s displaying them front and center and even posting them on The Gram.

Social media stars are captioning these types of post with the hashtag: #shelfies. These put the products you want the world to know you (and your skin!) are madly in love with, so you put them on the shelf like it’s a trinket you picked up on your last trip to a faraway land. To follow the trend, pick a potent product with beautiful packaging—such as Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Firming Serum’s apothecary-like bottle—or a cool deep-cleansing tool such as FOREO LUNA 2. Both products help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, mind you. Then, point and shoot, and you’re on your way to social media stardom.


An empty bottle normally would send us in a state of despair, longing for just one more drop or squeeze of our favorite formula. But in the day and age where we like to show off that we’re investing in our skin more than we change our profile pic, it’s now an accomplishment worth cashing in on some bragging points. That’s where #Empties come in. We’re addicted to these posts because we want to know which products our favorite stars are loving. Loving so much, in fact, that they’re willing to scoop up every last bit like it’s cookie dough ice cream instead of an anti-aging cream. Reserve this type of post for something you use every day, without fail, and already have another one on the way in the mail. Dr. Brandt Skincare Needles No More 3-D Filler Mask is designed to be savored and you’ll want to show off its visibly plumping results just as much as its empty jar. And since it’s obviously an amazing and imperative part of your routine, tell the world how happy it makes your skin by leaving a review at sephora.com.


We have a love-hate relationship with Sundays. Sure, we get to sleep in and lounge at the park all day, but eventually, that Sunday sadness comes in a little too early. We pick ourselves right back up by pampering with a Sunday night skincare regimen that rivals a spa. This is the time to slather on a luxurious product, like Murad Eye Lift Firming Treatment, that you don’t use every day. Use the hashtag #SundayNightSkincare so your followers know why your eyes are always so youthful-looking on Monday morning.


This hashtag trend speaks for itself. But if you haven’t looked at your feed lately, people use it when they’re feeling confident in their beauty—whether they’ve literally just woken up in bed, or are conceptually feeling truly like themselves with perfect makeup and hair. For the former kind, grab a Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Peel from your bedside drawer, let it work its radiance-boosting effect, and post! Then, get ready to greet the day with as much natural-looking grace as the world’s most-pampered pop stars.


Thought this hashtag was just for sunsets? No way. The truth is, everyone is so used to seeing X-Pro II blowing out any skin imperfections, that a selfie with #NoFilter is a refreshing ode to an authentic, beautiful, natural face. When you use this hashtag, you let people know that nothing comes between you and the camera…well, except for a powerhouse anti-ager like Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift + Retinol. When you start to see those ‘likes’ roll in, don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us.


The #maskselfie is a beauty girl’s social media bread and butter. Not only does it look really cute, but it shows the world that you’re all about adding in a little “me” time into your schedule. Throw your hair in a bun, brew a hot mug of ginseng tea, and paste on a mask like GLAMGLOW Gravity Mud Firming Treatment to get started. While the silver-foil finish is catnip for double-tappers, the formula’s visibly tightening effect is like Pilates for your face. Then, choose your best angle and practice your “oh, you just caught me relaxing” face on. Even better than all the ‘likes’ your selfie gets is all the anti-aging benefits you’ll see once you wash it off.



Blue Hour Neon by Jonathan

August 2016


Learn how to create two new looks that both deserve a double tap.

The line between the Internet and real life is blurring more than ever before. The words “hashtag” and “meme” come up in normal conversation, and we only consider someone a true friend if they follow us back on all our social platforms. Now the techie world is infiltrating SEPHORA COLLECTION with these two new Photo Filter Palettes—and we love them. When you add Sunbleached or Overcast to your collection, your eyes will receive the flattering effect straight out of the photo-sharing app. Sephora PRO artist Karoline Karakeosian has created a duo of easy-to-replicate eye looks using the 10-shadow palettes: Valencia for day, and X-PRO II for night. Follow along with the tutorials below and your next selfie might get more hearts than ever before. JESSICA VELEZ


We’d argue that Valencia is the most natural looking of all the filters currently on the ’gram. It gives you a subtle glow and lights up the world around you. For that same effect, this look uses the warm eye shadows found in the Sunbleached Filter Palette


When applying shadow, you want to make sure it stays locked in place all day without creasing, so use a primer—try SEPHORA COLLECTION Perfecting Eye Primer. From there, pat Latergram, a slightly shimmery amber-toned color, on your lids with the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Small Shadow Brush #15, and blend it with Desert Rose in your crease with the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Blending Brush #27. To highlight the browbone, apply Whitewashed also with the small shadow brush. Next, line your upper and lower lash lines with Sandy Toes using the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Precision Smudge Brush #29. Finish with SEPHORA COLLECTION Outrageous Curl Mascara—and enjoy!


“For a bronzy peach highlight, use Latergram on the high planes of your cheeks with a fan-shaped brush.”


Like day and night, Valencia and X-PRO II have totally different effects, something you’d notice while scrolling through since they’re neighbors on the app. X-PRO II closes in the corners of your selfie with a dark halo, while adding drama to any color. It’s the filter we’d use if we wanted to show off a smoky eye look like this one, one that’s perfectly suitable for your next “makeup of the day” look—only for, you know, night. Use the Overcast Filter Palette to model this look.


Again, start with an eye shadow primer on your eyes. Then, apply Black Lace on your lids using a small shadow brush. In the crease, take a blending brush and sweep on the smoky gray color, Berlin Underground. Highlight the browbone with Flagstone, a light cream color with a little sheen in the formula with a small shadow brush. Next, line just your lower lash line with Getaway using a precision smudge brush. To finish the smoldering look, glide on few generous coats of mascara.


“For medium-to-deep complexions, use Sandcastle or Cozy Sweater to highlight the browbone instead.”