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designers worn by princess madeleine: ida sjösted

august 26th, 2014: polar music prize banquet

september 9th, 2014: benefit dinner for the world childhood foundation

december 20th, 2015: annual swedish academy meeting

june 15th, 2017: polar music prize awards & banquet 

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I Don’t Wanna (Kevin Owens x Reader)

Context: Kevin just made one of the biggest mistakes in his life. Will Reader leave him forever?

**A/N: ** Kevin Owens needs more fanfiction but I digress. The song choice for inspiration is “I Don’t Wanna” by Aaliyah.

**S/B: ** This was written a month ago and I just had it sitting in my drafts. So, I’m releasing it now.

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“…When we hooked up

We sat down

Made and agreement

We vowed that

That we’d always be together

Do whatever

We said that

No one ever get between us…”

      It had started earlier on with the screaming and then the tantrums. Eventually, the once peacefully home had become a war zone.

      Kevin had let his temper get the best of him yet again. He had lost the Universal Championship to Goldberg, ended his on-screen friendship with Chris Jericho and thought that the best way to handle his anger was by taking it out on you. Shit, he thought. It resulted in three bags filled with your belongings being packed and you leaving the apartment earlier that day.

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designers worn by princess madeleine: fadi el khoury

december 10th, 2014: nobel prize awards & banquet

december 11th, 2014: nobel laureates dinner 

december 10th, 2015: nobel prize awards & banquet

december 10th, 2016: nobel prize awards & banquet

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Honestly, how would it look that the main character’s other love interest would legit have to die for your ship to happen? She turned down Rafael’s proposal, she chose Michael over him TWICE, she told him she didn’t love him anymore, OWNED her decision to be with Michael and oh I almost forgot, SHE IS MARRIED TO MICHAEL CORDERO JR.

SHE WALKED DOWN THE AISLE TO HIM. SHE SAID HER VOWS TO HIM. CRIED AS HE SAID HIS VOWS TO HER. AGREED TO LOVE HIM THROUGH SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH IN FRONT OF ALL THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Idc what the writers try to do to make Jafael happen, the fact that Michael needs to die or almost die for them to be together says it all!


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One shots

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Tomorrow there will be more of us

Philip Hamilton x Reader
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You are the best thing

John Laurens x Reader
The prize we pay

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Sniffles and chocolate


Lin x Reader
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