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.:Imagine Hux finding out you were a part of the resistance:.

Request for anon:
“Relationship head canons where Hux’s s/o is part of the resistance”

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Ok so I know you had requested headcanons but I wanted to write a one-shot instead bc like wow feels. Plus I can go more into detail :) (Hope you don’t mind)

This really hurt to write btw

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How could he not have noticed? It was staring him right in the face.

When you first met, you immediately attached yourself to him. You asked him so many questions.
He enjoyed your company very much. How could he not?

You were the most beautiful person he had seen in a long time. He felt so drawn to you.

Eventually he began to fall for you.

And he fell hard.

Those nights where you’d come in after sending something off from your data pad, and curl up into his arms. You did it every night, and he couldn’t help but wonder exactly what you were doing.

You were very secretive, you rarely talked about yourself. He couldn’t help but want to know more about you.

You spent most nights with him in his room, with him stroking your hair, and talking. He loved those moments.

On the fateful day when Starkiller base was attacked, he found out. He found about how you lied and betrayed him.

“Commander L/N, this is General Organa, do you copy?”

With all the hell that was going in around him, he still had heard those words that made him want to scream.

You had turned around, and threw your earpiece to the ground. “Armi…I can explain.”

He just stared at you. Hate and sadness in his deep green eyes that you had fallen for.

“I didn’t want to fall for you, but I did and fuck-I hate myself for it.” You covered your face with your hands out of shame. “I love you so much and I really wish it didn’t.”

He looked down at his black boots, his own tears starting to form. “Go.” He said. “Leave now L/N. Don’t ever come back. Don’t think of me ever again.”

He was letting you go. It was protocol to kill a traitor but, he couldn’t. There was no way he could.

You left.

He wanted to chase after you, to take you away with him away from everything.

He was on the Finalizer, sitting at his desk when he received a message on his data pad. It was from unknown but he knew it was you.

“Thank you.”

That’s all it said, but those two words made him mess up his hair, throwing everything off his desk, hearing the pad crack and various items flying everywhere. He didn’t care.

He let out hoarse cry, he wanted you back so bad.

But you were never coming back.

Okay, okay, but just hear me out people….
What about SHEITH in a SPIDEYPOOL AU?!

*insert unholy screeching*

Keith: You disappeared Shiro! For a whole year and I didn’t know what to do, where to look for you?! You can’t just leave me like that, you hear me?! And what’s with the mask??

Shiro: Keith… Keith, I… I’m not the same person under this mask.

Keith: Like hell I care about that, you asshole! You’re sleeping on the couch tonight!

Inej: the pills are huge

Kaz: Do you know what else is huge ( ͡  ° ͜ʖ ͡  °)

Inej: My love for Sankta Alina can I get an amen

Strawberry Pills.

// Jerome x reader.

Requested: Not really.

(Although, the idea did come from an Anon. Thanks Anon!)

Summary: Jerome is snooping through y/n’s drawers one day, and he finds a bottle of what he thinks are pills. He finds her and begins to tell her how perfect her mind is.

Need to know: Y/n and Jerome are a couple.

Rating: Fluff.

Warnings: Mild language.

Title: Strawberry Pills. //


When the bed shifts as y/n gets up, Jerome opens one eye, just enough to peek at her as she shuffles across the room. His eyes open more fully as he sits up.

“Where ya goin’?” He mutters, his voice still rough from sleep. Y/n glances over at him, smiling widely. Jerome’s gaze rakes her body, a smile slipping onto his face. In his sleepy state he can’t comprehend much, so he laughs softly as he tries to gather his thoughts. “Come back here…lay down for a while longer, y/n.” He rolls over onto his back, closing his eyes. “We could snuggle for a whil-” His sentence is cut off by the sound of the door slamming shut. He lets out a long sigh as he rolls over again, staring longingly at the door. The sound of another door opening, and then the showering turning on. He sits up slowly, taking his time as he gets out of bed, walking over to his dresser. Jerome grabs a plain grey T-shirt and throws it on quickly, pulling a pair of black sweatpants on over his boxers. He arches his back, stretching slowly. Jerome stares at the door again, wishing that y/n would be done with her shower already so he could be near her again.

But, he quickly snaps out of his thoughts as his eyes land on a small, white bottle half-hidden on her side of the bed, sitting in the cabinet. He walks over quickly. As he reaches out to grab the cabinet door, his foot catches on the rug. He tips forward, grabbing at the cabinet’s handle. His hand slams into and he closes his eyes briefly as he crashes to the ground, his heart pounding wildly in his chest. His head tilts to the side as his eyes open, and he gets a sideways view of the small white bottle. It lays on its side on the floor, the cap half undone, the small, cylindrical pills peeking out from the darkness of the bottle. Jerome’s gaze widens as he reaches out, grabbing it angrily.

Just then, y/n bursts into the room, her wet hair hanging down and dripping all over, wetting the front of her grey tank top. Her gaze falls down to the scene in her front of her, and she covers her mouth, attempting to hide her laughter. Jerome stands up quickly.

“What the hell are these y/n?!” He shouts, shaking the bottle. Some of the small pills fly out of the bottle and scatter across the carpet. Y/n’s eyes widen slightly.

“Jerome, whatever you’re thinking, it’s not what it looks like.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” He growls. He moves forward quickly. “Listen to me kitten; you, you are perfect. But what you’re doing right now, taking these pills…” He shakes his head. “You’re being like them. And they are all prisoners. What everyone else calls sanity, that’s just a prison in their minds. This prison, it stops you from seeing that you’re just tiny little cogs in a giant, absurd machine! Wake up, y/n! Why would you want to be a cog? What happened to you? I thought you wanted to be free like me.” Jerome shakes his head angrily. “To do this to yourself, that’s dumb as hell y/n! You’re perfect the way you are, you’re wonderful. There’s not a damn thing you need to change about yourself.” He moves forward and sets the pills on the bedside table. Jerome puts one hand on y/n’s waist, and the other on her face. He pulls her closer to him and stares down at her, pushing a strand of her h/c hair out of her face. “You’re wonderful, kitten. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” he caresses her face and places a soft kiss on her nose. “Your mind…” Jerome close his eyes and inhales deeply. “Your mind is the most beautiful thing about you. Why would you want to change that? You shouldn’t want to change that, y/n!” He opens his eyes and stares at her. “Promise me, promise me you’ll stop taking them. If you love me y/n, if you love me promise me. Promise me you won’t destroy your mind, promise me you won’t just conform to everyone else.”

“Jerome…” A small laugh escapes y/n’s lips, although she is trying to be as serious as possible.

“You think this is funny?” Jerome snarls, moving over to the bed side table quickly and picking up the bottle. “This isn’t funny, kitten, I swea-”

“Jerome! Those are vitamins,” she interrupts him, covering her mouth to suppress her giggles. Jerome’s mouth falls open as he stares at her in shock.

No.” He breathes.

Yes,” y/n laughs and moves forward, taking one out and popping it in his mouth. A repulsed look crosses Jerome’s face, and then it slowly shifts to confusion. “Jerome…they’re vitamins. Gummy vitamins. I could see how you could mistake them for pills-that is what the look like- but I’m not taking any sort of medicine like that.” Jerome backs away from her, giving her the stink eye as he chews the vitamin. “Oh, come on Jerome, don’t be like that.” She moves forward to hug him and he crosses his arms, lifts his head up, and turns around, all the while still chewing the gummy. Y/n moves to stand in front of him, placing her hand on her shoulder. “Jerome…” He finishes chewing and swallows roughly.

“Who the hell buys vitamins that look like real medicine?”

“They were pink, and smelled like strawberries.”

So?” Jerome scoffs, narrowing his eyes. “I can’t believe you let me get so worked up. You could’ve said something, y/n. You could’ve told me before.”

“I didn’t think it would be a big deal,” she laughs and shakes her head. “I am sorry Jerome, but you have to admit: you overreacted.”

Jerome gasps loudly and places a hand over his heart. “Kitten,” he mumbles, leaning down and kissing her cheek. His facial expression loses all of his anger from before. He pulls y/n to him, kissing her forehead. “I’m sorry, kitten.” He mumbles. “I was worried.” She smiles.

“I know, Jerome. I’m not angry.” He stands up straight, and huffs.

“Well I’m still bitter that you just let me ramble on.” With that, he turns around and bounces out the door.