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You would seem like the expert (and x-pert) on the following topic: how do you tell the difference between a picture of Matt Murdock and Scott Summers in the wild?

Assuming that you’re talking about the comics versions, hair color is the gold standard. Matt’s is red; Scott’s is brown. Unfortunately, that’s dependent on lighting, and they’re often both colored with reddish-brown hair, so here are a few other varyingly consistent clues:

Glasses Shape: round frames usually mean Matt (I can think of one story where Scott wears them, but he’s fully decked out in ‘60s clothes and running around with Emma Frost, so it’s pretty easy to pick out); and wraparounds or sports-style glasses pretty much always mean Scott.

Accessories: Scott often has an X-Men or Xavier School logo somewhere on his person, even when he’s not in costume. Matt carries a white cane and often a briefcase.

…of course, then sometimes you get a panel like this; and, well:


Littlest Consulting X-Pert Kestrel turns 4 this week! Because Kes is AWESOME, she requested that for her birthday, all her kid friends and all her grown-up friends come dressed as superheroes.

Above: Kes as Kid Scarlet Witch; Rachel as Slightly Off-Brand O5 Cyclops and Miles as DIY Thor; and the full O5 group (L to R: Rachel as Cyclops, Dave Proctor as Beast, douglaswolk as Iceman, Jesse Miller as Angel, omgkatiep​ as Marvel Girl).

ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE: Here’s the frustrating thing about all of this: Almost everything at Kes’s birthday was DIY, because her folks could find nothing with female Marvel characters.

Kes’s absolute favorite is the Scarlet Witch, who she knows from Superhero Squad. Know who’s on the SHS plates and napkins? A zillion male characters, including super minor ones. I mean, Cyclops is there, and he’s in like one, maybe two episodes. Know who isn’t there? Scarlet Witch, even though she’s in the title lineup

And this makes me furious: how much this 4-year-old cares, and how little return she gets on that investment. Having great female characters is important, but when they don’t make it to the merchandise, that’s a very clear message to the girls–and boys–who love them.

Kes is a lucky kid: She has grown-ups with the time and skills and volition to fill those gaps with DIY; and she’s young enough that the discrepancy hasn’t hit her too hard yet. But it shouldn’t require that. Marvel: When you ignore kids like Kes, you are throwing away your future. This is the next generation of comics readers and creators.

And more important: You say over and over that superheroes stand for something. You need to show kids like Kes that you mean that, instead of leaving half of them in the lurch. Marvel, you should know better than anyone that heroes matter; that everyone needs heroes. Follow the hell through.


A very happy birthday to the Nelson to my Murdock: my best friend, favorite X-Pert, and partner in crime; and the love of my ridiculous life. Today, tomorrow, and every day. <3 -J