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buckingforbucky  asked:

hiya! can I request a fluffy fic with mccree and fem reader, please? idk where to go with it tbh maybe cuddling? do as u see best. thank u :-)

“Ahhh, wha a day!!”, Jesse sighed and put his hat on the commode. You nodded while taking off your mission clothings off and throwing them on the floor. 
“Did you see Jack and Ana? Damn, she slammed him!”
“His own fault.”, your boyfriend chuckled. “Was hopping ‘round like a bunny. She hates it when she tries to heal someone.”
“I can relate to that.” Your pants dropped on the floor and you felt a hungry side glace from Jesse. “Oh, stop it.”
His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you close and his breath warmed the skin on your neck. 
“I’m glad you’re okay.”, he whispered and placed some gentle kisses on your neck. “I’m always a little worried.”
“No need to.”, you replied and turned around to look him in the eye. “Please, don’t worry about me. I’m a big girl, you know.”
“I’m the man in this relationship. Gotta protect my gal.”
“Bullshit.”, you giggled and placed a kiss on his cheek. “My strong and manly man. So very masculine!”
He laughed at your exaggeration and gave you a warm and loving kiss. You heart skipped a beat, showing you once again how much you loved this adorable fool.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I have hc's for Yusuke finding out his s/o is pregnant? It would be like set in the future, when they're all adults and working already :)

Future, domestic AU is a wonderful au indeed

don’t worry, i’m ok with these but i do hope that this suits your tastes

  • S/O and yusuke have tied the knot for a year or two
  • Yusuke would be one of those self employed artists who occasionally collaborate with other artists for an art exhibition or freelance somewhere when they needed extra cash but most of the time he’d like to be cooped up in his art room and draw whatever his heart desires to because it gave him the artistic freedom to express himself.
  • they would be busy, each with it’s own works.
  • but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any time left for the both of them to have a quality time together
  • they’ll usually pick a day where they are both free so the both of them could enjoy each others’ company with no disturbances
  • there would be nights where they both yearned for each other’s warmth which they both done the deed and satisfy each other
  • apparently one day S/O felt quite nauseous and queasy 
  • uh oh, that’s the sign yo
  • S/O ran to the bathroom to grab the test pack they have bought for precautions
  • sURPRISE they’ve seen this coming tho
  • positive!
  • if S/O surprised him with the happy news he would be happy for them too!
  • he might be a bit self conscious about how he will be as a father but it takes a little reassurance from his beloved that he could do a good job ofc!
  • they would fantasise together about what will the baby be
  • “if it is a girl, i hope she will be as beautiful as her mother”
             “it might be a handsome boy like it’s father though”
  • he would chuckle and fall in love with them again and again
  • they would imagine if the baby would like arts or not but nonetheless he’ll be supportive to whatever his future child to be
  • though he sure do hope that they’d like art too
  • they would buy books about parenthood and possibly a book for names too, he’d pick the most beautiful and meaningful names for the kids ofc
  • he would probably tell them to stay away from him during painting sessions because he is afraid if the paint fumes might affect his baby
  • but soon, they’ll look up for alternative that are lead-free or safe for mothers so he could paint his S/O every month to document the growth of their baby in her by himself
  • he’s such a sweet dad-to-be, ok?
  • he might even lay his hears on S/O’s belly to listen or he would whispers sweet things.
  • he might be a little shook though if the baby kicked or tossed around while he do so but he would laugh it off soon
  • other than that, he might research on what to do or not to do during pregnancies such as what kind of diet they should have, is it ok if they continued working , what kind of sports to do during pregnancies, etc
  • and sometimes he would help them do the chores and tell S/O to rest

I was hoping that Neville would assist me with the first stage of the operation, and I am sure he will perform it admirably.”  - Remus Lupin

as far as i am concerned, this operation-speak was a slip and is canon proof that the marauders used military-speak (operation, stages, point position, code names) when they were mayhem-making.

Mystery Route
  • Yoosung★: Ooh MC started playing again
  • ZEN: Did we get another DLC?
  • Jaehee Kang: I wonder whose route she'll pick this time.
  • 707: Idea~!
  • 707: Whoever she picks has to say 'Surprise, motherf*cker'
  • Yoosung★: Some pies, motherf*cker
  • 707: All rise, motherf*cker
  • Jaehee Kang: Stop trying to bump the game's rating up.
  • Jumin Han: I don't understand the reference.
  • ZEN: =.= How can you not know that vine?
  • Jaehee Kang: Looks like she's chosen someone.
  • Yoosung★: Aww she didn't pick me
  • ZEN: Me neither
  • Jumin Han: Not me.
  • 707: Nope, so it's prolly Jaehee
  • Jaehee Kang: Erm... I didn't get picked.
  • Yoosung★: ??
  • ZEN: But then who
  • V: Surprise, motherf*cker
  • MC: Heart eyes, motherf*cker

mist and shadow
cloud and shade
all shall fade

all shall fade