x o manowar


I’ve been working with Valiant on the relaunch of their flagship title X-O Manowar, designing a brand new series logo and cover treatment, which will debut in March 2017. You can read all about the relaunch at Entertainment Weekly. The above covers show the two logo variations and art by Lewis Larosa (black logo) and Tomas Giorello (outline logo).


X-O Manowar #11 (Preview)

Previews Contain Spoilers

Aric of Dacia, a 4th century Visigoth armed with the universe’s most powerful weapon, is all that stands between the Earth and all-out annihilation at the hands of the alien race that abducted him from his own time. Now, the day of Aric’s reckoning has finally come. As his Visigoth forefathers sacked Rome, Aric will take the battle directly to his oppressors on the Vine homeworld of Loam. He will decimate their armies, he will level their cities – and he will not stop until the whole of their empire is reduced to ash. This is PLANET DEATH! (ComicBookResources)

Available March 2013.