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This is a question I'd ask any Splatoon fan. If you could wear any of the gear in the real world, should you get the chance, what would it be? For example, I'd wear Pink Easy-Stripe Shirt and Black Flip-Flops.

Aah, good question. 

Maybe I’d be the dork and get the goggles… Or get the asshole hat (legendary cap). And part time pirate


Finally another toon out!  The writing in Venture Bros. fits surprisingly well in the Paper Mario universe…

The GOOD ones at least.

Is Princess Peach a useless character and just a damsil in distress? NO, NOT REALLY!

Well, let me take you back some Mario games and I’ll explain you

Super Mario World

If it wasn’t for Peach giving Mario some mushrooms in the final battle, it would be difficult and Mario could of lost a battle to Bowser.

Super Mario Sunshine

Peach is THE only one who noticed there’s a shadow figure of mario

While Toadsworth and even Mario are daydreaming about food and having a conversation.

Yeah I feel ya, Peach

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

If it wasn’t for Peach learning and give some information about X-Naut and the Crystal Stars to Mario after all the trouble she has done by dressing as one of X-Naut and turning herself invisible NAKED, Rogueport would of be lost.

Heck even Professor Frankly think so too.

Super Paper Mario

Not only she’s a playable character in that game, I found pretty useful in the game

Expectually in this part

Watch Youtube for that part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnt72FGWA6A

Her very own game, Super Princess Peach

Ok sure, using her emotion as a weapon was kinda weird

But hey, at least she traveled 8 worlds, defeated powerful bosses like Petey Piranha and King Boo

Saved the Toads

Saved Luigi lol Poor Luigi BTW

Defeated Bowser at her own game

And finally Saved Mario lol Poor Luigi again

Give her some credit for that.

Plus I think her angry emotion was pretty awesome.

Super Mario 3D World

Princess Peach is finally one of playable character in the Main Mario Game.

And despite she’s the slowest, I found her pretty useful when she hover in mid-air. And guess what? Unlike Super Mario Bros 2, this is the real deal.

So is Princess Peach a useless character?
NO!!!! Princess Elise from Sonic 06 was the one who is pretty useless.

And is she just damsel in distress?
Not Really and not all of a time. She’s just a balance, feminism, and fun character in Mario series. And don’t give me a excuse that she needs a security, it would be alittle boring. To let you know, it’s a fricken Mario game. Mario’s theme is suppose to be a platform and fun game just the way I love about it like most of video games should of be like, to have fun and enjoy games. Not some kind of storylines and developments like in TV shows and movies. Sometimes, I don’t care much a storyline in some video games I played, at longs I had fun that all it matters. The reason I wrote this because I’m really tired of those people who doesn’t give Poor Peach a break.

After purchasing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, if you look at the game’s box anywhere between starting the game and finishing it for the first time, you might get spoiled by the upper left corner of the box art. It shows a building on the moon - the base of the X-Nauts - the location of which is supposed to be a surprise that is revealed late in the game.