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Club Mirage 02

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Rating: M

Written by: xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

Jimin had grabbed your hand because you started to get curious and wander off. You stared at your hands before he tossed you into a room.

A room that was barely lit again but the fireplace. Weird. ‘What club has a fireplace.’ you thought to yourself. Along the walls of what you could see were whips and chains and some accessories. You were bewildered as your eyes lay upon each item that you could see. Blindfolds, ropes, and weird looking shaped objects. You almost forgot that Jimin was also in this very room.


“So….Y/N….” he starts as he makes his way around to you slowly. Watching you. Like a lion stalks his prey. “Do you understand the qualities between the masks?” he asked you. 

“Yeah, I read the paperwork Jimin. Black means dominant and white means submissive.” you say to him as if he thought you were stupid. 

He shakes his head at you. “Wow..you really must be a vanilla.” he says more to himself out loud. 

“Vanilla?” you turn to look at him now. His eyes glossy. He watches you.

He leans across the counter in the middle of the room. “You chose white for a reason Y/N and yet you claim you don’t know. Well…I guess I will be teacher Y/N.” he states as his aura starts to change.

You stared at him as you were starting to regret wearing these damn heels. The watchful gaze he had on you was making you flustered. You turned away from him. Your back facing him. “Please don’t look at me like that.” You say to him.

He made a noise but you couldn’t tell what kind it was until he pushed you against the wall you were facing. His hands held you in place as you could feel his chest pressed against your back as he leaned into your ear seductively. “And why not?” he asks. 

You gasp at his sudden contact causing you to quietly whimper against him. “It makes me feel uncomfortable.” you tell him as you try to wring your arms free from his hold. 

“Too bad sweetheart.” he states as he held you tighter. “First level of submission, giving up control.” he tells you as he brings your hands higher above your head as his free hand slowly unzips your dress. “Lesson one Y/N…you will do everything I tell you. Understood?” he asked you sternly. 

You felt your dress loosening. “J-Jimin…” you say to him above a whisper. His free hand was now pushing your dress open to get to your bare back. His hand lightly grazed your skin sending shivers down your back. “Jimin…” you whimpered. 

He ignored your start of a plea as he continued his actions. “You will do as I say Y/N.” his free hand that was on your back was now pushing it down off your shoulders. “The ones who chose the white mask, devote their entire being to the satisfaction and fulfillment of those wearing black masks.” He tells you. “Strip Y/N.” he states as he removes himself off of you. 

You turn around to look at him. His greyish blonde hair shown in the barely lit room. You stare at him. “What.” you said more as a statement. “I’m not going to take my clothes off for you.” you tell him as you tried to zip up your dress back up but he stalked up to you and you stumbled back.

“Yes you will. Strip or be punished. Trust me…you will not want to be punished.” he threatens. His eyes narrowing. “The ones who chose the white mask knows the ones who wear black, will do what he or she wants despite of what you want.” he backs you up further against the wall with your bare back pressed against the cold surface. 

You swallow. Nervous. Here before you, is your massive secret crush and fate has you in this place, in this moment. You bite your bottom lip. ‘Dammit! Why did I choose white!’ you scream internally to yourself. 

“Strip now.” he growled lowly as if he was losing his patience. “If you don’t give this a chance, I guess you’ll be a virgin forever.” he taunted knowing he hit a nerve.

“Fine..but my safe word is forbidden.” you tell him as he nods licking his lips. “And we stop if I don’t like it?” you ask him blushing not believing that you were about to do this. 

“Yes. We stop.” he states. “Now strip.”

You inhaled and exhaled as you bring your sweaty palms to your straps on your shoulder and in one swift movement the dress slides down your body exposing your bare chest leaving you in your panties only. You couldn’t look at him. It was too embarrassing.

He rids himself of his top as you looked at him in your peripheral vision so you would feel more relaxed but you still couldn’t look at him directly. “The human body can voluntarily withstand only a certain level of sensual pleasure. Since your a virgin, I’ll start easy.” he tells you as he walked up to you. He brings his hand to your chin, forcing you to look at him. You meet his gaze. And instantly regret it. Your breath hitches in your throat as one of his free hand pulls you into a deep sensual kiss. 

Distracting you. That’s what he was doing. You were too focused in the slow sensual kiss to focus on his other hand. He tugged on your lower lip with his teeth as he bit down lightly but hard enough for you to open your mouth in a whimper. He took his advances as he stuck his tongue in your mouth exploring and dominating your mouth. His other hand was playing with your breasts causing your nipples to harden from his touch. You gripped his forearms for support. And then he pulled away. You whimpered at the loss of contact. 

“It’s midnight Y/N…Come back tomorrow if you want to continue this lesson. Come back tomorrow if you want to know why you chose the white mask. I’ll keep this secret.” Jimin said to you as he got himself dressed.

You slipped your dress back on and helped zip you back up. He walks you all the way down to the entrance of which you came with F/N. He pulls you into one last kiss for the time this night. “Be here tomorrow at Ten P.M.And I will show you your darkest desires.” he whispered on your lips and pecked them before walking off. 

You stood at the entrance watching him walk off when your friend F/N came out with someone on her hip. 

“You must have enjoyed yourself if you decided to stay Y/N..” your friend teases as the guy around her kisses her goodbye and then she focuses on you. “So do you want to come back with me tomorrow?” She asks you. 

You thought about it for a few moments. You didn’t want to die a virgin but you also didn’t want to be used either because this was Jimin the frat boy. But this was also the Jimin you had your massive secret crush on. “Sure, how about ten pm. “ You suggested  and she nods in agreement as you both walked home.

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monsta x blurb reaction to when you bend over to get something and they (and the other members in the room yikes) get a nice view of your ass? pls and thanks! love you!

Shownnu: If you were looking for the best way to get Daddy Shownu to make an appearance, this is it. He is totally not having his fellow members be disrespectful toward a woman, especially his woman. This includes taking the open opportunity to exploit her innocent gesture into something sexual. He’ll quickly put them in their place and defend your honor.

While your apartment was being renovated, you were staying a couple days with the boys in their dorm.  It had taken a long discussion between you and Shownu before the arrangement was decided.  You had both been a bit apprehensive about it, but for different reasons.  You didn’t like feeling like a burden; that independent streak coming into play.  He, he wasn’t completely cool with your spending so much time in close proximity with the rest of his group.  Sure, he trusted them to not pull any funny business with you, they were respectful enough, but it still didn’t sit well with him to have to share his time with you.

Things had turned out to be a lot smoother than he had expected.  Though the other members did go a bit out of their way to make you comfortable with them, there hadn’t been an incident that raised alarm until the moment you had walked through the living area on your way to the bathroom and stopped in front of the group of boys that had been sitting and discussing something or other to pick up a small tack on the floor.  Immediately, seeing your shorts pull up a bit and your beautiful behind being set on display, his gaze shifted to the other members who clearly took in the view for all it was worth. Oh hell no.

Waiting until you were out of earshot, he threw the pillows beside him at the members further away from him before smacking those within arms length on the back of the head.  “Ya! Can you be any more disrespectful? I’m disappointed in you,” he hisses, causing each of the members to sheepishly slouch in their places feeling the full force of the guilt trip their leader laid on them.

Wonho: Pfffft. He’s totally going to give his fellow members hell, but in a completely different way.  Wearing a wide smirk, he’s going to tease them to an early death via embarassment for checking out his lady. Let’s be real, though. This boy is not really all that bothered over the gazes of his other members; it’s kind of a point of pride for him to have a girl that they find worthy of checking out, and he loves having that amo to rub in their faces.

Wonho totally saw it coming from a mile away.  As soon as you had ran after the ball that had sailed over your head, he knew all too well what would happen next, and seemingly so did the rest of the group.  All eyes were on you as you bent over to pick up the ball, sending your boyfriend sailing into a fit of teases aimed toward his fellow members.  A wide, smug smirk pulled across his lips as he nudged the member closest to him and make a cocky remark to the others about his own relationship.  He absolutely loved rubbing it in their faces that he had such a kind, caring -not to mention- sexy girlfriend.  Though, even with the smugness to his tauntings, there was an underlying bit of annoyance toward their unabashed gaping at his girlfriend.  It wasn’t so much that he was bothered by their ‘disloyalty’ to him; he was peeved by their lack of respect for his girl, knowing how embarrassed you would be to know that you had an audience to the innocent little show you had given.  That sliver of bitterness would result in his goal to annoy and embarrass his fellow members into thinking about their own actions so a similar situation in the future will not be repeated.

Minhyuk: Distraction. Very loud distraction. Squealing, screaming, yelling, jumping up and down… whatever it takes to get all eyes on him is what he’s willing to do.  Your honor is on the line!  And let’s be real, even if this tactic doesn’t work to distract his fellow members, it’ll probably startle you into an upright position and that works just as well.

There was hardly anything that brightened Minhyuk’s day more than when you surprised him and the rest of the group at the dance studio with your homemade cooking.  It was a huge point of pride for him to have such a warm, caring girlfriend that not only thought of him and his hungry stomach, but also the rest of the group.  Today had been a particularly tiring day, so when you walked in with two bags full of freshly cooked food, he was nearly vibrating with joy.  

The group all gathered in a somewhat-circle on the floor to enjoy the food as you unpacked it all and handed each member a bento box of their own.  Minhyuk’s giddy smile never left his face as he watched you smile kindly at each of them as they thanked you with unmatched sincerity.  Once everyone had their food and began digging in, you were about to seat yourself next to Minhyuk and enjoy part of the meal yourself before your boyfriend sweetly asked you to grab his phone from the floor across the room.  The food in his hand looked so perfectly presented in the little box with a cute note on top from his special lady, he just needed to take a picture of it for safe keeping before he could dig in himself.  Of course, you had absolutely no problem obliging in this small request.
The following moment seemed to happen in slow motion.  As he watched you cross the room, it dawned on Minhyuk that your skirt was a bit short.  Just as soon as he had come to that realization, his attention shifted to the members whom all seemed to be watching you as you bent over to pick up his phone.  Failing to come up with any other better plan to save your dignity and himself from having to kill his members for seeing things they shouldn’t, he let out a loud scream and quickly sat his box on the floor as he jumped in front of the rest of the group, holding out his arms to block their view.  His tactic had worked in not only preventing his members from seeing anything, but also scaring you half to death as you stood up and spun around to see why he had made such a loud, godawful sound.  Instead of answers, you just find him awkwardly twisted in front of the group with a cheesy, sheepish smile that nearly matched the others’ expressions as they all realized they had nearly been caught in a very compromising situation.

Kihyun: Not impressed. Not impressed in the slightest. The other members are in for scoldings and complaints galore, but he’ll save those for when you’re not within listening distance to preserve you from embarrassment. You go right on ahead and remain blissfully unaware of what’s taking place behind you.

It was one of the very rare occasions that you were allowed backstage to spend some time with the boys, more importantly, Kihyun. You sat out of the way on one of the couches, exchanging a silent conversation of odd facial expressions with Kihyun through the mirror as his stylist worked on his hair.  The other members sat around the room carrying on with their own conversations or getting their own hair and makeup done when Jooheon’s stylist dropped one of the makeup brushes she had been using. You gave absolutely no thought before quickly standing and bending over to pick up the brush for her. Your movement had caught the attention of several other members and through the mirror Kihyun not only got to witness the reflection of your bottom in the mirror behind the couch you had been seated on, but also the wide eyes of his fellow members taking in an eye full of your backside as you bent over. Silently he glares at each of them before quickly flashing you a smile as soon as you glanced his way.
“Would you mind rinsing that off for me?” the stylist asked you as you stood up straight. With a nod, you walked out of the room to do just that. As soon as the door closed behind you, Kihyun returned his attention to the others.
“Can you not?” he growled before setting into a short rant over their unabashed staring at his girlfriend while she was in a vulnerable state.

Hyungwon: This one would see the situation coming from a mile away.  As soon as he sees your intent to pick up the item, he speed-lightnings it across the room and picks it up for you. To you this will just seem like a sweet gesture on your part as he smiles at you and hands you the item, but as he accepts your quick hug, he’s sending death glares to the other members over your shoulder.

Music filled the air as you and the group took turns goofing around and having a good time at a noraebang. You were excited to spend some time with your boyfriend and his group members as they got to unwind for a bit. The song ended and Jooheon decided to end his little performance with a dramatic mic drop, earning himself a mix of eye rolls and laughs. Shaking your head, you stood from the little couch and paced across the small room to pick up the mic for your duet with your boyfriend.  Realizing what was about to happen, Hyungwon quickly swept across the room and grabbed the mic for you.  With a sweet smile, he handed it to you.  You cooed at his sweet gesture, wrapping your arms around his neck in a hug while he glared at the other members over your shoulder for daring to look at what was his.

Jooheon: Whiney complaints galore. Unlike Kihyun who is polite enough to save you the embarrassment of knowing what was going on behind you, Heonnie is all about exposing his fellow members for the disrespectful traitors that they are. Really, he just does a good job at making the situation extremely awkward for all those involved, including yourself, but the other members will definitely not forget their place in the future.

You felt so spoiled as you sat in the recording studio and watched the group work their magic. Currently, your boyfriend was separated from you by a large window as he stood behind the mic in the vocal booth.  They were taking a short break as the producer fixed the click track to accommodate from the tempo change in Jooheon’s verse.  
While he waited, Heonnie sweetly asked you to bring him a bottle of water from the mini fridge that sat in the corner of the studio room you were in with the rest of the group.  Without a second thought, you nodded and crossed the room, bending over to retrieve the beverage for him.  Immediately, you could hear you boyfriend’s complaints through the speakers at the other members for looking at your bottom when you bent over.  A deep blush flooded your cheeks as you turned to the others whom all wore similar blushes and held their heads low in shame while Jooheon continued to whine and complain at them. Biting your lips together, you excused yourself from the room to bring the drink to your boyfriend and scold him for being so vocal about the situation, making everyone uncomfortable.

I.M.: Not even a big deal.  This kid right here will simply appreciate the view right along side his hyungs.  He’s not even phased by the fact that they are also looking; he sure couldn’t blame them for doing so.

Loud cheers and yells could be heard down the hall as you and the group sat before the television in their dorm, enjoying an all out video game competition amongst yourselves. Junk food was scattered over the floor amongst pillows, cell phones and other odds and ends that had been forgotten as all attention was directed to the screen. 
“Nooooo!” Wonho dramatically cried out as Changkyun destroyed his character. You couldn’t help but to laugh at how melodramatic he was as you stood up to retrieve the controller. The other members ‘oo’ed’ at the fact that the ‘lovebirds’ would be battling against each other, but all quickly silenced as you bent over in front of the TV to pick up Wonho’s controller.

Surprised by the sudden silence, you glanced up to find them all looking at you with various expressions of wide eyes and agape mouths. Your boyfriend, on the other hand, leaned back on his arms with a proud, content grin. Biting back your embarrassment you gave the others a snarky remark before plopping next to I.M. You gave him a little glare before the game begun in which you took out your revenge on his character, finishing him quickly and earning yourself the top spot of the competition, which also meant you got to be queen for the night and put all the boys in place for their ‘rude’ behavior.

Faking it (Grayson) Part 2/?

Summary: Your bestfriend Grayson is attending a relative’s wedding and he needs you to act as his girlfriend. Cue lots of pining from both your sides, smug looks from Ethan and their family pressuring you into marriage and babies.
Word Count: 2,404
Warnings: None.
A/N: I’m so, so tired. Sorry if this didn’t turn out as long as I had hoped it would, but I’ve just had a busy day and just needed to give you guys something since you’re all so adorable and lovely. Sorry for any mistakes, I’ll correct everything tomorrow. x

Faking It masterlist here.

The flight over to Montana had been uneventful. You had taken the window seat, Grayson right beside you and Ethan the one far out by the aisle. He had pouted like a baby, claiming that you weren’t even a real couple and you were already ganging up on him, cursing you both in a joking manner.

You were nervous, you weren’t about to deny that. So many things could go wrong, and you thought that at least Cam would know the truth but Grayson had shook his head violently.

“Why?” You had asked Gray, eyes wide in confusion.

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Motionless (Part2)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader gets shot in the back during a mission leaving her paralyzed from the waist down

Word Count: 982

Warnings: Depression, self-hate, sad, angst, loving Bucky

Note: Originally this was just going to be in 2 parts, but…..I have 2 other parts to this series! This one’s a bit short, but if you want the next part I’ll post it today as well! :) 

Originally posted by simplybridal

(Gif not mine, credit to the owner)

Pain, pain was the only thing you could remember, the only thing you could feel. You weren’t shocked to hear the news to say the least. Visions scans were correct, the bullet that was lodged in your spine hit some nerves and basically shattered one of your lower discs. Either way, you were forced to make friends with the dreaded wheelchair that was currently sitting in the corner.

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👘origin x cyber

mini-comic 2 (sexy kimono)


origin belongs to @lonely-void-flower

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(non-cannon stories of our stories )

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Hey love your work! Prompt: Beca and Chloe after the retreat just started dating but they barely spend time together because chloes been busy with every other Bella that seem to need her for things And graduation and worlds and Beca gets clingy and jealous? " we need her " " but she's MY gf" type thing?

Beca’s not sure what she expected dating Chloe Beale would be like. She had a feeling it would be the most comfortably uncomfortable thing ever, like how she would have to push Chloe off of her every second, because ‘people were staring’ or something, while Beca would secretly like it. Or being dragged to karaoke night every Tuesday and Thursday. Or something else that was totally Chloe’s thing and Beca could pretend to hate it, while secretly loving it. Or maybe she’d just love spending time with her girlfriend.

But she was wrong in every field, because she could have never imagined life as Chloe’s girlfriend would be like this.

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red shirt $45
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polka dot shirt $36
blue shirt $40
black shirt 34
sewing scissors $30 x 2
wormer $22 x2
sheet set $20
candles $2 x 3
candles $5 x 2(not pictured)
swedish fish $1
faux succulents $5 x 3
carrhart gloves $30
air plant $6
bulbs $11 altogether
onion plants $4 x 2
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charms $5 x 6
cat toy $2
snowflake punch $4
linesman pliers $10
long nose pliers $8
snip pliers $7 x 2
mini pigeon house $15
cord rope $8
live succulents $5 x 2
mini critters $6
mini fish in a bowl $6
mini shrooms $3 x 2
flamigo $3
mini flower garden box $4
blue moon amulet $4
bead landing bits and buables $5
Magnetic plants $5 x 3

Chaus shirt $70 not shown

Calvin klein shirt $70 not shown

$60 shirt also not shown

TOTAL $$1122$$ One day, one trip, several stops.

Taken (Jin x Reader) Part 2 - Mini Fic

Part 1

Short: You got into a car accident and you were in a coma for a year. You remember all the members except Jin. He’s trying his hardest to help you, to make you remember him, but no matter what, you can’t seem to understand why this boy is being so nice and generous towards you…

Genre: Fluff/Angst

You looked at the confused men in front of you, “What?” He questioned.

“Who are you?” You repeated, brushing his hands off of your shoulder.

“What do you mean who am I? It’s me, Jin.” He answered nervously. You turned to see the doctor talking to six other guys. Most of them had a shocked face, one had a confused face.

“She has amnesia.” The doctor continued.

“Wait, wait does that mean she wouldn’t remember any of us ever?” The orange haired boy asked.

“Not necessarily, it’s possible for her to regain her memories, but there’s also a possibility she might not” He added on, “But it’s best if we let her rest for tonight. She must be very confused. Right, y/n?” you nodded.

“At least she remembers her name.” The mint-green haired boy sighed with relief. “But um, I think Jin hyung has a bigger problem. He’s not moving…"  He laughed, before getting hit on the head by another member.

“Guys, we shouldn’t take all her memory and shove it down her throat. It takes time and we’ll give her all the time she needs to remember all of us.” The black haired boy smiled. you nodded showing your understanding but still not sure why they were here for you.

“You’re right, let’s keep this slow.” The other laughed. You looked over to brown haired boy sitting in front of you, he was still frozen in shock. You touched his shoulder asking him if he was ok. His eyes got watery, he quickly answered with a nod before rushing out the door, followed by the rest of them. 

“Rest up, we’ll come visit you tomorrow.” One of them smiled before closing the door.
Throughout the few months they would come and visit you to help you regain your memory again. They would show you pictures, tell stories, and so on. The one thing they never did was tell me their name but it’s part of the process of remembering. Every time they were able to pull something out, but it would be small memories, but nothing major. And every time they’ll try to push this ridiculously handsome guy to talk to me. Well, they were all handsome, but for some reason you seem to notice him the most out of everyone else.

“Y/N??? Are you listening?” Taehyung asked, interrupting your thoughts.

“Oh, what?” You asked.

“We’re testing you to see if you remember us. Ready go.”

“Um, you’re Yoongi the one who has more swag then anyone.” you chuckle. “Namjoon, the leader and the smartest out of all of you. Jimin, the playful kid. Hobi, the happy virus. Jungkook, the youngest. Taehyung, the… I don’t even know and…” You looked at guy standing in the back and my mind drew a blank. Why can’t I remember him? The one guy I notice the most… Why can’t you remember him? They looked at each other and then to the one you couldn’t remember, you turned to look at his face. It was full of hurt, his expression looked so painful. You don’t know why, but you just want to go up to him and hug him. Wait, didn’t he hug me when you first woke up? What did he have that was different from the other members?

“Jin hyung…” They all looked at him. He left the room needing some time to himself. Namjoon and Yoongi chased after him. The rest looked at each other before looking at you again.

“This is gonna be a painfully long process.” Hobi sighed. After a few days, Jin came by my room alone. You were surprised since the other members usually came with him. He nervously opened the door and walked towards you as you got up from your bed.

“J…” you stopped trying to remember his name.

“Jin.” He spoke.

“Yes, Jin. What brings you here?” you asked, curiously.

“Well I guess the other members thought it was a good idea for me to spend some alone time with you so you can remember me better.” He mumbled looking down at his feet. You could tell that the amnesia hit him pretty hard, considering the fact that he cares about you so much. You smiled, lifted his face up to look at you while nodding in agreement. He gave you a small smile, gaining courage.

He took your hand, “I have somewhere I want to take you”

You were discharged and could leave for the day, you just had to come back at night for regular checkups. Not much later he took you to a restaurant, the table was already pre-set with candles and what you remember to be, from what Taehyung showed you in a picture, your “favourite” flowers. He offered you a seat in front of him. Smiling at his thoughtfulness and manners made him smile back. During dinner, you were told that everything was cooked by Jin beforehand. He made all of your favourite dishes, and you ate them deliciously. After that time, he tried to hang out with you every day, hoping that you’ll regain your memories of him. One night, he decided to take a walk by the park. You noticed him stealing glancing down as our hands bumped onto each other. You followed his stare to our hands, he notices this and quickly turned around. You had the feeling to stop.

“What’s wrong y/n?” He asked, stopping as well. You stared at him without saying a word and held out your hand towards him. He stared at your hand and looked back at you, both feeling flushed. He quickly grabbed your hand and stared walking in front of you. You grinned when you saw the shy smile he had on the corner of his mouth.

“Why did you bring me here?” You asked curious, as we stopped in front of a fountain.

“You’ll see.” He replied, giving a cheeky smile. As soon as he said that the lanterns around the fountain lit up  and so did the light in the fountain itself. The water was sparkling, it looked beautiful. You awed in shock.

“How did you-”

“During a specific time at night it does this… and I wanted to show you… again.” He interrupted.


“Yeah, we’ve been here before…” He whispered as he got closer.  My heart started beating really fast, you felt your face getting hot. You’ve never felt this way before, so why do you feel like this whenever you’re around him? His eyes stared straight into your soul as he leaned closer and closer until there was barely any room left between us. You found yourself closing my eyes, allowing what’s coming next to happen. Until you felt the warmth of his soft lips as he pressed against you. Your heart was beating so fast you could die, you felt butterflies in your stomach. Flushed, You quickly pushed away when the heat was over, realizing what just happened. He realized this to and apologized.

“Sorry, I got too carried away by the moment. You weren’t ready for it. I’m so sorry..” He blushed, covering his face.

“It’s fine.” You answered, covering your blushed cheeks, processing what happened. We stayed in silence during the walk back to the hospital. Before leaving he asked one more question.

“Do you remember anything?” He asked. As a matter of fact after everything you’ve been through, you didn’t remember a single thing about Jin. Why is that?

“No, I don’t know who you are.” you frowned, looking down. You felt his hand release yours, you looked back up to see the same hurt expression a saw when you woke up. His eyes were filled with pain. “I’m sorry…”

“No, it’s fine. Maybe it was meant to be that way.” Jin sighed, ruffling his hair. “Is there anything else I can do?”

“I don’t know… what can we do? In my mind, I don’t remember who you are. I’ve tried really hard, but you’re the only one that hasn’t clicked in yet..” you mumbled, feeling a sharp pain in your chest.

“I’m sorry, y/n. Have a good night.” He whispered, as he brushed my hair back and started walking home. Your heart wanted to call his name and to tell him not to leave but your mind doesn’t know who he is. It’s a battle between your heart and your mind. Before you could choose, he already disappeared into the darkness.

Sorry, it’s so long ;-; I got really into the story while writing it xD
Hope you like it! Part 3 will be up soon ^^

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because everyone else is doing it: my favorite games (mass effect being a special case because i couldn’t choose one game from the trilogy)

OP note: Everyone has their own different set of favorites, and I have many more favorite games that couldn’t be here because of Tumblr limitations, so please don’t complain just because one of your favorites isn’t here or ranked lower or higher or something like that - it’s rude and inconsiderate. Also, in the wake of a massively unpleasant encounter with a typical elitist dudebro after my favorite gaming girls post, if you’re going to piss and moan because my favorite games are more popular, I would rather you not reblog this post (and anyone following me knows EXACTLY who I am talking about). Put that energy into making your own favorites post or something.