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- Him calling you ‘Love’ or ‘Darling’.
- You flirting with him whenever you see another person eyeing him.
- Teasing him.
- Charles trying to tease you but then you end up teasing him.
- Him occasionally reading your mind when he looks into your eyes to know what you’re thinking in the moment.
- When he leaves early in the mornings he leaves a red rose and a note to explain where he is.
- Melting over his British accent.
- Spooning.
- Lots. And. Lots. Of. Spooning.
- Touching his thigh at a work dinner or a meeting.
- Him communicating through your mind to tell you to stop.
- “We’re in public, darling…wait until we get back home”
- “I don’t think I can’t hold on for that long, Professor”
- The lustful yet loving look you see in his eyes.
- Neck kisses while making breakfast.
- Running your fingers through his silky brown hair.
- Sitting on his lap as he reads to you.
- Cuddling in front of the fireplace on a cold day with cups of tea.
- Making love almost every night.
- The glistening sweat between your bodies and the shortness of breath.
- Romantic baths with candles and roses.
- You being shy when you first meet him because you thought he was extremely attractive and you didn’t know what to say to him.
- He knew you thought that.
- He knew you were a mutant before you knew yourself.
- Midnight strolls around the mansion.
- Him admiring the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine.
- Your song being ‘L.O.V.E’ by Nat King Cole.
- Calling him ‘Professor’ or ‘Sir’
- When you’re feeling sassy you call him ‘Mr Man’
- Him tickling you just to hear you giggle

(A/N): This preference/ headcanon is set before Charles’ accident.

Lucas Till laughing during one of his recent interviews

(I just love how he laughs, so it seemed like a necessary gif)

You knew Alex from when he was just a kid and he helped you when boys were bullying you. After that day you guys stayed close even becoming best friends. As you got older your relationship with Alex turned less platonic and more feelings. You would get jealous when Alex brought a girl to your hang out and he got jealous when you dated anyone. When you couldn’t handle it anymore you were going to tell him. When you went to his house he was gone, disappeared without a trace.

After almost a year Alex was a distant broken hearted memory, you never dated anyone else you didn’t want to your heart belonged to Alex even if his didn’t belong to you. You entered into your dorm room seeing your roommate with her boyfriend. You dropped off your bags before heading back out, you didn’t want to be near them when things get steamy. You went to the cafe across the street to do some class work. Once you got your coffee you sat at the corner of the place typing away on your computer.

You felt this tingling feeling going all around your body, you got up trying to shake the feeling away, you saw a guy with long blonde hair hiding most of it in a black cap. You got closer trying to figure out whom.

“Alex?” You walked towards him trying to see his face. You looked at confirming your suspicion; he was just as shocked as you leaving quickly forgetting about the coffee. You followed not giving a crap about your stuff, He was fast but you ran track all through high school you were just as fast. “Alex stop” He turned into an alley trapping him. You grabbed his shirt pulling him back and then to the wall.

“I forgot you ran track” You pushed him back again to the wall to make him pay attention.

“I have questions you know” Alex removed his hat realizing his long blonde hair. You couldn’t control yourself; you hugged the asshole as tight as you can. “Why did you leave me” you mumbled. After a second he hugged you back with the same force. You let him go but you still had him trapped him against the wall so he couldn’t leave.

“Listen y/n it’s hard to explain, I have to go” He tried walking away but you did not allow that.

“Oh no you don’t you were my best friend but then from one day to the other you disappear leaving me” Alex felt guilty but he didn’t say anything. “Alex I love you even when you left me I’m not angry with you,” Alex opened his mouth but the closed it again. “Say something please.”

“You can’t possibly love me” You were confused, what did he mean. “I’m a mutant; I’m dangerous I can hurt you

“I don’t care Alex I want to be with you no matter what you are” There was people screaming across the street that caught both your attention. Alex and you ran to the street seeing a guy with a metal mask on. The guy looked our way before aiming his hand at alex. A bright red beam shot straight through Alex, his skin soon turned red before going back to normal. “Are you ok”

Suddenly,Alex doubled over in pain, he grunted trying to stop the pain but it just kept going “y/n get out of here run” You tried walking to him but he pushed you out of the way, you decided it was best to just leave but you couldn’t all you could manage to do was step back slowly.

When the pain was too much for Alex he stretched out letting a red beam come out of his chest aiming it directly toward you. The side of the building exploded leaving debris. Smoke filled the area, Alex looked for you his heart almost dropping from his chest. When the smoke disappeared you were standing up. You had your eyes closed tears streaming down. When you didn’t feel anything you opened your eyes seeing Alex dumbfounded. You started laughing as the tears now came faster Alex also smiled running up to you, he lifted you up spinning you around.

“No more leaving” Both of you were panting now, you nodded answering his question.

“now shut up and kiss me” Both of you kissed each other not wanting to let go, when you broke the kiss you smiled before saying something. “Now let’s go kick some ass”
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A bit of Mac’s face before tonight’s episode of MacGyver “Ruler”, made from the previews for the episode!