x men: battle of the atom

Future Brotherhood Polaris X-Men: Battle of the Atom (Game,2014)

The daughter of Magneto, Lorna Dane is a mutant with the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, similar to her father. As a superhero with a very complicated history, she has long felt torn between her own principles and those of her father.

STATUS: Polaris’ alignment finally tipped when Magneto died in the future fighting anti-mutant forces. Despite their conflicted relationship, she’d always admired and respected him – and so when he died, she carried his torch, joining the Brotherhood and wearing his original costume as homage.

Things to come for the future issues of Cullen Bunn’s X-Men Blue…

- Another version of Wolverine? Yawn….

- Generation X (with Jubilee, Chamber, Synch, Skin and Mondo)? Hooray! Nice to see those guys from the mid-90s! 

 - Those Future Brotherhood of Mutants from Battle of the Atom crossover event? I don’t care….

- Professor Charles Xavier? WTF?!


So there been a lot of talk about the spider woman variant cover by Milo Manara and I thought that some perspective might be helpful. Too be clear this is what Manara does he makes sexualized versions of superheroes on the covers he is hired to do. As you can see in all of these covers the female protagonists have been drawn in a heavily sexual pose and style. Some People seem to think spider woman was a first but in reality Marvel knew exactly what they were doing when they hired him which leads to the bigger question of not “why did this artist draw the character like this?” As so many have been asking, but why did Marvel choose to commission an artist who draws in this style during what has apeared to be a concentrated push by the company to attract more female readers and scale back on the deep set trend of female over-sexualization in comics?

Wolverine and the X-Men

Okay but, have you ever actually stopped and thought about how awesome the 5 original main X-Kids in Wolverine and the X-Men are and how much potential they have?

You have a powerful telepathic genius who is near universally disliked, who has to redeem himself from his past mischief (or not. It’s up to him.) He stands up for what he believes in, even if it means standing utterly alone, and he is not afraid to get shit done. And on many occasions, he has done just that–get shit done. Because in the end, he may not be likable, but he sure as hell is reliable. 

A girl who can control the elements who was not revered like a goddess like Storm, but was treated like a monster, and believes herself to be one, yet doesn’t go around being a monster; she is steadfast in her morals and religion, but does what is necessary, even if it is damnable.

A brood. A fucking brood. A species that is bloodthirsty by nature, yet he is the opposite. He suppresses his instinct in order to be who he wants to be, be who he is.  An intelligent, kind, bug-lookin’ little dude. He doesn’t do what the rest of his kind does. He is arguably the most anti-conformist of the entire group.

A clone of the X-Men’s most dangerous and deadliest foe who was raised in a virtual reality to become morally upright and heroic. He is compassionate and selfless country boy who battles with the fact that he shares the same genetic makeup as a deadly psychopath. Yet he overcomes this, not because he has anything to prove, but because that’s who he is.

The son of one of the strongest men in the galaxy. Not only that, but a Gladiator. The leader of the Shi'ar Empire. Talk about high expectations. He destroyed half of the royal city and was put on a time-out on a different planet, into a different culture. Now, he’s stuck between homeland pride and their expectations, and the chill nature of the Jean Grey School and all of the rowdy, life-endangering fun he has there.

And let’s not forget their beloved headmaster– small, smelly, claw-popping Canadian who is battling against his savage, animalistic urges to try to set these potential atom bombs on the right path. Not because he has to prove to anyone that he is a man, not an animal–he could care less what they think–but because it’s the right thing to do

And their enemies? A bunch of 5th grade sociopaths

Say what you will about them, or the writing, or the stories, but Wolverine and the X-Men had a fuck ton of potential. It could have been handled so much better than it has been. This combination of characters is genius. Diverse backgrounds, all different personalities, incredible potential for interaction–This is the team of X-Men I wanna hear more about. 

2013 was a big year for me professionally. at least in terms of comics.

here is a year in panels.

A+X #10, All-New X-men Special, Battle of the Atom #2, and Uncanny X-men 15.

2014 looks to be even bigger, now that I’ll be on my very first ongoing series, and so far that has been a blast.

and thank YOU to everyone who has supported my work and been a fan and interacted with me. ya’ll are the only reason i’m doing these and will keep doing this.

I’m pretty sure that teen!Jean and Quentin haven’t actually interacted since that one issue that made them seem like they were going to be BFF, so I should probably stop doing brOTP comics with them.

I saw that one panel from Battle of the Atom where Jean fangirls out about meeting future!Quentin because he’s a Phoenix host and felt the need to do a comic about it, though. First panel is a direct rip, text-wise.