x men: the end

a while ago i got super high & watched logan and my friend told me it was an x men prequel and when hugh jackman died at the end i sat there with my jaw dropped for 10 minutes because i didn’t understand how he was supposed to come back to life for the other movies

Logan AU where everyone is alive and happy. Charles, Logan and Laura lives together. Logan is a grumpy daddy, Charles is the coolest grandpa. Nothing bad happened.

Bonus: Laura have a dog and named it Wolverine. Logan doesn’t like it. Charles can’t stop laughing everytime Laura calls it.
Bonus n2: Caliban is here too, he is the strange-but-funny uncle and cooks cookies for Laura everytime.


Final Battle (part 1)

This is sort of a continuation of my last storyboard “Not Today” (https://joyjuhee.tumblr.com/post/162474247398/semirebel-i-want-jon-and-arya-standing)

I expect there to be about 3-4 more parts in the future:)

Actual footage of me in the cinema finally getting closure on my faves almost a decade later:

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We have been sitting on the shitty ending of At World’s End for ten years, people. I have truly done my time waiting for this. And that end credits scene made my heart feel so full. BRING WILL AND ELIZABETH BACK TO THIS FRANCHISE FULL TIME, DOOO ITTTTT. (Also, almost every time Henry appeared he got the Will and Elizabeth theme, and One Day played during the reunion scene and as an obsessive fan of POTC soundtracks I lost it every time)