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Littlest Consulting X-Pert Kestrel turns 4 this week! Because Kes is AWESOME, she requested that for her birthday, all her kid friends and all her grown-up friends come dressed as superheroes.

Above: Kes as Kid Scarlet Witch; Rachel as Slightly Off-Brand O5 Cyclops and Miles as DIY Thor; and the full O5 group (L to R: Rachel as Cyclops, Dave Proctor as Beast, douglaswolk as Iceman, Jesse Miller as Angel, omgkatiep​ as Marvel Girl).

ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE: Here’s the frustrating thing about all of this: Almost everything at Kes’s birthday was DIY, because her folks could find nothing with female Marvel characters.

Kes’s absolute favorite is the Scarlet Witch, who she knows from Superhero Squad. Know who’s on the SHS plates and napkins? A zillion male characters, including super minor ones. I mean, Cyclops is there, and he’s in like one, maybe two episodes. Know who isn’t there? Scarlet Witch, even though she’s in the title lineup

And this makes me furious: how much this 4-year-old cares, and how little return she gets on that investment. Having great female characters is important, but when they don’t make it to the merchandise, that’s a very clear message to the girls–and boys–who love them.

Kes is a lucky kid: She has grown-ups with the time and skills and volition to fill those gaps with DIY; and she’s young enough that the discrepancy hasn’t hit her too hard yet. But it shouldn’t require that. Marvel: When you ignore kids like Kes, you are throwing away your future. This is the next generation of comics readers and creators.

And more important: You say over and over that superheroes stand for something. You need to show kids like Kes that you mean that, instead of leaving half of them in the lurch. Marvel, you should know better than anyone that heroes matter; that everyone needs heroes. Follow the hell through.


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Ok so, in the recent updates it seem like dave is v cuddly but isn't really comfortable being the one to initiate said cuddles. (poor kid isn't used to it) and I can totally see karkat slowly figuring that out and just, keeping an eye out for when dave's upset, putting an arm around him when there alone together, just little things like that to try and show him it's okay. he isn't pathetic for wanting it. he isn't gonna weird him out or scare him off. it's ok.

agreed ye. i figure dave maybe wanted to intiate shit w karkat but he really just isnt comfortable with it and he never learned how to show affection physically (karkat never learned either tbh) so it was this really rocky thing where as they slowly opened up to each other they wanted to have more and bc theyd figured so much else out together (like quadrants, sexualities, masculinity, former abuse, etc) that it would be something theyd kind of… slowly attempt? 

like im not sure who would originally start it… but i think im going to say it was dave who got the ball rolling, at least. 

and that it was up t karkat to kind of.. nurture it?

like yeah he reassures dave that its alright and he doesnt need to be freaked out or apologetic just for wanting to be close? and yeah, as time goes on, they get more and more comfortable with it? until its natural to just curl up together on the couch every day to watch karkats shitty movies. (im still giddy over the fact that dave watched that damn movie every day and he didnt even like it. he watched it because karkat liked it. which is almost to fkn say “i did it to make him happy.” or fuck he did it for the cuddles… f u c k.)

either way, im just… man im so proud of these idiots and how far theyve come on the retcon timeline!! theyre learning and growing and GOSH im so proud i could burst tbh


“I don’t know what to say. I feel like I can’t breathe. I don’t even think about you. I mean, I do, all the time, because you’re there. And you’re here… and you make everything okay. You always do. No matter what. I mean I must be…. Because you’re always right. I can’t believe this. I think I’m in love with you too. I really do.”