x men reverse bang


XMFC Reverse Bang 2 

A Secret Chord that Pleased the Lord by afrocurl

The day that Metallic Storm broke their silence, the music world stood still and waited to see what secrets the band had been holding onto for years.

What they discovered were stories of lose, pain, recovery and revival.

One of my RBB entries! Musician!Erik :D It’s been a pleasure working with roz! Unfortunately I’ve been so busy in RL, there are so many ideas I want to draw but so little time >< 


XMFC Reverse Bang 2

The School for Scandal; or, The Patron by aesc

The Graymalkin Institute, a run-down, forgotten school in a forgotten corner of Genosha, is run by Charles Xavier, the forgotten and dispossessed heir of a disgraced and once-noble House. Years ago, he entered into an agreement with Emma Frost of the Massachusetts Academy to prevent the government from shutting down the Institute, and now she’s calling in her debt. The terms of the agreement: find blackmail material on the Duke of Genosha himself, Erik Lehnsherr.

My second RBB!!! Working with lovely aesc again! 


[♠]  Solo for Two - What secret is the owner of Magda’s Menagerie hiding in his clockwork birds? The answer lies in a bygone summer, when two lonely boys held a connection over German books and clockwork birds. A summer that left Erik only with memories and Charles with a clockwork bird with no feet.

This masterpost is ALSO ridiculously overdue but better late than never. 

This is a  story about two boys separated by circumstance and how they found each other again. When I first drew this prompt I was interested in the idea of missed chances and second chances (and obviously, steampunk). This turned out really adorable. I love my writer.

Collaboration with Sunaga in X-Men Reverse Big Bang 2012